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Whyoffashion - India's First Open Fashion Project to Connect the World of Fashion to the World of Consumers

Did you know that only approximately 10% of the Indian fashion market is branded? That is, 20,000 Cr out of 200,000 Cr per annum. This means that the average fashion consumers go to unorganized retailers for their fashion needs. This brings out the fact that the fashion that is shown in media, from leading Top Fashion Blogs brands, has only penetrated so much in the wardrobe of an Indian consumer. This is because; the majority of population does not have access to information regarding the latest fashion.

The Whyoffashion open project provides consumers with the latest in fashion. This helps the consumers make informed choices when they buy fashion, from any retailers across India. Also, this allows fashion forward audience to get fashion updates and even provide their contribution to the project. The democratic and inclusive contribution approach of all types of Fashion Blogs inspirations and styles to all the consumers of fashion, in an open project, is the origin of Whyoffashion. We aim to provide the best of fashion to all consumers and make these global phenomena!

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whyoffashion is one of the best Fashion site in india.we have open project to connect the world of fashion to the world of consumers through...

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