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Evaluation I feel that this module has helped me to develop communication and professional skills on how to speak with client and how to approch issues within work in general, I feel that some of the briefs meant that I had to be direct with the client and almost educate them on certain things. I think that for most of the briefs I was able to establish a good level of communication with the client and they cooperated very well. I also think that proffesionlism within my actual work is something which is something I have developed through this module. I think that designing to industry standards and specific needs is something which I have developed in terms of methods of production as well as designing for specific media as some of the final elements from the briefs were only meant to be for screen based viewing, things like this affected and influenced my design decisions in the way that I was not able to work and use certain colour modes and for interactive media how things would animate and what certain colours would signify or resemble. Throughout this module I have realised that it has helped me to see what sort of briefs I prefer, in terms of the content and also if it is a live brief or competetion. Branding and identity is something which I enjoy and working with clients, or live briefs is also where my preference is. I aim to apply these skills in work I do in the future and will try to take on work which I am more confident doing, Throughout this module I had identified weaknesses of mine such as only being enthusiastic in the briefs which I had personal interest in, and I had realised this which was when I decided to change the Cath Kidston brief to my main one as it was something which I would not have normally done. I feel that working within your own preference is at times the best thing to do but you will recieve briefs which you do not like but have to do.

If I was to re-approach this module I would that I would try to keep to some of the original briefs I had chosen as this would have given me more time to develop them as I think for some of them I simply did not started on them and ended up changing them. I would have also tried to get some more client based work as it was something I enjoyed doing throughout the module and is something which I would like to be more than confident doing once I had complete the module. In addition to this I would have wanted to try and get more work produced commercially as that is how you would have to do it when working professionally.

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