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Brief: Flick Collaboration with Jack Cook who provided animated intros and trailers for a series of weekly movie nights held in studio 3 at Leeds College of Art.

Solution: A series of digitally printed A5 leaflets containing a brief introduction of the film, cast and crew information, trivia and miscellaneous information. Folds out into an A2 poster.

Brief: Seven Deadly Sins To explore the Seven Deadly Sins through one or a series of print based products.

Solution: A small publication and a collection of posters to communicate the mythology behind the Seven Deadly Sins and their counterparts; the Seven Contrary Virtues.

Brief: Unity of Opposites A continuation of the Seven Deadly Sins brief focusing upon the duality of the world. The Unity of Opposites are: Positive and Negative, Chance and Necessity, Cause and Effect, Means and Ends, Finite and Infinte, Chaos and Order.

Solution: A small publication and series of posters reflecting the balance of the universe. Each page features information and a quote about each unit.

Brief: A Designer’s Guide to the United States of America An investigation in preparation for a trip across the United States highlighting areas of interest with a particular focus upon design studios, agencies, printers and galleries.

Solution: A 72 page 3 colour booklet and limited edition t-shirt and map for each participant of the trip. Comes with a free flag. Route viewable via

Brief: Faber + Faber - (Revised D+AD2009) Using typography and illustration create a series of cover designs for Faber Film’s range of books.

Solution: A series of book covers for the following screenplays; Taxi Driver, Seven, The Big Lebowski, The Usual Suspects, Donnie Darko and Memento. Each cover comes with a promotional poster and bookmark.

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