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2014 Riordan MBA Fellows Entering Class Profile

Size of entering class.....................................51 Mean GPA ..................................................3.29 Companies represented .............................45 Diversity Graph African American.................................37% Asian American....................................22% Latino.......................................................35% Other.......................................................... 6% Roxanne Mendez Executive Director of The Riordan Programs


Welcome to the Fall Edition of the Riordan Reporter! As The Riordan Programs received the Legacy Award from UCLA, I could not help but reflect on how fortunate The Riordan Programs is to have so many committed and talented alumni, advisory board members, donors and volunteers who donated countless hours to the organization. As we move forward to the 2013-2014 academic year, The Riordan Programs will reach more students and engage more alumni. This and other new initiatives rely on the generous support of volunteers and donors, like you. It is humbling to see what you have done and continue to do to support our program participants and our most promising leaders. If you have ideas for articles or features to highlight in our next newsletter, please contact us at Best Wishes, Roxanne




2014 Riordan Scholars

Entering Class Profile

Size of entering class....................................74 Mean GPA ................................................... 3.71 High schools represented ..........................35 Diversity Graph African American.................................28% Asian American.....................................15% Latino........................................................51% Other.......................................................... 6%

6% 28% 51%

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 Fall 2013, No. 3


UCLA Anderson School of Management

2013 Scholars Northern California College Tour This past July, The Riordan Programs took the Scholars to Northern California for college and business tours. The Scholars toured the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University. With these college visits, the Scholars were exposed to new universities, gained a better understanding of college life and received information on the application process. The scholars also visited two technology companies (Google and Yammer). We would like to thank Jeff Ignacio (RF’ 08) and Bhavik Gandhi (RF ’11) for being great tour guides and exposing the scholars to an aspect of business they did not previously have. We would also like to thank the alumni who attended dinner for sharing invaluable advice and experiences with the Scholars. “The Northern Cal College Tour was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Being able to visit UC Berkeley and Stanford University was as eye opening as it was fun. It had such a positive effect on me, and I’m so grateful I was given the chance to go! It was such a great experience overall, from the tours to all the people. I would definitely urge every Scholar to apply for the trip and take advantage of the opportunities they are given!” ­— Bricia Zuniga, Scholar (’13 & ’14) “For many years, I was certain of the fact that I wanted to go to a college far away from home, but doing the Northern Cal College Tour with Riordan this summer opened my eyes. After visiting UC Berkeley, I completely fell in love with the campus, student life and what the college itself had to offer. Not only did the college tour open my eyes to my dream college, which I was unaware of, but I met many new friends within The Riordan Scholars, got closer to the staff and administration and accomplished a huge amount of networking! Although I participated in many programs and camps over the summer, this college tour was by far my favorite trip, and I would recommend it for everyone! I wasn’t aware that college tours could be so fun and packed with excitement, but I’m so thankful The Riordan Programs granted me the opportunity to be a part of something so amazing.” ­— Ashley Williams, Scholar (’13 & ’14) “Two awesome companies that the Northern California College Tour allowed us to go to and explore were Google and Yammer. Both companies impressed me with their work environments. While spending time at the companies, speakers came and talked to us about their college life, their experiences in searching for jobs after graduation and their perspective on what it is like to work in technology. It is hard for me to put into words how much the company visits affected me, but I can say that I now see myself wanting to work at offices similar to Yammer’s. If not for the college tour, I don’t think I would have ever been exposed to such cool office spaces. Without Riordan holding this trip and choosing me to participate, I think I would not be as excited and hopeful for my future as I am now. I deeply value that I went on the tour and definitely encourage anyone to go on the trip, so that he or she could have their view of the future brightened as much as mine has been.” ­— Ethan Ayson, Scholar (’13 & ’14) “This past summer, I was able to accompany my fellow Riordan Scholars on the Nothern California College Tour. While we were there, we visited Google, Yammer, Stanford, UC Berkley and saw a Giants game. Overall, I thought this experience was very successful. I was able to connect with my fellow Riordan Scholars on a deeper level and meet successful people who persuaded me to follow my dreams. In addition, UC Berkeley and Stanford helped me to not be intimidated or scared about college applications, to view them as my first step to success. Therefore, I highly recommend that many Riordan Scholars take advantage of this opportunity, because it was truly a week that I will never forget.” ­— Alejandra Gonzalez, Scholar (’13 & ’14)


» Fall 2013, No. 3

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EVENTS AND UPDATES 2013 UCLA Community Program of the Year Award By Carla Collado

More than 3,000 L.A.-area high school, college students served over 26 years LOS ANGELES (Oct. 21, 2013)–UCLA Anderson School of Management’s Riordan Programs has been named the 2013 UCLA Community Program of the Year Landmark Award recipient. The Landmark Award recognizes programs, fostering collaborations between UCLA and the greater Los Angeles community. The Riordan Programs were founded in 1987 by Richard Riordan, former mayor of Los Angeles, and William Ouchi, UCLA Anderson professor and New York Times bestselling author of “Making Schools Work,” as careerbased outreach programs for disadvantaged high school and college students in the Los Angeles area. Since then, more than 3,000 students have graduated from The Riordan Programs, many moving on to study at the nation’s top universities, securing careers at elite companies and become local community and business leaders. “The Riordan Programs have been transformative to thousands of young people, many of whom are the first in their family to attend college. Others give back to the program by later becoming Riordan mentors,” said UCLA Anderson Dean Judy Olian. “It’s a wonderful award recognizing the commitment of Mayor Riordan and UCLA Anderson to advance the leadership pipeline among all members of our society.” An average of 75 high school students participate annually in the Scholars Program – one of three core Riordan Programs. The Scholars Program offers intensive college preparation, SAT instruction, one-on-one mentoring and an understanding of university life and financial literacy through a six-month stock market competition. It also introduces students to career opportunities in business. To date, the Scholars Program boasts a 100 percent university attendance rate. The College to Career Program helps current college students competitively apply to internships, succeed in their careers and learn about top graduate school programs. The MBA Fellows Program educates and prepares recent

college graduates for top MBA programs and careers in management. While other top business schools offer similar one-week summer programs for high school and college students, The Riordan Scholars and MBA Fellows programs run through the academic year and is the longest-running program offered by a business school that targets underrepresented youths. In addition, The Riordan Programs are free to all program participants. “For a program like this to exist more than a few years, is a miracle,” said Former L.A. Mayor Richard Riordan. “I’m honored to receive this award, and particularly thankful for how the Anderson School has managed The Riordan Programs for the last 26 years.” “The Riordan Programs have represented a commitment from UCLA and from the business community of Los Angeles to reach out and give a helping hand to high school students from inner-city Los Angeles, so that they can raise their aspirations for higher education and make those dreams a reality,” added Professor William Ouchi, who accepted the Landmark Award on behalf of the school at an Oct. 17 UCLA Day reception at City Hall. “UCLA Anderson is glad to have had the opportunity to serve as the conduit for all of this good will and generosity to reach so many young people, many of whom now hold positions of leadership in Los Angeles.” UCLA Anderson MBA students also play a key role in The Riordan Programs, volunteering as mentors to program participants. They help them develop a college action plan and introduce them to professional career opportunities, among other things. More than 100 MBA students volunteer each year as Riordan mentors. “It is no exaggeration to say that my association with The Riordan Programs has shaped my life and my career,” said Andrea Mack, whose involvement with the programs spans more than 23 years – from graduating as a Riordan Fellow (’91), to volunteering as a Riordan mentor while studying at UCLA Anderson (’94 alum), to currently serving on the Advisory Board. “While The Riordan Programs have grown and evolved with the times, they continue to hold at their core a strong commitment to excellence. I remain close to a number of alumni from my class and others that followed and we all hold our Riordan alumni status dear.” “For those of us who find ourselves navigating academic and professional goals without much guidance, the resources and encouragement The Riordan Programs offer can make all the difference,” said Alejandra Campoverdi, who graduated as a Riordan Fellow in 2005. She subsequently worked in the White House from 2009 to 2012, most recently as White House deputy director of Hispanic media, and is now senior advisor for innovation and communications strategy at Univision Network News. “My time as a Riordan Fellow marked a turning point in what I imagined for myself, and in the capacity I believed I had to achieve it.”

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» Fall 2013, No. 3

UCLA Anderson School of Management


SAN FRANSICO BAY AND NEW YORK By Aisha Muhammad, MBA Fellow (’11)

On July 9, 2013, more than 20 alumni gathered in downtown San Francisco to network. The group also included alumni who were in Northern California for their summer MBA internship. On July 25, 2013, the first NYC Riordan Alumni Reception was held at Jarred Fong’s home. Alumni from the class 1990-2012 came from across the tri-state area. They reminisced and shared their Riordan Program experiences while celebrating their successes from top business school and a multitude of prospering careers. Thank you again to Jarred Fong for hosting!


Mark Hamilton MBA Fellow (’13)

I am currently in my first week of orientation and I am excited to begin my first year of business school at UCLA Anderson School of Management. In orientation, I have been learning about all of the opportunities and services provided at Anderson, as well as learning about the background and aspirations of my classmates. One of my most memorable moments was going to a local elementary school and teaching financial literacy to second graders with my classmates. The Riordan Fellows Program was a life changing experience for me. The Riordan staff provided me with the support to navigate the GMAT, application process and interviews. I could not have accomplished what I did without this program. In addition the Riordan Fellows Program provided me with exposure to the academic side of business school. My biggest takeaway from Riordan was the network. I not only made lifelong friends with my cohort, but I also was able to connect with the Riordan Board, Anderson alumni and current students. This summer, I helped review applications for the new class of Riordan Fellows. This fall, I will be one of four Riordan Mentor Coordinators. I am looking forward to working with the current fellows and helping them with their careers and business school goals.

DINNER FOR eight WITH STEPHEN TORRES By Shirley Ceja-Tinoco, MBA Fellow (’13)

How do you navigate your way to success when your path seems filled with adversity? How can disadvantaged youth beat the odds and pursue a career that is both rewarding and meaningful? How do you balance career opportunities with the desire to start a family and raise children? These are just a few of the important questions that Stephen and Rosa Torres help MBA Fellows and alumni grapple with each year over dinner at the Altadena Town Country Club. Amidst laughter and good company, Mr. and Mrs. Torres shared invaluable advice about life, career, family and, of course, giving back to our community. Mr. and Mrs. Torres are firm believers in the importance of devoting time and energy to THE RIORDAN PROGRAMS

giving back to the communities that helped them achieve success, and they were careful to pass on this philosophy to each of us. “Don’t wait until you make it to give back,” Mr. Torres said. His words truly struck a chord: The lesson of “giving back” is embedded in the mission of The Riordan Programs. As Riordan MBA fellows, my classmates and I benefited greatly from the services offered through The Riordan Programs. And, we are also enthusiastic about giving back in any way we can—from fundraising throughout the year, to advising and mentoring young high school scholars in their pursuit of college matriculation. Giving back and being actively engaged in communities like these provide a myriad of experiences that help craft our stories and

slowly but steadily satisfy our goal to increase diversity in the corporate sphere by providing a tight network of support. I know I can speak for everyone in attendance when I say Mr. and Mrs. Torres inspired in us a newfound level of confidence and determination to achieve beyond our own expectations. Thank you for hosting this wonderful Riordan Programs event, Mr. and Mrs. Torres. » Fall 2013, No. 3

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PROGRAM UPDATES ZIMAN CASE COMPETITION By Julie Lindner, Assistant Director of Outreach and Operations of UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate

“The UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate is pleased to be partnering with The Riordan Programs at the UCLA Anderson School of Management in the 2013/2014 academic year on the addition of a real estate module and case study for The Riordan Scholars Program,” said Tim Kawahara, Executive Director of the Richard S. Ziman Center for Real Estate. “This inaugural collaboration will provide direct instruction to dozens of inner-city high school seniors throughout California. Building on The Riordan Scholar’s exceptional high school student leadership and business literacy programming, the Ziman Center’s real estate curriculum will expose students to the real estate industry and potential career opportunities.” The Ziman Center/Riordan Scholar real estate curriculum was developed with Blake Thomas, former Riordan mentor, UCLA Anderson 2012 alumnus and Associate at Jones Lang LaSalle. He will present a series of informational and interactive sessions to introduce the students to the real estate industry and the basic principles of real estate finance and development. The real estate sessions occur once a month and started on October 12, 2013. Each of the five consecutive ZC/Riordan Saturday sessions will be taught by select Ziman Center real estate alumni. Over the course of the project, student teams will apply the fundamentals of real estate investment analysis and present a final project based on the “American Dream: Buy vs. Sell” case.

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» Fall 2013, No. 3

COLLEGE TO CAREER CLASS of 2013 By Damaris Dubon, College to Career (’13) Whitter College, BA (’14)

As a former Riordan College to Career participant, I was very happy to meet new students at UCLA that came from different colleges. I found it surprising how quickly we bonded. Learning about my colleagues, in terms of their career goals and what they are doing to achieve them, was very inspiring to my professional development experience. The speakers were influential as well, because they genuinely wanted to assist us in our development. They were open to reaching out to us outside of sessions, and their diverse advice on getting to grad school or landing your dream job was very helpful. I think the best thing about Riordan is the advantage of networking. By having the people of Riordan in my network, I feel less anxious about the worries of finding a job after college. My Riordan colleagues and mentors have taught me that there is always someone who can support you and the importance of realizing your professional development in college.


The MBA Prep Webinar Program has been an absolutely incredible MBA resource and educational tool. It is a very creative and systematic way to approach the MBA application process, with two major components, the individualized work plan and the webinar working sessions. The work plan offers a series of tried and true frameworks, videos and techniques that allow you to not only organize your thoughts but also ensure the best “YOU” is represented and comes forth in your application. The webinar sessions allow for collaborative and peer learning, feedback and Q&A, and is moderated by the exceptionally talented and accomplished Krista Nylen, a graduate from Harvard Business School. I thank and commend The Riordan Programs for hosting the webinar series and using technology to promote remote and collaborative learning in the context of the MBA application process.

UCLA Anderson School of Management


THE 2013 OUCHI AWARD WINNERS Mark Hamilton MBA Fellow (’13)

» Advisory Board Spotlight: FRANK BAXTER By Adriana Munoz

While interviewing Frank Baxter, I learned about many events in his life that have shaped his personality. Mr. Baxter was born in a small village named Baxter which is located in Northern California. During his early years, he and his family continuously moved to different areas throughout the Northwest. His family settled in the small town of Corning, Calif., and there he attended 6th grade through high school. After high school, he was accepted to Chico State College, but only attended for a semester because he joined the Air Force. Once he ended his duties, he returned to his academic work at Sacramento State University. He later moved on to UC Berkeley where he Joseph Cobian MBA Fellow (’10)

graduated. Mr. Baxter has held a variety of positions, including CEO of Jefferies LLC and U.S. Ambassador to Uruguay. From these experiences, he learned how to respond to the wants and needs of the individuals and groups he worked with. Currently, he is involved with The Riordan Programs, as an Advisory Board Member and he also serves as Co-Chairman of Alliance for College-Ready Public Schools. His main motivation for this has been his concern about the education of low-income youth. Although there was no similar program available for students while he was in high school, Mr. Baxter believes that The Riordan Programs is excellent because it helps prepare inner-city students to succeed in life. Thank you, Frank Baxter, for your work and commitment to The Riordan Programs.

Mayra Munguia MBA Fellow (’10) Frank Baxter Chairman Emeritus, Jefferies LLC


» Fall 2013, No. 3

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» T  he Riordan Programs Alumni: WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Christina Johnson Operations Manager, Amazon MBA, MIT (’13) Scholar (’07)

» How has Riordan Scholars Program helped you?

Riordan Scholars Program opened my eyes to a whole new world of career opportunities. As a senior in high school, I was very clear that I wanted to study engineering. Yet, I was unclear of how to link that passion for math and science to my passion for serving others. Through The Riordan Scholars Program, I discovered how to blend my love for technology with my love of people through business, particularly operations management. With this, I was able to continue on to MIT and obtain both Electrical Engineering and Computer Science degrees, as well as an MBA.

» How has your experience as a Riordan Scholar continued to follow you to where you are now?

My experience as a Riordan Scholar was a One of the essential things I gained was crucial component to the business woman I’ve becoming more comfortable being uncomfortgrown into. Through the professional connecable. There were certain things I did as a tions I made as a Riordan Scholar, I was able to Riordan Scholar I wasn’t really into otherwise land a consulting internship with Deloitte (e.g., public speaking, learning about stocks Consulting, and I continued to intern with the and other business-related matters, etc.), but company for three years. I also made a number doing them made me a more knowledgeable of personal connections that now serve as a and well-rounded individual. support group as we all strive to be successful business leaders in the industry. With the » What did you enjoy the most about the positive influence that I received from The Scholars Program? Riordan Scholars Program, I was able to pursue my MBA directly out of college and now work I would probably say the access to different as an Operations Manager for Amazon, where careers and individuals in those careers. Also, I’m directly responsible for increasing the invenbeing able to meet and build relationships with tory levels in one of the company’s multiple like-minded individuals from similar backgrounds distribution centers. and experiences. Some of the scholars in my cohort ended up attending Cal for undergrad as well, and we remain friends to this day. Justin Martin Ph.D. Candidate in Education, UC Berkeley (‘14) Scholar (’01)

» Tell us about your experience as a Riordan Scholar.

I had a wonderful experience as a Riordan Scholar. I had the opportunity to be a team leader for the Stock Portfolio competition, and took the opportunity to develop my leadership capabilities. Whether it was organizing team meetings or encouraging team members to take on certain roles, I thoroughly enjoyed engaging with my team. At The Riordan Scholars Career Fair, I had the chance to learn about a variety of different career paths, from investment banking to consulting. My other favorite moments were the Fireside Chats, where we all had the time to learn from business leaders in a number of different industries. Hearing their stories proved to be inspirational for me along my journey into the business world.

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» Fall 2013, No. 3

» What did you gain from the Scholars Program that contributed to your current position?

Jennifer Redondo Enginnering Program Management, Apple MBA Fellow (’08)

» What you did you do after the Scholars Program? » What did you do after the Fellows I went to UC Berkeley for undergrad, then to Program? Harvard for a Master’s in Education (Human Development). I’m currently a Ph.D. student in When I started the Fellows Program, I was in education at UC Berkeley, where I’m researching management consulting. At the time, many how adolescents and college students think Consulting firms were offering tuition sponsorabout other people’s social and moral judgments. ship to top-tier schools. My “plan” was to go to I’ve directed an academic program in Berkeley business school and come back to the same (Berkeley Scholars to Cal) for four years, and firm after graduating. However, I got recruited have taught college-success courses in various to work for Apple while enrolled in the Fellows capacities (San Francisco State Summer Bridge, Program. After speaking with Alex Lawrence, & SMASH Berkeley). I also have my own comic he convinced me to take the opportunity to book company, R-Squared Comicz (www. work at Apple while Steve Jobs was alive. I started out in Worldwide Operations working in the OEM Business Management group.

UCLA Anderson School of Management

Earlier this year, I moved over to Engineering to work in the iPad Program Management group. In addition to my day job, I am on the Board of Directors for the Mommy and Me Cancer Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization that exists to provide support to mothers who are battling life-threatening cancer while raising minor children.

» What did you gain from the Fellows Program that contributed to your current position ?

The Fellows Program was an invaluable experience because it gave me the opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds and skill sets on various projects. Learning how to build solid relationships has been key for me in all aspects of my life. Working well with others, in conjunction with the ability to think critically and creatively, allow me to execute and get things done. The caliber of the people that I met in the Fellows Program is up to par with the folks I work side by side with now. It is a great feeling to be surrounded by motivated and passionate people.

» What did you enjoy the most about the Fellows Program?

I made some awesome connections while in the Fellows Program. I made lifelong friends that I have kept in touch with. Many of my former Fellows Program classmates moved to the Bay Area after graduating business school. Since they work for neighboring companies around the Silicon Valley, we get together every so often for meals or different events. I have continued to build my relationship with my Riordan Fellows mentor and The Riordan Fellows staff. Whenever someone reaches out to me (or vice versa), I am always willing to help or make things happen wherever possible.


» QUICK UPDATES 2013 DONOR HONOR ROLL Please view our Donor Honor Roll on our website.

ALUMNI DONOR CAMPAIGN We will launch our 2nd Annual Riordan Donor Campaign in December 2013.

» THE RIORDAN PROGRAMS WELCOMES A NEW STAFF MEMBER Katina Hoffman, The Riordan Programs Project Coordinator Katina Hoffman is a graduate of the University of South Florida with a B.A. in Criminology. Her experience includes working in the higher education system while participating in and managing student and local community organizations. She is pleased to be a part of The Riordan Programs!

» WANT TO BE A FEATURED RIORDAN ALUMNI? Are you a Riordan Alumni and want to be featured in our next newsletter? Please contact our office:

» Fall 2013, No. 3

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Here are some Riordan Programs alumni who have been accepted into the schools of their dreams! Congratulations. Pictured are Riordan Fellow Alumni

MBA Fellows – MBA Destinations Yury Adamov Sammit Adhya George Austin Jennifer Boicic Tiger Cai Marco Calderon Daisy Carrillo Yee Chen Joseph Cobian Eli Daquioag Zubin Davar Armando Gomez Chasen Goudeau Emma Gutierrez Mark Hamilton Becky Ho Roger Islas Guy Kamguia Antonio Key Joseph Kim Subodh Kolla Jacqueline Laird Hao Meng Timothy Morgan Mayra Munguia Janel Orozco Sam Patterson Desiree Stolar Tricia Torres Quynh Tran Anthony Yu Gordon Yu

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» Fall 2013, No. 3

Graziadio School of Business, Pepperdine University Hass School of Business, UC Berkeley Georgetown University of Law Center, Georgetown University UCLA Anderson School of Management Johnson Business School, Cornell University Johnson Business School, Cornell University The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Ross School of Business, University of Michigan UCLA Anderson School of Management Stern School of Business, New York University UCLA Anderson School of Management Stern School of Business, New York University Hass School of Business, UC Berkeley Johnson Business School, Cornell University UCLA Anderson School of Management UCLA Anderson School of Management Johnson Business School, Cornell University Harvard School of Business, Harvard University The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Hass School of Business, UC Berkeley UCLA Anderson School of Management Hass School of Business, UC Berkeley University of Chicago Booth School of Business Goizueta Business School, Emory University UCLA Anderson School of Management Hass School of Business, UC Berkeley UCLA Anderson School of Management Harvard School of Business, Harvard University Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern Stern School of Business, New York University Hass School of Business, UC Berkeley

UCLA Anderson School of Management

100% of Scholar Graduates go to four-year College! Class of 2013 Scholars – College Destinations Jesse Al-Uqdah San Jose State University Alexander Avila UC Santa Cruz Anthony Avila Fordham University Misael Cabrera University of Pennsylvania Assunta Canzona UC Santa Barbara Damian Carcano Rochester Institute of Technology Sergio Cisneros Dominican University Kayla Conanan UC Riverside Oscar Cruz Loyola Marymount University Dara Dan UC Berkeley Miguel (Carlo) David UC Berkeley Nicolas Earley Cornell University Cesar Esquivel La Salle University Vicki Fan UC Irvine Omar Garcia UC Los Angeles Monica Gomez Utah State University LaTiana Karriem UC Los Angeles Hee Jang UC Santa Barbara Adrian Jimenez UC Berkeley Ashley Lopez UC Riverside Tracey Ly Mount St. Mary’s College Imani McMillan Louisiana State University Jason Mijangos University of Arizona Camille Moody Pepperdine University Carlos Mora UC Santa Barbara Kimberly Mulder Iona College Davina Myers University of Southern California Shelby Page Georgia Southern University Yajaira Perdomo Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Arturo Rodriguez Pepperdine University Ashley Salazar Loyola Marymount University Gerard Watson La Salle University Timothy Wong University of San Francisco


» Fall 2013, No. 3

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January 12, 2014

Riordan Scholars: Ziman Real Estate Competition

March 1, 2014

Riordan Gala

March 8, 2014

College to Career Application Deadline

April 18, 2014

Stock Market Competition

April 19, 2014

THE 2013 RIORDAN ADVISORY BOARD CINTHYA ANAYA Advisory Board Member, The Riordan Programs, Ret.

ALEX LAWRENCE Assistant Dean, Director of MBA Admissions, UCLA

LINDA BALDWIN Advisory Board Member, The Riordan Programs

ANDREA MACK SVP, Institutional Marketing, Trust Company of the West

AMBASSADOR FRANK BAXTER Chairman Emeritus, Jefferies & Company, Inc.

ROXANNE MENDEZ Executive Director, The Riordan Programs

JORDAN BENDER Managing Director, Goldman, Sachs & Co.

JUDY OLIAN Dean, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Henry Brandon Vice President & Senior Relationships Manager, Wells Fargo

WILLIAM G. OUCHI Chair, Professor, UCLA Anderson, Co-Founder of The Riordan Programs

RICHARD J. RIORDAN Co-Founder, The Riordan Programs

AMIR TEHRANI President, Conrad Asher

JESSICA FLORES President, The Riordan Foundation

STEPHEN TORRES General Manager, Fonroche US Inc.

NIKE IRVIN Vice President of Programs, California Community Foundation

MIGUEL UNZUETA Vice Chairman, Assistant Professor, UCLA Anderson School of Management

WARREN JACKSON Senior Vice President & Associate General Counsel, DIRECTV

BRUCE WILLISON Dean-Emeritus, UCLA Anderson School of Management

JEFFREY D. KABOT Managing Director, MezzCap Partners, LLC

ROB ZIELINSKI Principal, Riordan, Lewis & Haden Anderson School of Management

CONTACT INFORMATION 110 Westwood Plaza, Mullin Management Commons Suite F205, Box 951481 Los Angeles, CA 90095-1481 Tel: (310) 206-3596 Fax: (310) 267-0165 Email:

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