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Camp Ripan THE WIDE RANGE of activities at Camp Ripan include the

very best Kiruna has to offer. Here there is something perfect just for you, right when you choose to visit us.

We take good care of our guests and protect the environment!

We are proud to have earned the Nordic Swan, the Nordic Ecolabel, and our restaurant is Slow Food Sรกpmi premiered as well as included in the Swedish quality restaurant guide, the White Guide. Camp Ripan has received the Nordic Ecolabel license No: 3055 0033 for the product group: 055 Hotels, Restaurants and Conference Facilities criteria 4.3 - valid to: December 31 2018

Stockholm, April 17 2015, Ecolabelling Sweden

Ragner Unge, CEO

This license includes the products shown on the valid original licence.

JOIN US ON A TOUR of the city and get to know the architectural side of Kiruna that was built to stand up to our harsh Arctic climate.

WE ARE INSPIRED by living in the Sami mountain world, the lush Torne Valley and Kiruna, a city that is in constant transformation. As our guest, we look forward to guiding you on a memorable culinary journey of the Lapland pantry.

- the natural choice!

WE OFFER YOU COMFORTABLE accommodations with nature right around the corner and only a short walk’s distance to the centre of Kiruna. We have decorated our beautiful and comfortable hotel rooms in cabins with a private entrance, shower and WC – quite simply small private oases close Foto: Björn Tesch to all the service you need.

Food Food Food It is not for nothing that there are plenty of figures of speech about food. Food moves us. Food nourishes. Food is community. Food is quite simply a substantial part of our lives. If we are to describe the philosophy behind the food at Camp Ripan in one sentence, we could say – the way to a person’s heart goes through their stomach. We believe in food. We take food seriously but with innovation and humour. We want food to be exciting, well-prepared, fun and surprising. And, above all, be prepared with as much local and eco-friendly ingredients as possible. Food should do good, the entire way from its origins to the table and into the stomach.

”We built a room, actually a house, so that our guests can experience food in the way we want it to be experienced.”

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A love

for Birch and Design How do you create a place that is unique? A successful concept is to dig where you stand and value the history of what is around you. “WHEN WE WERE going through the exciting process of building Camp Ripan to what it is today, we all greed that we should dig where we stand”, says Monica Lind, CEO at Camp Ripan, and tells that this is the guiding principle of all operations, also intimately woven into the philosophy of interior design. She explains that the facility is not meant to look like just another hotel anywhere in the world, but rather to capture the spirit of Kiruna. THIS SPIRIT STEMS from the city’s three cultures - the Swedish, Sami and Torne Valley Finnish – perfectly balanced with inspiration from nature’s own characteristic shapes and colours. Design, décor and choice of materials always instil a sense of purity and simplicity, reflecting the nature, culture and atmosphere of this mountain city of

Lapland. The main building’s high panorama windows offer wonderful unobstructed views, similar to the open mountain landscape that allows your eyes to rest on the far-off horizon. Appropriately placed at the centre of our grand entry hall is an open fireplace. The warming, life-giving, mesmerizing fire created the conditions for our forefathers to survive in this often quite harsh sub-arctic environment.

”For us at Camp Ripan, it is a true pleasure to use and cherish our ancestor’s deep knowledge of the beautiful birch tree.” “One can say that every place has its soul, and the society of three interwoven cultures found here in Kiruna is our soul. We have really dug where we stand”, says Monica Lind. AS FAR AS CHOICE of materials, there is a very good reason for Camp Ripan to use the beautiful birch in

interiors, food and spa. Birch is considered to be a symbol for life itself, where it was once a direct vital element for the welfare of those living here. High-energy birch fed the central hearth to warm both body and food. But the birch is also a highly-prized plant in many areas. The sap is still considered to hold health benefits, vitamin-rich tea is brewed from early spring shoots, the bark and leaves are used for dying yarn and the unique bark is widely used for beautiful handicrafts and household items. In addition, the delicate branches have long been used by the Sami for smoking meat and fish, vital produce that must hold well for the nomadic lifestyle where other forms of conservation were not available during the summer months. ”FOR US AT Camp Ripan, it is a true pleasure to use and cherish our ancestor’s deep knowledge of the beautiful birch tree. We consider it an honour to be able to use what nature so generously provides”, says Monica Lind proudly.

Aurora Spa - a jewel




”We choose to not close out nature, by rather build it right in. At our Aurora Spa you move easily between inside and out, warmth and cold, darkness and light.”

of Swedish Lapland

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We bring KIRUNA to you!

Camp Ripan – in the hart of Kiruna!