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DONOR HONOR ROLL 2012 - 2013

Build Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

CONTENTS 1 // A Message from the Executive Director 2 // Riordan Programs of Excellence 3 // Advisory Board 4 // Giving Campaign/Alumni Champions 5 // Sources of Contribution 6 // Quotes from Our Donors 8 // Reflections and Thank You

A MESSAGE FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Dear Riordan Programs Alumni and Friends, For more than two decades, The Riordan Programs have motivated thousands of talented high school students and young professionals, guiding them to reach their highest potential. This first Annual Donor Report acknowledges those who generously supported the organization in the 2012-2013 fiscal year. The Riordan Scholars and Riordan MBA Fellow alumni have built an exceptional reputation for outstanding achievement creating companies, corporate leaders and being pillars of their communities. Our alumni’s tremendous accomplishments over the years are a powerful achievement. The Riordan Programs rely on the generosity of the UCLA Anderson School of Management, Riordan Programs Advisory Board, The Riordan Foundation, corporate partners, supporters and alumni. My sincerest appreciation to all the alumni who gave to the first Annual Alumni Donor Campaign this past December. Thank you to The Riordan Programs’ dedicated staff and advisory board, and all of our donors and supporters for advancing The Riordan Programs’ Mission. Sincerely, Roxanne








Established in 1987 as pioneering career-based outreach programs for underrepresented students, The Riordan Programs is now recognized as the defining model in the United States for pre-collegiate and pre-MBA training in business and management. Founded by former Mayor of Los Angeles, Richard Riordan, and William Ouchi, author of The New York Times bestselling “Making Schools Work� and professor at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, the mission of The Riordan Programs is to foster diversity in the business community. The Riordan Programs is a one-of-a-kind socially directed initiative. The core programs are The Riordan Scholars and Riordan MBA Fellows Program. The Riordan Programs recently launched The College to Career Program. The programs have provided our students encouragement to continue their education into college and onto graduate school.

The Riordan Scholars Program is a college preparatory program, which also focuses on business and leadership for high school students. The Riordan Scholars Program introduces high school students to career opportunities in business and teaches them tools for success and leadership in college and beyond.

The Riordan College to Career Program targets current college students. Its core purpose is to educate, provide early awareness and motivate these individuals to competitively apply themselves and succeed in their careers, while gaining insight on getting into a top graduate school program

The Riordan MBA Fellows Program targets recent college graduates (up to four years post-baccalaureate) who are considering graduate education in business management. Its core purpose is to educate, prepare and motivate these individuals to competitively apply and succeed in a top MBA program and a career in management.

THE RIORDAN PROGRAMS ADVISORy BOARD The Riordan Programs Advisory Board exists to support the mission and growth of The Riordan Programs. The board serves an advisory role providing strategic direction and resources for the programs.


ALEX LAWRENCE Assistant Dean, Director of MBA Admissions, UCLA Anderson School of Management

CINTHyA ANAyA Advisory Board Member, The Riordan Programs, Ret.

ANDREA MACK Advisory Board Member, The Riordan Programs

LINDA BALDWIN Assistant Dean, Diversity Initiatives, UCLA Anderson School of Management

ROXANNE MENDEZ Executive Director, The Riordan Programs

AMBASSADOR FRANK BAXTER Chairman Emeritus, Jefferies & Company Inc.

JUDy D. OLIAN Dean, UCLA Anderson School of Management

JORDAN BENDER Managing Director, Goldman, Sachs & Co.

WILLIAM G. OUCHI Chair & Professor, UCLA Anderson, Co-Founder of The Riordan Programs

HENRy BRANDON Vice President & Senior Relationships Manager, Wells Fargo

RICHARD J. RIORDAN Co-Founder, The Riordan Programs

MOISES CARLOS Founder, Escala Realty Group

AMIR TEHRANI President, Conrad Asher

JESSICA FLORES President, The Riordan Foundation

STEPHEN TORRES General Manager, Fonroche US Inc.

NIKE IRVIN Vice President of Programs, California Community Foundation

MIGUEL UNZUETA Vice Chairman, Associate Professor, UCLA Anderson School of Management

WARREN JACKSON Senior Vice President & Associate General Counsel, DIRECTV

BRUCE WILLISON Dean-Emeritus, UCLA Anderson School of Management

JEFFREy D. KABOT Managing Director, MezzCap Partners LLC

ROB ZIELINSKI Principal, Riordan, Lewis & Haden 3

GIVING CAMPAIGN // ALUMNI CHAMPIONS GIVING CAMPAIGN We are extremely thankful to those who donated to this year’s Giving Campaign. Our goal was to raise $10,000 from alumni, and we reached almost $27,000! To date, thousands of Riordan Scholars and Riordan MBA Fellows have participated in The Riordan Programs. You have helped define The Riordan Programs as an exemplary model nationwide. Our alumni have gone on to become pillars of their professions and community, continuing the mission of The Riordan Programs. Please take the time to visit our website Alumni Champions page to learn about alumni accomplishments. We ask that alumni continue to provide financial support and participate in the Riordan Giving Campaign. Please remember that you are able to give year-round and no amount is too small or large. Be on the lookout for the next Giving Campaign in December 2013! Thank you for making a difference.


angelica s. Gutierrez, Ph.D. Riordan MBA Fellow (’06)

Darren Jackson Riordan MBA Fellow (’00)


arthur Johnson Riordan MBA Fellow (’93)

aris Tagle Riordan MBA Fellow (’97)

selena Cuffe Riordan Scholar (’93)

Cesar alvardo Riordan Scholar (’89)

alejandra Campoverdl Riordan MBA Fellow (’05)

Richard wong Riordan Scholar (’88)

Roberto sequerla Riordan MBA Fellow (’01)

THANK yOU TO OUR DONORS! Aaroe Associates Charitable Foundation Alejandro Aceves Yury Adamov Mesbah Ahmad Craig Alexander AmgenPac Jose R. Arche III Archer Norris Foundation Carlos Avelar Bank of America Corporation Ramin Bastani Ambassador Frank Baxter Rebecca Beltran Jordan M. Bender Lorenzo Berrios Mohamed Berro Stacy Blackman Boeing Company, The Giovanni Bohorquez Jennifer Boicic California Community Foundation Moises Carlos Mark Celaya Yee Chen Chevron Corporation Brian Chun Kimberly Clemson Kenneth Colon Credit Suisse Foundation Selena S. Cuffe Otavio Dalarossa Eli R. Hidalgo Daquioag Hootan Davoodi Marco De La Torre DIRECTV

Gail Domingos Echo Florian Eitner/Patrice Greenwood Entertainment Industry Foundation EVD Inc. DBA Evolve Discovery Eventbrite Melody Fang Jernine Fernando First Legal Network LLC Jarrod R. Fong Kimberly Freeman Mary K. Gagne Jon Reil Galen Lilibeth Gangas Luis Fabian Garcia Brandon Garibaldi Goldman, Sachs & Company Besy Y. Gomez Laurana Graham Patrice Greenwood Northrop Grunman Holly Han Paul Hirsch Becky Ho I Discover LLC Warren Jackson Vaishnavi Jayakumar Albert Anthony Jimenez Ronald J. Johnson Monique Jones Darah & Jeff Kabot Alisha G. Keyes Brian Kim Joseph Kim Kara Koeberle

L.A. Best Photocopies Inc. Francis G. Lamberti, Jr. Michael Lee Jon Lemmons Walter C.L. Lim Nicole Lindler Enrique Lopez Nancy Lopez Andrea Alemida Mack Jose Magana Patrick Magnus Sheena Manek Adrienne Martinez Courtney Mayeda Marisa I. Mazzotta Meg McLaughlin Morgan Stanley Morley Group Foundation Laura Morris Myriad Litigation Solutions LLC Janet Na New Creation Builders Israel Niezen Uduak Ntuk Judy D. Olian, Ph.D. Opus Community Foundation Janel Orozco William Ouchi James Parkinson Lisette Parra Penserra Securities LLC Adriane Pessus Lev Pogosov Stephania Ramirez Raytheon Systems Company Ahmar Reza

Daniel P. Riley Richard J. Riordan The Riordan Foundation Riordan Programs Alumni Association Danielle Riviere Jorge Rodriguez Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill Matthew A. Runyon Soo Yeon Ryoo Sempra Energy Jaime Sanchez Pablo Sanchez Denise Sandoval Ivan Santana Schwab Charitable Foundation Eduardo Sera Joseph Silva Smart & Final Charitable Foundation Desiree Davis Solar Jeffrey Spain Aris Tagle James Tea Rosa & Stephen Torres Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc. Miguel Unzueta Veritext Legal Solutions Walt Disney Company, The Wells Fargo & Company Whitter Trust Company Willison Family Charitable Foundation Satiya Witzer Richard Wong Carlie Yapp Zeldin Family Foundation Ramon Zepeda 2013 Riordan MBA Fellows

Special recognition to UCLA Anderson School of Management for their continual support! 5

QUOTES FROM OUR DONORS JARROD FONG The Riordan Program opened my eyes to the vast opportunities available. I was in the program 20 years ago and the messages “shared by the speakers, Riordan Fellow Alums and Linda Baldwin still resonate with me today. I continue to support the mission of The Riordan Programs because I, and many other alumni, would not be in the fortunate situation we are in without the program. I hope to provide the same inspiration to others that Linda and the rest of the Riordan network provided me. CURRENT TITLE: Managing Director at JPMorgan Asset Management FORMER POSITION: Manager - Private Equity at AT&T Investment Management UNDERGRADUATE UNIVERSITY: University of California, Los Angeles GRADUATE UNIVERSITY: The University of Chicago - Booth School of Business RIORDAN PROGRAMS: Riordan MBA Fellow (’92)

SELENA CUFFE Riordan Scholars Program opened my eyes to a whole new world—a profession in business—something that I “hadThenever been exposed to before. I am grateful to The Riordan Program for preparing me for a successful college experience, introducing me to my first internship (INROADS) and giving me a solid framework to personally and professionally achieve my heart’s desires.

CURRENT TITLE: President and Chief Executive Office at Heritage Link Brands UNDERGRADUATE UNIVERSITY: International Relations, Stanford GRADUATE UNIVERSITY: MBA, Harvard RIORDAN PROGRAMS: Riordan Scholar (’93)

ALEJANDRA CAMPOVERDI I was lucky to have been a Riordan Fellow at a pivotal point in my professional and personal life. The skills I gained, the “relationships I built and the possibilities I considered were beyond my expectations. It is an invaluable opportunity for those looking to take things to the next level. ”

CURRENT TITLE: Senior Advisor at Innovation and Communications Strategy, Univision FORMER POSITION: White House Deputy Director of Hispanic Media UNDERGRADUATE UNIVERSITY: University of Southern California GRADUATE UNIVERSITY: Masters in Public Policy at Harvard University


RIORDAN PROGRAMS: Riordan MBA Fellow (’05)

QUOTES FroM oUr Donors stephen torres volunteered as a Riordan mentor both years while I was pursuing my MBA in 1993 and 1994. After I graduated from Anderson, “I Ivolunteered as a guest speaker, discussing career opportunities in consulting with Riordan Fellows classes. I was asked to join the board around 2006 and have served the advisory board since that time. In addition to my (and my family’s) time, we have contributed financially to the program every year since I joined the board, and host a yearly dinner for eight Riordan Fellows at our local club. I have contributed both time and money to The Riordan Programs, since I believe that the programs are the most efficient ways to develop underrepresented talent in Southern California. CURRENT TITLE: Director Project Development and General Manger (US) at FONROCHE ENERGIE

RIORDAN PROGRAMS: Riordan Advisory Board Member

Warren Jackson One of the amazing things about The Riordan Programs is that they change young lives—they help create and make possible the dreams of “talented but underserved students to pursue education and careers in business. While we can’t totally eliminate the gaps caused by societal inequities, through our partnerships and by leveraging our volunteers’ talents, we deliver programs that inspire hope, opportunity and help even the playing field. DIRECTV has been committed to the programs since inception, and I have been personally inspired to contribute monetarily, as an advisory board member and guest speaker, because we should all do what we can do to make a difference in people’s lives. I look forward to collaborating with the team for years to come to insure that The Riordan Programs-UCLA Anderson remain the nexus for developing MBA graduates and professionals from underserved backgrounds in Los Angeles, nationally and internationally.

CURRENT TITLE: Sr. Vice President and Associate General Counsel at DIRECTV RIORDAN PROGRAMS: Riordan Advisory Board Member


GaIL DoMInGos strongly that The Riordan Programs give its participants an experience that very few programs can provide. For “me,I feelthevery program was an integral part of a turning point in my life—and it helped me to really start to believe in myself and my abilities. It made me realize that I should set very high goals for myself and that I can actually achieve them. I believe many, if not most, of its participants will get as much out of it as I did. And so, after completing The Fellows Program, I knew that when I made enough money, I would give back. I have been donating to the program for several years now. CURRENT TITLE: Founder at Cedar Crest Academy | UNDERGRADUATE UNIVERSITY: University of California, Los Angeles

GRADUATE UNIVERSITY: Harvard University | RIORDAN PROGRAMS: Riordan MBA Fellow (’99)




“ I was born and raised in Southern California. I am a first generation Mexican American. Both of my parents immigrated to the United States as teenagers from rural Mexico (Zacatecas and Sinaloa). Growing up I always strove to be a good student and, despite the obstacles I faced, in 2008 I graduated from UCLA.

The Riordan Programs have been essential in my MBA journey. What I learned as a Riordan Fellow served as my road map during my application process. As a fellow I not only learned about the competitiveness of admissions of top MBA programs, but also the steps I needed to take to make myself a successful candidate. The Riordan Fellows Program also introduced me to a network of peers that have become true friends. Through that network, I found a support system that kept me focused and motivated throughout my journey. Additionally, The Riordan programs have impacted my life by providing me the opportunity to give back and “pay it forward.” I really believe the information and mentorship we provide the high school students through The Riordan Scholars Programs and Saturday Business Academy helps students not only gain college admission, but also demystifies information like scholarships, internships and even topics like credit cards.


I am about to begin my MBA at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. I am both a Consortium Fellow and a Forte Fellow, and I know The Riordan Programs helped lay the foundation that allowed me to become a successful candidate.


“ To Riordan Donors, The Riordan Scholars Program has given me a great deal of confidence in my public speaking abilities, which has definitely helped me to grow as a person and succeed in college. As well, Riordan has taught the importance of being well organized and resourceful—two things that are essential at a top-tier institution of higher learning and in the work force. In addition to exposing me to different opportunities in the field of business, the program has taught me how to carry myself in a professional manner at work and at school. I am very grateful for all the support that The Riordan Programs has given me over the years, and I would encourage everyone, even if you are not interested in pursuing a career in business, to apply to this prestigious program. The benefits of this program extend well beyond the business sector because of all of the great resources and invaluable skills that the program has to offer. To this day, I still keep in contact with some of my classmates and mentors from the program. The Riordan Programs at UCLA has greatly influenced my life and academic career. Thank You, Riordan! 8


“ I am a 17 year old high school student, artist and athlete who enjoys acquiring knowledge. The Riordan Scholars

Program reminds me of the support from my teachers and the camaraderie from my basketball team! The program is a comprehensive opportunity for high school students to get prepared for college and beyond. It allowed us to consistently engage with peers on topics that were relevant to the SAT. I especially enjoyed exploring the possibilities that exist through hearing from guest speakers from different fields. My personal favorite was the Psychology session. I now have more of an academic interest in Psychology. Another favorite was the Stock Market and Research Analyst Presentation and Competition. I now understand the research required and the things to look at before purchasing a stock. As if that was not enough, I was perfectly paired with a mentor. He generously extended his time to discuss my college application and essays which gave me more confidence in my application submissions. Overall, the support I received from the Riordan Scholars Program was great. This fall, I head off to Cornell University to pursue my interest in International Business, International Relations, Linguistics, Law and Psychology. The academic rigor I will be immersed in at Cornell University will enrich my knowledge base, sharpen my critical thinking skills and hone my articulation and networking skills. I look forward to attaining my goals to impact current systems and to be an instrument of change.


Thank you to The Riordan Scholars Program and all of the supporters.



Thank you for supporting The Riordan Programs. As a participant in The Riordan Scholars Program, I was able to learn “about business and the stock market and gained valuable insights into the college application process. The two years I spent as a Riordan Scholar made me more aware of financial literacy and taught me about successful networking— invaluable on and off campus. The Riordan Programs are a wonderful bridge for those preparing to enter college or grad school, and I wish that even more students knew about them. When I give presentations to high school students, I can see their faces light up as I explain about the free transportation to and from UCLA, the cost of the program (it’s free!), the mentorship and the SAT preparation. It wasn’t too long ago that I was in their position, and I’m grateful for your part in making the program so easily accessible to so many students.





2013 Riordan Donor Report  
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