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how the alchemy works THE CRE ATIVE PROCE SS

I believe both art and design are

untrained eyes, the whole thing

similar to alchemy: it is about how

would appear just like magic. I also

turning mere pebbles into precious

believe that the chemistry also

gold (which is not just visually

extends to relationship between

pleasing but also functional). The

the artist/designer and the client

process itself needs chemistry and

and public. That said, depicted

synthesization of raw materials.

beside is my own alchemical

Even though it is a systematical

creative process.

and scientific process, for

While the depicted process

process covers most of them.

the next project I take. In the

is not identical or applicable

Also, evaluation works as

end, this process become a

for every projects, this

the data or study case for

sort of cycle.


an alchemical portfolio of rinaldo hartanto


an alchemical portfolio of rinaldo hartanto