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Walking up the long driveway with my peers, I could feel the cool mountain air blowing through my hair. When we reached the house, I looked around in awe. The view was breathtaking, the atmosphere was enchanting. As I walked through the doors, I was immediately brought back to my childhood. In the living room, I could picture my cousins and myself playing games and reading stories at my grandparent’s house. I felt at ease. The office was busy and filled from floor to ceiling with books and papers. Suddenly, I could see Carl Sandburg typing at his desk while smoking a cigar. He looked up with a smile and welcomed us all. We then headed out back to visit Paula at the goat barn. Carl called for her and she joyfully appeared from the pasture. The champion goats were peacefully grazing in the afternoon sun. Everything was beautiful; from the way Paula cared for her goats to how lovingly she and Carl looked into each other’s eyes. They were wonderful hosts who filled us all with inspiration. When it was time to leave, we said our farewells so the Sandburg’s could depart for their afternoon stroll. I looked up from my paper to hear my classmates and teacher calling to me. We had been at the top of Glassy Mountain for a little over an hour by now and they were ready to make the hike back down. As I looked over my shoulder at the rock face one last time, I understood why Carl Sandburg and his family moved here; Connemara was magical.

Sit upon his rock Take it in, take it all in T’is Connemara

Asheville Miniterm  

Personal Reflection

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