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An unforgettable experience called Yurt Camping With gadgets and electronics ruling our life, today we hardly find any time to spend with ourselves, let alone our family! In order to make you leave all the hindrances behind, Rio resort in Dehradun offers you a unique experience of living in camps called Yurt camping. The resort is well-known to be a nature retreat as it is away from the entire city hullabaloo and is also, to a large extent, free of electronic interference. You can be sure to enjoy a peaceful holiday and spend some quality time with your family and friends here. Yurt camping is a different learning and staying experience that is not available at many places. The difference between yurt and normal tent is that it is sturdier and has a solid base along with a comfortable setting inside. The room is equipped with a bed and a table stand as well as a chair and the door is collapsible instead of being fixed. With the river flowing nearby there is enough reason to enjoy the cool water and breeze in total calm and quiet. You also have the luxury to enjoy your hot and piping breakfast sitting in the river with chairs and tables laid out for your comfort. Since the idea is to make your experience wholesome, there are various activities that the resort organizes such as white water rafting, jumaring, rappelling, hiking, nature walks, etc. that are absolute de-stressors for everyone. Book your holiday at Rio through our Android app that can be downloaded through Google Play Store or you can alternatively log in to our website and book your rooms. The resort has timely offers that can be availed in their spa and yoga services, the details of which will be updated on the site regularly.

Yurt camping