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My name is Roxanne Mendez, the new Interim Executive Director of The Riordan Programs. These past four years, I have had the honor of serving in the role of Associate Director with the Riordan Programs. I was drawn to The Riordan Programs due to its long standing excellent reputation and the fact that it is an organization that positively impacts and transforms the lives of the next generation of leaders by empowering them to pursue higher education. I have great admiration for the donors and volunteers who help the Riordan Programs make a positive difference in the lives of our Riordan Scholars and Riordan MBA Fellows. I look forward to working with all of our supporters and key stakeholders to strengthen the Riordan Programs. Thanks to the generosity of foundations, corporate sponsors and individual donors, we are able to continue each year. Each of our programs requires the financial assistance of grants and donations and we are most appreciative of those who have been such strong supporters of our organization. If you are interested in making a donation, please contact me at 310-206-3596. I look forward to the opportunity to personally meet and thank all of you who have remained committed to the Riordan Programs community.

2013 Riordan MBA Fellows Entering Class Profile Size of entering class Mean GPA  Companies Represented 

58 3.3/4 53

Diversity GRAPH Latino36% African American 


Asian American



1 | >>Fall 2012, No. 1

UCLA Anderson School of Management

2013 Riordan Scholars ENTERING CLASS PROFILE Size of entering class Mean GPA  High Schools Represented 

74 3.8/4 30

High School Year Seniors  47% Juniors32% Sophomores  21% Number of High Schools Represented 30

Diversity GRAPH Latino51% African American 


Asian American




>>Fall 2012, No. 1




>>TRIP LOG: 2012 Scholars Northern California College Tour

3 | >>Fall 2012, No. 1

UCLA Anderson School of Management

THE COLLEGE TOUR was a wonderful, informational and exciting experience! Being in the very different environments of UC Berkeley and Stanford University was a particularly interesting experience. Going to both institutions in such a short period of time helped me immensely as a person. It helped me decide what qualities I liked and didn’t like and therefore helped me in my college search. Also, being on the college tour boosted the camaraderie of the Riordan Scholars. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to go on the tour! I had a genuinely good experience not only because of the people I got to know, but also because of the positive and like-minded environment I was in. I would encourage any Riordan Scholar who has the opportunity to go on the tour to go on this tour! Amiah Sheppard Riordan Scholar (’12 & ’13)

The companies we visited on the recent Northern California tour were SanDisk and Intel. At each company, we asked questions from within a student panel regarding employees’ high school, college and grad years, in addition to how they incorporated themselves in the tech industry after graduation. As a result, I feel the Riordan Scholars program has greatly impacted me with respect to my future studies and possible future career options. The tour opened my eyes to other career possibilities such as business, marketing and finance that I would have never been exposed to. I am greatly appreciative of the College Tour opportunity Riordan has offered me and highly suggest other scholars to take it when the opportunity arises. Misael Cabrera Riordan Scholar (’11 ’12 & ’13)

Being in San Francisco this July with the Riordan Scholars was an absolutely amazing experience. It is a trip I will remember forever because of the opportunity to do so many things in four days and three nights. I got to visit two of the best universities in California, tour major corporations and explore San Francisco. The trip was informational in many ways, but at the same time, I made amazing new friends – which made exploring the beautiful city of San Francisco even more exciting. Most importantly, the Northern California College Tour gave me a chance to learn about all the opportunities available for me in the future while being a fun and wonderful experience. Arashjot Kaur Riordan Scholar (’12 & ’13)


>>Fall 2012, No. 1





The Riordan Programs 25 th  Anniversary Casino Night By Christina Marentes

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Riordan Programs, the Casino Royal event was held honoring special guest Richard Riordan, the 39th Mayor of Los Angeles and co-founder of The Riordan Programs. Casino Royal also honored Warren Jackson, the Vice President and Associate General Counsel for DirecTV and advisory board member for the Riordan Programs. Norberta Noguera, the Assistant Vice President for AT&T and MBA Fellow alumna (’99), was also honored. In addition to honoring the accomplishments of Richard Riordan, Warren Jackson and Norberta Noguera, the event included casino games, networking and raffle ticket prizes.


The Pre-MBA DIARIES By Alvin Tam MBA Fellow (’12)

I knew my MBA prospects were changed the day I received the call welcoming me into the Riordan MBA Fellows Program. From all the great resources— case studies, leadership development, and networking opportunities — to the great friendships, I knew I had a unique and rare opportunity to hone my skills as I continued to develop into a leader. 5 | >>Fall 2012, No. 1

As one of six fellows who were concurrently applying to business school that year, my biggest challenge was balance — juggling the program coursework with my work hours, demanding applications, accounting and economics class, and at the same time, attempting to maintain a social life (Just kidding! I didn’t have one). Despite all the distractions, there was always one thing on my mind. Before I slept, my mind would race with thoughts of the perfect teamwork example. As I showered, I would constantly reiterate my short, and long-term goals. After months and months of deliberating, I managed to collect my thoughts and finally submitted my applications for business school.

I knew my MBA prospects were changed the day I received the call welcoming me into the Riordan MBA Fellows Program. The anticipation towards my first acceptance was nothing I could have prepared for. As my colleagues and peers received interview invites and early acceptances, I began to have doubts about my strength as an applicant as I patiently and eagerly waited. My acceptance could not have come at a better time. It was during a cross-country road trip when I received an unexpected phone call from the UCLA Anderson Admissions Office as they welcomed me into the incoming MBA class! It feels great to be Bruin, but it feels even better to be a double Bruin! To the Riordan Programs and to everyone who has supported me through the process, I just want to say I am forever grateful, and know that this is just the beginning. Go Bruins!


Saturday Business Institute  Syncs  with  CAMEO By Maureen Enem MBA Fellow (’12)

This past year, the Riordan Programs MBA Fellows collaborated with CAMEO to enhance their existing mentorship program by hosting and facilitating five Saturday sessions throughout the program year. These sessions covered relevant topics such as: Budget/ Expenses, Financial Planning, Credit, Entrepreneurship and Interview Tips. The MBA Fellows Saturday Business Institute (SBI) team was the group assigned to help facilitate and develop this relationship with CAMEO. This team was responsible for providing all materials, the curriculum and an outside guest speaker for each session. In addition to facilitating the Saturday sessions, we also established a mutual support relationship with CAMEO through participation and attendance of fundraising events. The Riordan Programs/CAMEO collaboration benefited the students as well as the fundraising efforts of both programs. The students were very engaged during the Saturday sessions, asking very good questions while participating in the exercises. Two CAMEO students had the opportunity to attend the 2012 Riordan Scholars Northern California College Campus Tour this year. The Riordan Program hopes to have a number of CAMEO students eventually apply and become a part of the Scholars program in the future. Being a part of the SBI team and having the opportunity to work closely with the CAMEO program was a valuable experience. I enjoyed talking to the students and getting to know each of them during the sessions. It was also great seeing how motivated and inspired these students are about their future. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the SBI team to help establish and solidify this new partnership.

UCLA Anderson School of Management


The College to Career Program! By Christina Marentes

Our new College to Career program targets first-generation undergraduate students interested in management careers. College to Career coaches students on the skills required to obtain jobs post-graduation. Our sessions bring in guest speakers from different industries to provide insight, while our activities focus on job searching, on-thejob skills, marketing, public speaking, case studies and more. In addition, the students undertake an internship in a career field of their choosing to gain practical experience in a professional field. The Riordan Programs hopes to grow the number of College to Career classes in order to have many prospective management students geared up and ready for the real world. The Riordan Programs will begin recruiting for next year’s College to Career program beginning in February 2013, and will continue to provide young professionals with the training needed to succeed in professional fields.

>>Advisory Board Spotlight: By Iván Carrillo MBA Fellow (’12)

When I learned I was accepted into the Riordan MBA Fellows Program, I envisioned acquiring the skills, knowledge and network to be a competitive applicant for top business schools. While my initial vision was limited to the nine month fellowship period, it quickly became evident that being a part of the Riordan family is a lifelong commitment that provides a more expansive and supportive network than I ever could have imagined. Being one of six Riordan MBA Fellow alumni invited to spend an evening with Riordan Programs’ Board Member, Stephen Torres, along with his wife Rosa, at the Altadena Town and Country Club really reinforced this. I was struck deeply by Stephen’s warm spirit and genuine interest in getting to know each of us. He made it a point to learn about our families, academic backgrounds and careers. Stephen asked follow-up questions, connected our stories with his experiences and praised us for our accomplishments. After learning about us, he shared his story of immigrating to this country, graduating from the UCLA Anderson School of Management and leading prominent companies. In addition to getting to know Stephen, it was a great pleasure to gain Rosa’s great insight and advice. To see two highly educated, working professionals love and support one another is truly wonderful. As I continue to search for the career path that is best for me, Stephen’s story of education, hard work and seizing opportunities is of great value. I had a wonderful experience getting to know him. We are lucky to have Stephen as an important member of the Riordan family and I admire his commitment to the personal and professional development of young professionals. Thank you to the Riordan Programs for this opportunity! Stephen Torres is General Manager of US Subsidiary at Fonroche Energie. Stephen is currently part of The Riordan Programs Advisory board and is a graduate of the UCLA Anderson School of Management (94)’.

The Riordan Programs will begin recruiting for next year’s College to Career program beginning in February 2013. THE RIORDAN PROGRAMS

>>Fall 2012, No. 1




>>The Riordan Programs Alumni: WHERE ARE THEY NOW? McKinsey & Co. and the United States Department of the Treasury. It is because of those experiences I can come up with new and creative solutions for the most pressing issues in Los Angeles. Additionally, I will continue to create and aid more programs, which in turn aid the development of more sociallyconscious business leaders. >>What did you gain from the Riordan Programs? Emanuel Pleitez, Mayoral candidate for Los Angeles 2012 MBA Fellow (’07) >>WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR MAYOR?

I am running for mayor to inspire and reenergize Los Angeles by providing a fresh perspective on the issues our city faces. People are currently not excited about government and our political leaders. We need to rethink a lot of the policies and budgeting the city has done over the last couple of decades and re-engage Angelenos to take ownership of their city. I grew up in the El Sereno community on the Eastside, and I want to represent all of L.A.’s diverse people. My knowledge of the underserved communities of L.A., the economy, the private sector and cutting-edge technology makes me a uniquely qualified candidate to move this city forward. My priority will be job creation through an education and training agenda, focused on actual private sector jobs available today and in the future. In addition, I will ensure that we continue to invest in our city’s infrastructure and increase options for transportation.

I primarily gained a great group of friends who are all striving for their own form of success in their careers. Plus, as a Riordan Fellow I built the confidence I needed to compete amongst the best business leaders in our country. But most importantly, I was reminded of the urgency to give back. Being a business leader was not enough. It is important that you are civically-involved and stand up for what you believe in, and this is true of former Mayor Richard Riordan right down to the youngest of the Riordan Scholars. It is our duty to lead our communities today and not wait for others to give us an opportunity.

>>How hAVE the Riordan Programs helped you in becoming a better civic leader?

7 | >>Fall 2012, No. 1

My Anderson experience gave me the tools to see the world differently and better understand the mechanics of our economy. >>What did you gain from the MBA Fellows Riordan Programs that follows you in managing Gläce Ice?

Also, see:

The professional development and knowledge I gained as a Riordan Fellow has helped me better approach society’s problems by integrating private and public sector solutions. The program helped me dream bigger and build confidence in my abilities as a leader, which played a role in my decision to run for mayor of Los Angeles. The Riordan Programs cultivated my interest in the business world, while sharpening my skillset necessary to be successful at places such as Goldman Sachs,

importance of long hours required to master a task. After failing at my first attempt to get into Anderson while I was still in engineering, I discovered the Riordan Programs – or better yet – they discovered me. Going through the program was a great experience, providing perspective and a disciplined approach to a balanced life. This transformed me into a qualified applicant for graduate school. My Anderson experience gave me the tools to see the world differently and better understand the mechanics of our economy. It also taught me about systems for success and risk taking. Because of this foundation, I felt sufficiently confident to start the Gläce Luxury Ice brand. Gläce Luxury Ice now delivers globally to high net worth clients, and also services some of the biggest spirit portfolio brands.

Roberto Sequeira, CEO of Gläce Ice MBA Fellow (’01) UCLA Anderson School of Management (’07) >>How has the process been from The Riordan Programs in 2001, to obtaining your MBA at Anderson 2007, to becoming the CEO of your own company?

I have an Engineering B.S. from Fresno State and started working for a large general contractor building waste water treatment plants, as a field engineer. There, I realized that I still had very much to learn and the

While a Riordan Fellow, I learned the importance of relationships and better understood that my journey from a modest background to a level of high achievement was not unique, but is shared by many. This perspective and shared sense of community has allowed the presence of mind to look closer at all applicants and learn to recognize potential in what may be considered nontraditional places.

UCLA Anderson School of Management

>>RIORDAN ALUMNI NEWS By Logan Blake Riordan Programs Alumni Association President (’99)

Jessica McLemore, Riordan Scholar (’11) Princeton University c/o 2015 >>Tell us about your experience as a Riordan Scholar.

The Riordan Scholars program was an amazing experience for me. I enjoyed learning about the stock market and financial literacy. It prepared me well for college and opened my eyes to a future in business. I had two inspiring mentors who not only helped me with my college applications and résumé, but who also just made sure I was able to relax and take a break from all of the pressures of applying to schools. My first year away at school was tough, but I have since discovered more about myself and have decided to major in architecture. Things are going well now, and I look forward to taking a wide range of classes and getting a job on campus.

The Riordan Programs continues to be a big influence in my life... I love the support I get from them... >>How has your experience as a Riordan Scholar continued to follow you to where you are now?

The Riordan Programs continues to be a big influence in my life, helping me with scholarships and internships. I love the support I get from them, and look forward to volunteering in the future and becoming a Riordan Fellow someday.


Another Great Year! Fiscal Year 2012 was another great one for the Riordan Programs Alumni Association (RPAA). We continued to exhibit remarkable growth as an organization while upholding the Riordan tradition of community service. Our signature events, The Los Angeles Diversity Mixer (LADM), the Diversity MBA Admissions Conference (DMAC) and our high school mentoring program – the Saturday Business Academy (SBA) – each had banner years. LADM This year, we moved the location of the LADM to the Westin Bonaventure in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. This enabled us to expand the capacity of the event, in addition to making the event more centrally-located. Despite the additional capacity, the event was sold out for the second straight year. We provided a significant networking and job search service to the Los Angeles community, with recruiters representing over 30 top local employers and over 400 attendees. Our key sponsors for the event were Union Bank and Northrop Grumman. DMAC This year was our 10th Annual DMAC, and based on the feedback from schools and attendees, we are only getting better with time. This year, we enjoyed record attendance at the DMAC, providing an opportunity for members of underserved communities to enjoy unparalleled face-time with the admissions officers from the most prestigious business schools in the country. For the second year in a row, the Keynote Speaker was Peter J. Aranda III, the CEO and Executive Director of The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management (“The Consortium”). Our key sponsors for the 2012 DMAC were VERITAS Prep and The Consortium. SBA The SBA enjoyed another solid year of providing college prep, financial literacy, and mentorship to three Los Angeles high schools: Ouchi High School (“Ouchi”), Gertz-Ressler High School (“Gertz”) and the Alliance Environmental Science & Technology High School (“ESAT”). We continue to increase the number of mentors and high school students involved in the program and this is by far the most important thing we do as Riordan alumni. We are proudly paving the way for the next generation.

>>Fall 2012, No. 1




Here are some Riordan Programs alumni who have been accepted into the schools of their dreams! Congratulations to all of them.


75% of MBA Fellow graduates get an MBA! MBA Fellows – MBA Destinations Alex Aceves Ijeoma Arum Karan Bhople Pamela Burga Rama Chanani Yee Chen Erika Cortez Antonio Cruz Jernine Fernando Miguel Herrera Jeff Ho Kevin Kantharia Mohamed Kargbo Charli Kemp Mark Linao Kaine Nicholas Lissette Padilla Rushi Shah Meg Standard Rashiene Taha Grant Takahashi Alvin Tam Kevin Vaishav Narissa Vania Renaldo Williams 9 | >>Fall 2012, No. 1

Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University Columbia Business School London Business School USC Marshall School of Business Harvard Business School, Harvard University Ross School of Business, University of Michigan Kelley School of Business, Indiana University Johnson Business School, Cornell University UCLA Anderson School of Management USC Marshall School of Business Ross School of Business, University of Michigan University of San Diego Law School Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern USC Marshall School of Business Ross School of Business, University of Michigan Babson College MIT Sloan School of Management University of Chicago Booth School of Business Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley UCLA Anderson School of Management UCLA Anderson School of Management UCLA Anderson School of Management Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University UCLA Anderson School of Management


100% of Scholar Graduates go to a four-year College! Class of 2012 Scholars – College Destinations Maricela Almendares Sergio Camarena Valeria Cano Julie Chambers Cynthia Contreras Adrian Cornejo Melissa Garibay Jasmin Gomez Jesus Guerra John Jimenez Arturo Korafi Janet Loredo Emily Luna Alexander Magana Daniel Moebuz Bowles Sheila Orfano Joana Perdomo Enrique Segura Carrillo


California State University, Long Beach University of California, Los Angeles California State University, Long Beach Mount Saint Mary’s College University of California, Berkeley University of California, Los Angeles University of California, Los Angeles Loyola Marymount University University of California, Riverside University of Pennsylvania University of California, Irvine University of California, Los Angeles Loyola Marymount University Georgetown University University of California, Santa Barbara New York University Harvey Mudd College University of California, Los Angeles

>>Fall 2012, No. 1 |



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THE 2012 RIORDAN ADVISORY BOARD CINTHYA ANAYA Advisory Board Member, The Riordan Programs, Ret.

Andrea Mack Portfolio Manager, Western Asset Management Company

LINDA BALDWIN Assistant Dean, Diversity Initiatives, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Roxanne Mendez Interim Executive Director, The Riordan Programs

FRANK BAXTER Chairman Emeritus, Jefferies & Company, Inc.

Judy D. Olian Dean, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Jordan Bender Managing Director, Goldman, Sachs & Co.

William G. Ouchi Chair, Professor - UCLA Anderson, Co-Founder of the Riordan Programs

Moises Carlos Founder, Escala Realty Group

Richard J. Riordan Co-Founder, The Riordan Programs

Jessica Flores President, The Riordan Foundation

Amir Tehrani President, Conrad Asher

Nike Irvin Vice President of Programs, California Community Foundation

Stephen Torres General Manager, Fonroche US Inc.

Warren Jackson Vice President & Associate General Counsel, DirecTV Group

Miguel Unzueta Vice Chairman, Assistant Professor, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Jeffrey D. Kabot Managing Director, MezzCap Partners, LLC

Bruce Willison Dean-Emeritus, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Alex Lawrence Assistant Dean, Director of MBA Admissions, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Rob Zielinski Principal, Riordan, Lewis & Haden

CONTACT INFORMATION 110 Westwood Plaza, Mullin Management Commons Suite F205, Box 951481 Los Angeles, CA 90095-1481 Tel: (310) 206-3596 Fax: (310) 267-0165 Email:

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