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Extraterrestriallife - introduction My project will explain alien life, where it is and what it is. From bacteria to beings like us humans. My project will also have alien sightings in a variety of different places from military bases to small towns on the countryside. These sightings are everywhere! I will also tell you about a few myths about planets like Mars and also myths regarding aliens and alien encounters. Even though all confirmed aliens are from bacteria base, I still think there are aliens like us in a different galaxy mabye even in another universe, who knows?

Aliens, everybody thinks that we are the only planet with life in the Universe, but we’re not. You may argue and I do understand it’s a bit hard to believe that there could be beings just like us out there. For example, in another galaxy there could be another solar system with a planet similar to ours with the perfect conditions to sustain life. Maybe primitive beings like dinosaurs, or mammals instead of reptiles but who knows. Possibly this planet could also hold a smarter race than us, with a similar body structure and brain. With a frontal lobe or even more parts of the brain. More than we have. They might even live their daily lives just like us.

Oloron The town of Oloron in France, is famous for its chocolates, berets and a special type of unidentified flying object known as an "angel hair UFO." One afternoon, in October 1952, a group of people reported seeing a very unusual object in the sky, a cylinder surrounded by a group of discs, each of which had ribbons of white smoke flowing down from it. The discs appeared as reddish spheres circled by a gold ring, and the vemanations were described as having the appearance of angel hair. Even more strange were reports that as townspeople tried to collect the angel hair substance (which had begun to cover homes, trees and the ground) it simply vanished into thin air. Several similar incidents have been recorded in nearby Gaillac and other parts of France as well as other parts of the world but no explanation has been offered to explain the angel hair UFOs.

Closertoearththanyouthought? Researchers from the University of Sheffield and Buckingham University claim to have found evidence for microscopic organisms living 27km up in the atmosphere between Chester and Wakefield. Even though the alien microorganisms are closer to earth than we thought it still proves that there is alien life, because it was found on they 2nd layer of the earth’s atmosphere and the microorganisms found on the balloon were too large to have come from earth thus creating the claim for it to be alien. The balloon the scientists used is a specially designed balloon to gather samples in the stratosphere for the recent Perseid meteor shower. If they did not make this effort we may have never have come across this amazing discovery.

Marsalienlife Mars. Mars sustains bacterial life similar to the bacteria on Earth, Mars is the Earths distant cousin because Mars was thought to have once had life. Scientist found a meteorite in Antartica which contained tiny fossils and guess where that meteorite was from, Mars. There have been many confusions about Mars. Like early astrologers finding a face on mars which actually turned out to be mountain that looked like a face. This discovery was one of the first thoughts of Mars having life. Mars has mythology as well, ever heard of Mars the red planet? Some people believed that it was martian blood. Later as they always do scientists found the true cause, it was just the red dust on the surface of the planet.

Area51 Area 51. This may sound wierd, but some people believe that when an alien spacecraft crashed in Roswell. The government sent the wreckage and alien body almost 1,448kms away to area 51 to be examined. Some people say that warehouses of alien technology and living aliens can be found in the tunnels and facilities underneath the buildings of area 51. Robert Lazar claimed that the government was holding nine alien spacecraft near area 51, and that he was helping adapt technology from the aircraft to power military equipment. The government has used airspace around area 51 for test flights over the years, and many people have reported UFO’s in the area. However, many aircrafts being assembled in area 51 look strange which cause people to believe they were seeing UFO’s.

AlienAbductions Since the 1950’s there have been thousands of reported alien abductions. Abductions are when human beings report to be kidnapped by aliens and taken to their ships and probed or studied. Most sceintists who have studied these cases believe that they are due to possible mental problems people may have. There have been though some famous abduction cases that are difficult to explain, for example; In South Ashburnham, Massachusetts on the night of January 25th 1967, one of the most seen and craziest UFO abductions started, Betty Andreasson was in her kitchen while her family was in the lounge room. Suddenly a bright light invaded the house. From the yard , alien creatures were seen hopping towards the house! This is one of many abduction cases in America and I assume that there will be many more abductions to come..


I now conclude my mini project. I hope you enjoyed it and I have shown a bit of light on aliens and alien abductions for you. From scientist finding bacteria from outer space, the mysteries from area 51 and the reports from people who claim to have been kidnapped by aliens. The evidence to show that there might be aliens or alien life is very hard to ignore. That fully concludes my mini project.


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