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Bask in the serenity of a wonderful yoga and meditation retreat A wonderfully stress-free holiday coupled with a cosy ambience, is all that we look forward to while planning a trip. There are many of us who enjoy stepping out for a holiday either to a meditation retreat or a yoga retreat; any place where we can actually enjoy complete tranquillity. Uttarakhand is home to many such wonderful retreats, each having their unique feature in terms of facilities, amenities, ambience, setting and views, etc. One such getaway destination that calls for attention is Rio Resort- the Nature Spa and Resort located in the capital of Uttarakhand, Dehradun. This is one of a kind renowned yoga and meditation retreat that has captivated the eye of the traveller for a very long time now. Being a family resort with many experiences to enjoy, Rio resort has gained popularity over the years for creating a perfect balance between adventure and harmony. Amidst stiff competition from many resorts in and around the region, Rio has maintained its strong stance due to some very unique offerings of the resort. Carried out under expert supervision, yoga and meditation offer a serenity to soar through your body that enlightens your senses and mind. Being a yoga retreat, travellers from all walks of life enjoy coming to this resort to enjoy the different types of yoga postures taught in the resort. You can enjoy simple Pranayam techniques i.e. breathing exercises or if you are pregnant and on a holiday, there are wonderful prenatal yoga asanas that are also practised here, which will be beneficial to you in the long run. Besides this, you can enjoy the calmness of the surroundings and practice meditation by concentrating completely on your breathing, without any turmoil in your mind and body. Rio is popular as a meditation retreat because of its quiet setting with the backdrop of peaceful flowing water and greenery. The experts at the resort guide you to with the correct ways to enjoy a perfect meditation experience and become refreshed from inside out. The resort concentrates on the benefits of yoga and meditation retreats through their different sessions organized at the behest of the guests. You can also enjoy the many benefits of different spas and massages as well as some enthralling outdoor activities that will rejuvenate you and prepare you for your weeks to come. To enjoy the bliss and beauty of the resort, you can now book your trip online via their official android app that is available on Google Play Store and avail a 5% discount. Follow the link and enjoy booking different choices of accommodation with the resort. For corporate travellers, Rio has launched a 25% discount on all Yoga and Spa packages that can be booked in consultation with the resort officials. Don’t wait but book your perfect experience of yoga and meditation retreat today! About Rio Resort: Nestled in the realms of Uttarakhand, lies this peaceful yet exotic holiday destination called Rio resort. Termed as nature and spa resort, Rio has gained immense popularity amongst travellers from near and far over the years. Its different meditation and yoga retreats, Ayurveda packages and varied accommodation options helps you connect with nature and brings about a peace of mind that you look forward to in a holiday.

Meditation retreat and yoga retreat  

A wonderfully stress-free holiday coupled with a cosy ambience, is all that we look forward to while planning a trip. There are many of us w...

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