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APR — JULY 2011

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welcome PLACE continues to open doors in Spring 2011. We look Behind Closed Doors of religious buildings in our exhibition until the end of April, highlighting their spiritual role and architectural richness. It continues with children’s activities including a fantastic Easter Treasure Hunt on 16th April. Our ongoing involvement as regional coordinator for Olympic Legacy project somewhereto_ opens doors for young people to all sorts of spaces and activities. We recently witnessed a major success in bringing about the design competition for the former Andersonstown Barracks: appointment of a design team will be made later this year, led by Daniel Libeskind. This season culminates with an exploration of access and adaptation issues to ensure that everyone can use our built environment no matter what their physical or ability limitations may be. michael hegarty Director PLACE, 40 Fountain Street, Belfast BT1 5EE |

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behind closed doors Until 30 April | PLACE In early 2010, 20 young people came together to explore 5 religious buildings in Belfast. They learned about the architecture of the buildings and how it related to the religions practised inside them. This exhibition charts their journey and the discoveries they made. For special events around this project, check behind closed doors is a university of ulster project with support from the arts and humanities research council.

archihunt 16 April, 10.30am | PLACE What secrets and treats are hidden on the streets? Join our fun-packed Easter treasure hunt, exploring the architecture and art of Belfast City Centre to uncover hidden goodies. The ArchiHunt departs PLACE, 40 Fountain Street, at 10.30am so dust off your compass and don’t be late! ages 5-10, £5. book now at in association with city right of way (crow) - bringing insights by exploration into ignored or unseen parts of belfast. find out more:

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how architecture and art can transform urban decay 6 April, 2 - 3.30pm | Group Space, Ulster Hall, Bedford Street How do we respond to urban decay, blight and breakdown? Artists and architects will present their creative solutions and experiences - from good urban design fixes to artistic re-imagining of our built environment. Join this essential debate around regeneration, revitalisation and renewal. Speakers include Director of Hearth Housing, Marcus Patton OBE, Lawyer and Designer Paul Guzzardo and Arthur Acheson, Chair of MAG this event coincides with swan song, an exhibition by artist stephen shaw showing at the ulster hall from 1st - 30th april. ÂŁ6 including lunch - book online at

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build something modern 13 April, 7pm | Ulster Museum | £5 Build Something Modern tells the story of a hidden canon of Irish architec­ture; groundbreaking young architects who pushed the boundaries with surprisingly little recognition at home. From the 1950s to the 1970s ad­venturous architects, eager to be among the first Irish modernists, travelled to Africa for excitement and creative freedom. Reworking stunning imagery from both the personal archives of the architects and recruitment films made by African mis­sions, Build Something Modern is a touching and revealing  film about people and the special relationship they have with the things they created. book online at

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w place cq charette

in association with cathedral quarter arts festival Wednesday 4 May, 9am - 5.30pm | Lagan Lookout, Donegall Quay Charrette noun 1. Collaborative design session used to generate new ideas and promote discussion. PLACE, the Architecture Centre for Northern Ireland, invites creative contributions to the Belfast townscape. Our CQ Charrette is open to architects, city officials, creative thinkers and more. Working in teams and guided by the Design Master, you will respond to the brief. Against the clock and using cross-discipline partnerships your team will use their skills to offer an innovative and creative approach to a design challenge. You will have one day to design, illustrate, record and present your outcome. participation: £6 including breakfast & lunch to register: visit the website at 6 | may

wordscape Wordscape is a collaborative project between PLACE and the Verbal Arts Centre which explores how Ulster’s landscape and built environment have influenced its literature and language. Featuring work from writers, architects and observers, a specially commissioned website at will be a rich interactive resource of image and text. Wordscape: QUB Street Society Exhibition 5 - 14 May | PLACE A group of talented architecture students at QUB, known as the Street Society, got together with PLACE over one week in March to create a magnificent array of audio and visual material, complementing a selection of the written works in Wordscape. This collaboration gave students across the year groups freedom to express their unique talents outside the arena of coursework. An exhibition from 5th - 14th May will showcase the students’ unique interpretations and rich creative work. wordscape is funded by the arts council of northern ireland and is a joint initiative between between place and the verbal arts centre.

green veins

mapping installation and workshops 17 - 31 May | PLACE Explore a multi-layer, creative mapping installation at PLACE from 17th - 31st May: an analysis of green space types across Belfast following a “green vein”. A unique installation by landscape architect and ecologist Celia Spouncer is accompanied by an open invite to workshops investigating the “health” of green space in Belfast. workshops to be announced during April: keep an eye on the place website at and join our mailing list for the latest updates.

a new place

by university of ulster 1st year architecture 2 - 11 June | PLACE For their coursework this semester at UU, first year architecture students have been set the challenge of designing a new headquarters for a mystery client. Having analysed sites across Belfast, and researched the city’s urban and cultural variety, we at PLACE were revealed as the client... The high quality work undertaken by this young group of students is showcased at PLACE from 2 - 11 June.

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a new way in

adapt ni accessible heritage project 14 June - 30 July | PLACE Connecting young disabled people with the legacy of our shared heritage was the aim of Adapt NI’s Accessible Heritage project. A group of young people from St. Gerard’s Resource Centre visited local heritage buildings as a basis for their research into society’s attitude to disability, including Belfast City Hall, the Ulster Museum, Downpatrick Museum and Carrickfergus Castle. The exhibition is a celebration of the young peoples’ excellent work during the project and highlights the heritage transformations and challenges faced in ensuring best practice in disability equality.

heritage revisited 22 June, 1pm | PLACE | £6 including lunch Advocating universal accessibility and design for all, this seminar will showcase architecture where accessibility allows social inclusion for marginalised groups - particularly people with disabilities. How can we allow equality and inclusion without detracting from the the quality of the original?

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place and trans urban arts present

urban design summer charette

2 - 3 July, 10am - 5pm | PLACE and The Waterfront Hall This is a call out to all aspiring architects, creative thinkers and people who just love the city. PLACE and Trans invite you to jump in at the deep end of design - experience the buzz of the studio first hand! Over two days this July, you will work in a team to respond to an urban issue using good design. You will learn, design, illustrate, record and present your ideas. participation: £30.00 | ages: 15 + book online at

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know your place: portaferry Book launch and panel discussion | Portaferry Gala, July 2011 A new education resource from PLACE explores the heritage and character of the charming seaside town of Portaferry. We’re launching Know Your PLACE: Portaferry during Gala Week in July. The author is Ryan Orr, who hails from the town and studies architectural heritage. The book explores the townscape, history and character of Portaferry through its buildings. with support from portaferry gala and portaferry regeneration.  keep up with the gala plans on twitter: @portaferrygala

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Opening doors to young people’s passions, somewhereto_ is an Olympics Legacy project being run by PLACE in Northern Ireland. somewhereto_ responds directly to the lack of provision in sport, arts and culture for young people across Northern Ireland by making all kinds of spaces available to them, from large country parks to the former Ebrington Barracks in Derry/Londonderry, to galleries, barns, churches, vacant retail units, theatre spaces and many more. Are you aged 16-25, have a great idea and need a space? Or do you have a space that needs to be brought to life? Get in touch with us at PLACE: or 028 9023 2524

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sterile environment Launching 2 June | Catalyst Arts, 5 College Court, Belfast A joint Catalyst Arts and PLACE exhibition exploring the vitality, heritage and character of old and new Belfast. What is the city becoming? Are we protecting heritage adequately? Are we encouraging sustainable design and quality architecture? This art and architecture crossover exhibition explores the city of the past, present and future. call for submissions we want you to explore the threat of extinction of many of belfast’s older buildings and the eradication of the heritage and character associated with the city that makes way for new buildings and a new way of living. we are seeking artists and architects to respond to the old and the new by submitting proposals by 12 noon on friday 22nd April. submit your work send cv (one a4 page), artist’s/architect’s statement, up to five images of your work/link to your website to with “sterile environment” in the subject line

belfast building tours

We are inviting you to join us on fascinating, uplifting and often surprising journeys through the streets of Belfast. Our guided walking tours will open your eyes to the rich architectural heritage right on our doorstep. Our new tour season begins on Saturday 30th April. Tickets are available now. Tours run on Saturday and Sunday mornings, with Thursday evening tours once a month. Tours are popular so you should book in advance to make sure you have a place.

book now!

you can book online at book by phone on 028 9023 2524. book in person at place, 40 fountain street,belfast. we accept credit/debit cards and cash. private tours we can facilitate private group tours to suit your school group, corporate function or family get-together. Get in touch on 028 9023 2524 or email

along which city lane does a shop front’s subtle art deco detailing double as a form of fascist symbolism?

where is your commute watched by a pack of lions,some friendly dolphins and even two mythical sphinxes?

which belfast church has taken 9 different architects over 90 years to build?

why has one of belfast’s most ornately decorated banks also proved to be one of its most resilient buildings?




1 belfast past and present: donegall square

Find out what you didn’t know about a square some of us pass through nearly every day. Home to some of Belfast’s most important institutions, the old and the new rub shoulders in Donegall Square. Robinson & Cleaver, Northern Bank, Scottish Provident: all these and more are to be found here.

2 made of money: the victorian banks of belfast

Many architects of banks in the 1800s took their inspiration from grand and opulent civic buildings. These imposing new headquarters instilled trust in the banks and transformed the skyline. Today, some are still used for banking while others, like the majestic Merchant Hotel, have been repurposed for new uses.

3 the master architect: charles lanyon’s belfast

You don’t need to go far in Belfast to spot a building by Sir Charles Lanyon. From the Linen Hall Library to the Queen’s Bridge, he made a lasting impact. Join us for a snapshot of his wide-ranging career as an architect, engineer and politician, as we take a journey through prosperous and extravagant Victorian Belfast.



4 inspired architecture:

churches of belfast city centre With Inspired Architecture, we take you on a journey around the churches still active right in the city centre. You may be intrigued by the stories of different faiths working together to build their places of worship, and you will be amazed and uplifted by the intricate design and construction - from St. Malachy’s ceiling, “like a wedding cake turned inside out”, to the columns of St. George’s being floated down the canal to their new home.

5 art deco belfast

With sleek, futuristic lines and exotic flourishes, Art Deco was a hallmark of the early 20th Century. Mixing modernity with adventure and far-flung cultures, it swept across the world in the 1920s and 30s, from Miami to New Zealand. Come with us and discover the impact this colourful, electric style had on the city of Belfast.


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place: the architecture and built environment centre for northern ireland 40 fountain street, belfast bt1 5ee 028 9023 2524 | |

PLACE Programme April - June 2011  
PLACE Programme April - June 2011  

Programme of exhibitions and events for PLACE, the architecture and built environment centre for Northern Ireland.