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Narrative Interface RIOLAB



narrative interface© RIOLAB has developed a model called narrative-interface that in each element of this model not only it’s contains a specific feature, but the user interacts with a variety of stimuli arising out of their cultural or business environment, which combined with a “surprising” behavior contributes to a unique and unrepeatable experience.

WALL OF CHILE “The MURO invites users to explore Chile from what we call affective access- 36 hosts; Chileans women and men registered (HD / GPS) from all over the country on the graphical interface of a map of Chile- until the deployment of productive issues, history, tourism and anthropology. A large and diverse record of files and themes articulated by a narrative developed by RIOLAB on the concept of a Media Center. ”

Francisco Arévalo, Author.


RIOLAB is an interface. RIOLAB is a bridge between communication needs and solutions that come from technology. An interface that seeks to create recognizable and memorable experiences for the user. RIOLAB has developed a systematic and creative alliances with other companies, organizations and individuals. More than one strategy is a way of doing, to seek unconventional media relations and communications at different scales. A combination of tools and constructive efforts that allow twoway relationship. RIOLAB was born in Santiago of Chile in 2008.

MultiTouch Ltd manufactures table- and wall-sized multitouch displays. Multiple users can use displays simultaneously. While the number of touchscreen users is growing exponentially, MultiTouch Ltd’s goal is to provide the most important solutions for large multitouch systems. MultiTouch Ltd’s displays are used in more than 20 countries around the world. They are used in a range of markets such as retail business, advertising, exhibitions, museums, education and design. MultiTouch Ltd is privately held and located in Helsinki, Finland. The products are sold directly and through MultiTouch global partner network.

A powerful and modern technology allows to accommodate in the Muro this large database of images of Chile. More than six hours of video and thousands of photographs of historical archives, cultural, tourism, satellite images and universe, nature and architecture, characters and production activities, are deployed with a “deep superficiality� allowing the viewer to have a solid sensation of what is Chile. More than 400 authors and hundreds of institutions, public and private, have directly contributed to this work.




RIOLAB & MULTITOUCH OY Francisco Arévalo, author/director Alfredo Rates, Executive Producer Luis Cociña, Content Supervisor


Manuel Tello, Producer

Andrés Wood, Advisor

Francisco Arévalo, Programing Architecture

Rolando Opazo, Second Unit Director Alejandra García, Executive Production

Petri Martikainen, CEO Tommi Ilmonen, CTO Multitouch Esa Nuuros, Software Development Manager Qiu Li, Software Development

Javier Pradenas, Producer María Paz Zedán, Pre-production Rene Rojo, Director of Photography Carlos Johnson, Sound and Research

Carlos Angulo, Post production

Rolando Vásquez, Production Assistant

Juan José Concha, Video Post production and Panoramic shooting

Nicolás Aguayo, Production Assistant

Felipe Arévalo, Widgets and Panoramic shooting Valentina Guzmán, Didactics

Daniel Ruiz, Camera Assistant José Barraza, Norte Grande Research Gabriel Aguiló, San Pedro de Atacama Research

Esteban Murua, Archive Pre-production

Karin Vilches, Norte Chico Research

Viviana Erpel, Archive Production

Carlos Johnson, Zona Central Research

Julio Albarracin, Archive Production

Patricio Riquelme Luco, Sur (Temuco, Valdivia) Research

Aurora Radich, Archive and Production Coordinator

Renato Cardenas, Chiloé Research

Susan Vega, Production Assistant and Data base

Patricio Riquelme, Sur Austral (Punta Arenas, Torres del Paine) Research

María Jesús Del Pozo, Data Base Assistant María Fernanda Barja, Graphic Production Chunhua Xue, Chinese Translator Donald Mathews, English Translator Fresia Valdés, Administration Daniel Acevedo, Procedures.

MIRANDA & TOBAR Music and Sound Track

Wall of Chile  
Wall of Chile  

The Wall of Chile is a case study on Narrative Interface