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NEWSLETTER >> Spring 2013, No. 2




Roxanne Mendez Executive Director of The Riordan Programs

Welcome to the Riordan Reporter! Riordan Programs community, I am deeply honored to lead The Riordan Programs and grateful to our Advisory board for their confidence in me. Entering its 26th year, The Riordan Programs has built a legacy of positively impacting and transforming the lives of our Riordan Scholars, Riordan MBA Fellows and College to Career Program. I look forward to having The Riordan Programs community beside me as we approach the challenges and opportunities ahead of us. The last few months have been an extraordinary time for me. I am overwhelmed with the warm reception and support I have received from the Riordan Alumni, advisory board, volunteers, UCLA Anderson School of Management community and donors who have helped continue the success of The Riordan Programs. If you have ideas for what to include or subjects to explore in the newsletter, please contact us at

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>>Spring 2013, No. 2

UCLA Anderson School of Management


Linda Baldwin has played a crucial role in the success of the Riordan Programs. As the first Executive Director, Linda set the standard for what was to follow in order to ensure the program’s overall success. Her dedication to the program, education endeavors and diversity is truly commendable. Even after retirement, Linda Baldwin continues to remain active within the Anderson community and The Riordan Programs. Linda has always been interested in issues of access, equity and justice. These interests are what drive her involvement with The Riordan Programs. She views it as a pipeline for students to take advantage of higher education, and become aware of the business world. Throughout her involvement in The Riordan Programs, what Linda is most proud of are the students who come through the program. She is thrilled to witness students make use of opportunities and not only go on to have success careers, but contribute to their communities. The Riordan Programs would like to applaud Linda Baldwin for all her accomplishments and assistance within our office. We wish her the best in her future endeavors now that she has retired. Students often inquire about Linda and express the impact that she has had on their lives. We encourage those who would like send her their best to contact her at We are truly lucky to have had someone as dedicated as Linda Baldwin take part in setting the foundation of this program.


>>Spring 2013, No. 2

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2013 marked an incredible year for the Riordan MBA Fellows. It was a year of record breaking fundraising and community impact. With the help of each fellow and our networks, we not only expanded the reach of our mentoring program and research offerings, but were able to set a Riordan MBA Fellows philanthropic record by fundraising over $138K (and counting) in dollars and in-kind donations! On behalf of the entire Riordan MBA Fellows class of 2013, we’d like to thank our friends, relatives, corporate sponsors, and the Riordan Office staff for their enduring support. Each fellow is walking not only better prepared for the MBA application process, but also with an expanded skill set -from event planning, fundraising, to public speaking- but also with new lifelong connections. We look forward to joining the Riordan Alumni community.

Fellows Class Picture


This year, I am fortunate enough to represent the Riordan Scholars as its co-president. As a three-year member, I have immense gratitude for the program because of its role in fostering my ambition. Without the Riordan Program, I would not have been able to discover my passion for business management. Furthermore, the program has provided me with the opportunity to catch a glimpse of college with the case study lecture and the annual competitions. In short, I am simply thankful for the Riordan Programs for allowing me to grow academically and professionally. I am fully confident that the program serves its purpose in providing the students with the academic opportunities and leadership skills to succeed after high school.

Scholars Class Picture

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>>Spring 2013, No. 2

UCLA Anderson School of Management


Jernine Kim MBA Fellow (’12) UCLA Anderson MBA 2014

I am now in my third quarter of my first year at UCLA Anderson. I must say that the experience is incredible. The first quarter was intense, getting used to the school routine at the same time learning about different companies and the diverse background and experiences of my classmates. I enrolled in core classes, namely Economics, Data and Decisions, Foundations of Finance, and Communications. I joined clubs and took leadership roles in Investment Finance Association, Women’s Business Connection, Anderson Real Estate Association, Wine Club, Anderson Eats, and Japan Business Association. My husband and I spent the Winter break in the Philippines, where I got to view the Chocolate Hills in Bohol and Cebu City. In the winter quarter, I enrolled in Corporate Finance, Operations, Entrepreneurship and Venture Initiation, and Communications. I was busy interviewing for my summer internship and I am privileged to accept an offer from JP Morgan Private Bank. I will be spending 4 weeks in Los Angeles and 6 weeks in New York this summer. For spring break, my husband and I joined 130+ Anderson students and partners on a trip to Japan hosted by the Japan Business Association. We visited temples in Kyoto, watched a sumo tournament in Osaka, learned about the “Just-in-Time” process at the Toyota factory, enjoyed the hot springs in Atami, and finally we visited the bustling city of Tokyo. Throughout my Anderson life, I made sure I visited the Riordan office and attended the Riordan Fellows sessions to motivate and hopefully inspire current fellows. I am one of three mentor coordinators who helped pair each of the current fellows with an Anderson student. I am always pleased whenever mentors and mentees share with me their great experience from the Riordan programs. I have gained so much from the program just from the connections the program has made available for me. I am looking forward to be an interviewer once again to help find the next Riordan fellows deserving to be part of this great community.

GIVING CAMPAIGN We are extremely thankful to those who donated in this year’s Giving Campaign. Our goal was to raise $10,000 from Alumni, and we gained almost $24,000! To date, thousands of Riordan Scholars and Riordan MBA Fellows have participated in the Riordan Programs. You have helped define the Riordan Programs as an exemplary model nationwide. Our Alumni have gone on to become pillars of their professions and community, continuing the mission of The Riordan Programs. Please take the time to visit our website Alumni Champions page to learn about what alumni are currently accomplishing. We are asking that alumni continue to provide financial support and in the essence “giving”, participate in the “Riordan Giving” Campaign. Please remember that you are able to give year round and that no amount is too small or large. Be on the lookout for the next Giving Campaign in December 2013! Thank you for making a difference.

Richard Wong Adult Cardiologist Alumni Champion/Scholar 1988


Angélica S. Gutiérrez, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow & Visiting Scholar Alumni Champion/ MBA Fellow 2006

>>Spring 2013, No. 2

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Management. I could not have been more satisfied with the turnout and my overall experience. This is a vibrant community, where family, friends, and fun coexist for the betterment of society. We are fortunate to be part of something greater than all of us. If you haven’t experienced it, I suggest that you do. There’s always next year!


By Jose Arche MBA Fellow (’13)

Throughout the year, our Riordan MBA Fellows Class was hard at work extending the legacy of The Riordan Programs. Reaching 26 years of making a difference in the community is indeed a reason to celebrate! The LA Athletic Club served as the perfect backdrop for this celebration, the 2013 Riordan Gala. You could see and feel the stored history of the building immediately upon arrival. As I entered the ballroom, I was greeted by my fellow classmates, all of whom were impeccably dressed and as professional as ever. Newcomers would be surprised to know that we were merely MBA hopefuls as we entertained our 300 guests with the ease and effortlessness of senior managers. There was something for everyone, amazing auction items, delicious food, excellent drinks, and enough casino tables to make real casinos think twice about their competitive advantages. I was most impressed by the people in attendance. Not only did we honor The Little Rock Nine, Judy Olian (Dean of UCLA Anderson School of Management), Cesar Alvarado (Riordan Scholar 1989), and Satiya Witzer (Riordan Scholar 2001), but numerous UCLA Anderson alumni also generously supported the event. It was a networker’s dream! During my time at the Gala, I met and spoke with powerhouses in finance, renowned professors, and senior administrators from UCLA Anderson School of

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>>Spring 2013, No. 2

based on business, as I prepare for college. The Stock Market Competition taught me how to analyze stock, giving me a foundation for future classes in economics and the stock market; while the Business Plan Program let me become an entrepreneur and start my own business. Through the past two years, I learned how to work in groups more sufficiently, became a better public speaker, and prepared for my future as a working college student. I am prepared for the time when I start working, and will need the networking skills and experiences that I have gained through this program.

CROSSING EVENT By Dara Dan Riordan Scholar (’13)

As a young boy, I always dreamed of starting a company of my own, not realizing how difficult the process is. The Business Plan Project (BPP) gave me a hands-on experience of what entrepreneurship is like. I deeply admire the business field, and those who stand in society today with companies of their own. BPP has demonstrated to me the importance of team work and patience. Over the course of the program, I was introduced to various perspectives of successful companies. Furthermore, I was able to analyze how technological advancement has changed the world of business. I can confidently say that BPP has refueled my interest to be an entrepreneur.

STOCK MARKET CHALLENGE By Kayla Conanan Riordan Scholar (’13)

The Riordan Scholars Program has been an opportunity for me to learn valuable information

By Stephanie Garcia MBA Fellow (’13)

On April 7, 2013, The Riordan Programs celebrated their annual fun day – “Crossings”: A Riordan Celebration. Crossings, represents one of the ways The Riordan Programs shows gratitude toward the community for 26 years of continuous support. It is an afternoon for Riordan family and friends to come together for a day full of fun activities, delicious food, and amazing raffle prizes. The event consists of competitive and non-competitive activities, such as Alumni vs. Fellows Tug-a-War,

UCLA Anderson School of Management

pie-eating contest, dodge ball, kid facepainting, basketball, and soccer. The Riordan Fellows have worked hard to secure donations, event location, and volunteers. This year, Crossings was held at the beautiful Veteran’s Park in Culver City, and we gave away Disneyland Castle Package, which consists of 4 “Park Hopper Tickets.” It was a great opportunity for alumni and current program participants to network with each other. We were privileged to have two mentors share how they impacted their mentee’s life and upheld the true spirit of the program. We would like to thank our generous sponsors: Subway, Jarritos, Humana, OPI, Disney, Target, Costco, and our own Riordan Fellows.



By Margie Cruz-Hassan

Interviewing Professor Miguel Unzueta was a refreshing experience; to witness that the Advisory Board of The Riordan Programs can identify with the students it serves is huge. Miguel Unzueta was raised in El Paso, Texas in a single parent home and is the fi rst in his family to not only attend college but go on to receive a PhD. Today he serves as Associate Professor of Management and Organizations at UCLA Anderson School of Management. His research on how people understand their position within social and interpersonal hierarchies, and group-based inequality is inspired by his experience as an undergraduate student and his teaching experience in

SHADOW DAY By Shantel Gentle

Anderson. Miguel noted that various people have misconceptions on what affi rmative action and diversity means, and as a Latino this sparked an interest in him. His motivation to be involved with The Riordan Programs stems from his life experiences. Miguel mentions that he comes from a similar background as many of the scholars, and that he can identify moments in his life when he could have easily fallen off the rails. Not having a program like The Riordan Programs when he was growing up, Miguel believes it is excellent that we are able to off er a program that provides guidance and demystifi es college for Scholars. We are honored to have Miguel Unzueta as Vice Chairman for The Riordan Programs advisory board. His commitment to education and diversity is commendable. Thank you to Miguel Unzueta for all of his hard work, and we look forward to all he has to off er this program.

UCLA Shadow Day offers High school students the opportunity to experience the day in the life of a true Bruin. The Shadow Day Program matches 50 students from Rene and Meyer Luskin Academy High School with 50 UCLA undergraduates. The purpose of the program is to allow high school students to experience what a typical college day feels like. Through this event the students will understand the difference between high school and college, and will realize that college/UCLA is not out of their reach. The goals for the program are to fill the gap between high school and college, encourage more students to apply and attend college, and to enjoy a fun day on campus experiencing the day in the life of a college student. The Shadow Day program takes place on campus in the beginning of every quarter with a different grade level of high school students.


Miguel Unzueta Vice Chairman, Associate Professor

>>Spring 2013, No. 2

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>>THE RIORDAN PROGRAMS ALUMNI: WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Gail Domingos, Founding Director, Cedar Crest Academy MBA Fellow (‘99)

families then we have space for. The three current locations combined serve over 350 students. The fourth campus will have an Elementary School as well as Early Childhood and will be larger than all three current campuses combined.

opportunities and this requires a view on what might happen in the future. Through my experience over the past 17 years, it is critical to stand up for your views, especially when you are in the minority. My best deals have been the most controversial.


I learned the importance of networking. Before leaving for my Master’s Program, I started to plant a seed with my future (current) partner, maintained a great relationship and kept in touch with the parents I served, and also kept in touch with the staff I oversaw. But the most important thing I learned from the Riordan Programs was to believe in myself. The Riordan experience was the first opportunity I had where I was a part of something greater then myself. My colleagues/peers were amazing and I had never been exposed to so many high-caliber people. It elevated me and I wanted more. The program also taught me to give back. This is something that not only continues with me today, but has also passed on to my staff and the children we care for. Giving back and philanthropy are a big part Cedar Crest Academy and it gives me great pleasure to know that we are inculcating those values into the next generation.

The program is amazing and I wouldn’t be here without it. Linda provided the “tough love” that forced me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to pursue opportunities that did not seem remotely possible beforehand. The speakers, mentors and other fellows provided inspiration and encouragement that anything is possible. I’ve been with my group since 1996 and was promoted to Managing Director in 2005.

I was fortunate enough to find my passion early in life. My mom had a small preschool (about 25 kids) and while helping her out after school I realized I really liked working with young kids. As an undergrad at UCLA I had this dream of opening up my own chain of preschools and so decided to pursue an MBA and the Riordan Programs. After undergrad I decided to gain some further Edward Shelton experience by working as an Opening Director for Associate, West Region one of the nations’ largest childcare provider, Development KinderCare. I think I was 27 at the time and had Recurrent Energy Riordan Scholar (’01) MBA the wonderful opportunity of seeing how a large Fellow (’06) corporate-based childcare program opened their program from the ground up. Needless to say, I learned a lot from this experience – both on what to do and on what not to do. After taking a year off to get my Principal’s Certification in conjunction with my Master’s in Education at Harvard, I >>WHAT WAS YOUR EXPERIENCE AS A RIORDAN JARROD FONG Managing returned to Washington State. But truly, throughDirector/ Portfolio Manager, SCHOLAR, AND WHAT MOTIVATED YOU TO out my Master’s program I really missed the little JP Morgan Asset LATER BECOME A RIORDAN FELLOW? Management kids. And so upon completion of my Masters’ I got MBA Fellow (’92) in touch with former Assistant Director and asked I first heard about the Riordan Programs from a her if she still wanted to be my partner to open up classmate that was one grade ahead of me at my a preschool. That was 10 years ago and I high school. In high school, my academic interests remember when we first opened the doors, we were centered on math and science. However, I only had one child and three staff. I remember thought it would be interesting to learn about the thinking to myself… now what, how will I get more world of business, so I decided to apply to the kids? Little by little we kept growing and doubling Riordan Scholars Program. As a Scholar, I learned >>WHAT DID YOU GAIN FROM THE MBA FELLOWS the number of enrollment, most were word of more than I expected. I participated in economics RIORDAN PROGRAM THAT FOLLOWS YOU IN mouth referrals. Four years later when we had a lectures from Anderson professors, learned about YOUR POSITION AS MANAGING DIRECTOR AT two year waitlist, my partner and I opened up our potential careers in business and learned about JP MORGAN? second preschool, and last year we opened up our the stock market through a stock market third location. All three schools are currently full Through the Riordan Program, I gained more competition. The Scholars Program exposed me and plans are underway to open a fourth location confidence in making independent decisions and to new concepts that led me to question whether by August. Still 95% of our families are referrals realizing that anything is possible. A large part of math and science should be my sole career focus. from existing families and we turn away more my job is investing in technology related Outside of the wealth of business knowledge the 7 |

>>Spring 2013, No. 2

UCLA Anderson School of Management

Scholars Program provided, it also surrounded me with a group of highly motivated, like-minded peers and introduced me to two of my best friends. While I ultimately decided to major in Mechanical Engineering in college, the Scholars Program began my journey to couple my passion for engineering and science, with my passion for business in order to have a positive impact on the world. Part of the benefit of being a Scholar was the mentorship that I received from Riordan Fellows. As a Scholar, I looked up to the Fellows, and our conversations helped expand my understanding of the career opportunities the world had to offer. Many of the Fellows were exploring the possibility of attending business school and planned to use business school as a vehicle to switch careers. As I graduated from college in 2005 and started my professional career as an engineer, I continued to explore ways to integrate my interest in business with my natural inclination >>HOW DID YOUR EXPERIENCE IN THE RIORDAN PROGRAMS CONTRIBUTE TO YOUR PROFESSIONAL ENDEAVORS?

The Riordan Programs fosters an environment for participants to hone their passions and mold them into a fulfilling career. The Scholars Program helped me discover my passion for business and prompted me to think about how to combine business with engineering. Through my experiences working as an engineer in the oil and gas industry, I developed a strong interest in energy and began to realize through the Fellows Program that there were many environmental and economic factors that built a strong case for clean, renewable energy. It was at this juncture that I realized that renewable energy was the sector that would allow me to combine my interests in engineering, energy, business and finance into a career that would have a positive impact on the world. When I first stepped foot on Anderson’s campus as a high school student, I had no understanding of business and only a vague understanding of what it meant to be an engineer. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in the Riordan Programs as a Scholar and later Fellow. I have no doubt that my experiences in the Riordan Programs have led me down a path to be successful in my current role at a renewable energy company focusing on the development of large scale solar projects. THE RIORDAN PROGRAMS

>>THE RIORDAN PROGRAMS WELCOMES THREE NEW STAFF MEMBERS Barry Kendrick, Associate Director Barry Kendrick is a 2007 graduate of Auburn University with a B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting. He is currently finishing his M.S. in Higher Education at Drexel University where his research focuses on assessing multicultural student services and achievement in underrepresented populations. Before transitioning to Student Affairs, Barry worked as an accountant in the private sector where he performed internal audits and managerial costing. He previously worked as a Graduate Intern at the University of Southern California in the Center for Black Cultural and Student Affairs and has experience in budgeting, financial aid, student advising, programming, and assessment. Diana Rios, Program Coordinator Diana Rios is the Program Coordinator of The Riordan Programs and manages the Riordan Scholars and College to Career Programs. Diana is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley with a B.A. in English Literature. Diana’s previous work experience includes, Coordinator of Admissions and Development for Sacred Heart High School and Account Associate for an advertising firm. Her experience has provided her with a thorough knowledge of marketing, public speaking, and student recruitment principles, giving her the ability to work and communicate with members of all age groups. Diana continues to progress her passion for student growth and development, providing support and resources needed to make higher education possible for all. Margie Cruz-Hassan, Program Assistant Margie Cruz is a graduate of the University of South Florida with a B.S. in English Education with an emphasis in Secondary Education. Currently, she is an M.ED candidate in Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs at the University of Southern California. Margie has a wide range of work experience in teaching, programming, advising, recreation, management, and various positions within student affairs. Her interests include initiatives to assist under represented and first generation students, as well as providing a rich student experience.

>>Spring 2013, No. 2

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HERE ARE SOME RIORDAN PROGRAMS ALUMNI WHO HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED INTO THE SCHOOLS OF THEIR DREAMS! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF THEM. 75% OF MBA FELLOW GRADUATES GET AN MBA! MBA FELLOWS – MBA DESTINATIONS Yury Adamov Sammit Adhya Tiger Cai Daisy Carrillo Yee Chen Joseph Cobian Eli Daquioag Zubin Davar Armando Gomez Chasen Goudeau Emma Gutierrez Becky Ho Roger Islas Guy Kamguia Antonio Key Joseph Kim Subodh Kolla Hao Meng Timothy Morgan Mayra Munguia Janel Orozco Sam Patterson Quynh Tran Anthony Yu Gordon Yu

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>>Spring 2013, No. 2


Graziadio School of Business and Management, Pepperdine University Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley Johnson Business School, Cornell University The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Ross School of Business, University of Michigan UCLA Anderson School of Management Stern School of Business, New York University UCLA Anderson School of Management Stern School of Business, New York University Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley Johnson Business School, Cornell University UCLA Anderson School of Management Johnson Business School, Cornell University Harvard School of Business, Harvard University The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley UCLA Anderson School of Management University of Chicago Booth School of Business Goizueta Business School, Emory University UCLA Anderson School of Management Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley UCLA Anderson School of Management Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern Stern School of Business, New York University Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

UCLA Anderson School of Management

100% OF SCHOLAR GRADUATES GO TO A FOUR-YEAR COLLEGE! CLASS OF 2013 SCHOLARS – COLLEGE DESTINATIONS JJesse Al-Uqdah Alexander Avila Anthony Avila Misael Cabrera Assunta Canzona Damian Carcano Sergio Cisneros Kayla Conanan Oscar Cruz Dara Dan Miguel (Carlo) David Nicolas Earley Cesar Esquivel Vicki Fan Omar Garcia Monica Gomez LaTiana Karriem Hee Jang Adrian Jimenez Ashley Lopez Tracey Ly Imani McMillan Jason Mijangos Camille Moody Carlos Mora Kimberly Mulder Davina Myers Shelby Page Yajaira Perdomo Arturo Rodriguez Ashley Salazar Gerard Watson Timothy Wong


San Jose State University UC Santa Cruz Fordham University University of Pennsylvania UC Santa Barbara Rochester Institute of Technology Dominican University UC Riverside Loyola Marymount University UC Berkeley UC Berkeley Cornell University La Salle University UC Irvine California State University, Los Angeles Utah State University UC Los Angeles UC Santa Barbara UC Berkeley UC Riverside Mount St. Mary’s College Louisiana State University University of Arizona Pepperdine University UC Santa Barbara Iona College University of Southern California Georgia Southern University Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Pepperdine University Loyola Marymount University La Salle University University of San Francisco

>>Spring 2013, No. 2

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July 7- 9, 2013


May 24, 2013


June 14, 2013

THE 2013 RIORDAN ADVISORY BOARD CINTHYA ANAYA Advisory Board Member, The Riordan Programs, Ret.

ANDREA MACK Portfolio Manager, Western Asset Management Company

LINDA BALDWIN Assistant Dean, Diversity Initiatives, UCLA Anderson School of Management

ROXANNE MENDEZ Interim Executive Director, The Riordan Programs

FRANK BAXTER Chairman Emeritus, Jefferies & Company, Inc.

JUDY D. OLIAN Dean, UCLA Anderson School of Management

JORDAN BENDER Managing Director, Goldman, Sachs & Co.

WILLIAM G. OUCHI Chair, Professor - UCLA Anderson, Co-Founder of the Riordan Programs

HENRY BRANDON Vice President & Senior Relationships Manager, Wells Fargo

RICHARD J. RIORDAN Co-Founder, The Riordan Programs

MOISES CARLOS Founder, Escala Realty Group

AMIR TEHRANI President, Conrad Asher

JESSICA FLORES President, The Riordan Foundation

STEPHEN TORRES General Manager, Fonroche US Inc.

NIKE IRVIN Vice President of Programs, California Community Foundation

MIGUEL UNZUETA Vice Chairman, Assistant Professor, UCLA Anderson School of Management

WARREN JACKSON Vice President & Associate General Counsel, DirecTV Group

BRUCE WILLISON Dean-Emeritus, UCLA Anderson School of Management

JEFFREY D. KABOT Managing Director, MezzCap Partners, LLC

ROB ZIELINSKI Principal, Riordan, Lewis & Haden

ALEX LAWRENCE Assistant Dean, Director of MBA Admissions, UCLA Anderson School of Management

CONTACT INFORMATION 110 Westwood Plaza, Mullin Management Commons Suite F205, Box 951481 Los Angeles, CA 90095-1481 Tel: (310) 206-3596 Fax: (310) 267-0165 Email:

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