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Let’s celebrate a moment together- Riverside Camping and You! Fun, adventure, gossip, chitchat and a lot of fun are the key elements of a great holiday. What better way to celebrate all this and much more than to hang out with a great bunch of friends! Riverside camping at Rio resort is one a kind experience because you not only get to enjoy the river but also live in luxury. It is unlike traditional camping experiences as we combine it with the rustic feel of a camp and a hint of comfort to make it more appealing for you. Wake up to the soothing sounds of the river everyday; sleep under the duvet of twinkling stars and watching the dancing flame of bonfires around you. This and much more awaits to thrill you and bring you an adventure of a life time. There is a reason Rio resort is called a nature retreat and it is primarily because it encourages spending quality time with each other rather than in front of the TV. As a family or even as a close knit group of friends, we are sure you would not remember the last time you all sat together to enjoy a meal or just plain talk. With less electronic interference at the resort and more of greenery and nature to enjoy, you are sure to make the most of it. Riverside camping can be added to your existing bucket list of adventure activities along with rappelling, jumaring, white water rafting, hiking, etc. that are part of the resorts itinerary. Download the Rio resort app from Google play store or simply log in to our website for more information- . You can also book corporate packages, group and event packages at attractive prices with Rio resort. Whatever your requirement, we are here to fulfil it!

Riverside camping