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Air Sampling

PPI Samplers Meet Silica Rule For decades, the CiP 10 has been utilized in France for sampling workplace environments. It is the sampler of choice in many French health safety standards.CIP 10 has unique attributes that can help meet challenging sampling situations. Lightweight:- 14 oz , Sampling rate :- 10 LPM, Battery life:- 26 hrs., Noise level :- 50db.— Air Sampling Devices 603/249-5311,

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Upgraded Personal Air Sampling Pump

GilAir Plus Personal Air Sampling Pump. The upgrade includes motion detection and Bluetooth connectivity that allows remote digital access to the air sampling pump, and a new CONNECT Mobile app, which is downloadable to smart phones and tablets with iOS and Android operating systems. Now, the Industrial Hygienist can remotely monitor air sampling activities within 5 meters of the pump, monitor many pumps in the same area, receive real-time sampling reports, and determine worker motion and activity levels. — Sensidyne LP., 818/530-3602, sampling-pumps/gilair-plus/ Circle10 on Card or

PPI Samplers Meet Silica Rule With four built-in miniature impactors, SKC Disposable Parallel Particle Impactor (PPI) Samplers provide a precise match to the ISO 7708 standard, meeting the OSHA final silicarule. Impaction-based PPI Samplers are an alternative to cyclones and contain pre-oiled impaction substrates that trap larger particles for sample integrity. Choose from 2, 4, and 8 L/min reusable aluminum or disposable plastic models. — SKC Inc. 800/752- 8472

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Antibody Development for Mold Detection

Live Pure’s yogi™ is a do- it- yourself indoor air and drinking water assessment kit. A simple, three-step process enables those with limited experience to collect samples for irritants and toxins including mold, allergens, radon, lead, asbestos, VOCs, formaldehyde and water contaminants. Samples are examined by an independent, certified lab, ensuring unbiased analysis. A certified industrial hygienist reviews each report and relays results privately, via email. Health care providers and their patients, equipped with identifiable and quantifiable indoor environmental sample results, can make informed decisions about limiting asthma and allergy triggers, reducing ER visits and increasing quality of life. — Live Pure Inc., Circle 8 on Card or

Dust /Silica Sampling Pump

The Apex2 personal dust sampling pump range boasts class-leading performance and capability, ensuring monitoring and analysis of dust exposure can be carried out safely and effectively. The range includes three separate models: the Apex2, Apex2 Plus and Apex2 Pro, with different functionality to meet varying requirements—all designed to monitor workplace dust levels to help protect workers from developing long-term latency health problems as the result of occupational exposures. Incorporating Bluetooth connectivity with the Airwave software, workers can be monitored remotely without being distracted, boosting productivity levels. Employers can view the status of their dust sampling pump on a worker and start, stop or even pause the tool from a smart device. Providing real-time status updates and allowing collected data to be emailed alongside photos and notes for added context and further simplifying the reporting process. — Casella, Circle 9 on Card or

Gas Flow Calibrator

Mesa has introduced the Defender 530+ to its Gas Flow Calibrator family. With standardized accuracy of 1% of reading, unparalleled portability and Swagelok fittings, this calibrator will meet your most demanding needs. The Defender 530+ allows users to verify gas flow rates in the field or in the lab, including temperature and pressure compensation, independently of gas type. — MesaLabs, 973/492-8400, Circle 11 on Card or

IAQ Measurement Instruments These IAQ instruments can provide immediate data and trending analysis for confidence in accurate, real-time measurements. To minimize risk and alleviate indoor air quality problems, they provide the essential answers to facilitate immediate corrective action. The company offers complete solutions to measure key IAQ parameters, control construction dust and other aerosols, locate ultrafine particles polluting indoor air and maintain ventilation effectiveness. — TSI Incorporated, 800/874-2811,

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Wall-Mount Particle/Mass Monitors

SIx-channel particulate meter which optionally incorporates sensors for additional environmental parameters such as Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOCs), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Temperature and Relative Humidity. This wall-mounted monitor, displays and logs calculated particle mass concentrations while simultaneously displaying and logging all installed optional sensors. A long-life, laser diode powered sensor and a precision brushless internal pump enable reliable particulate measurement down to 0.3 microns. A high accuracy photo-ionization detector (PID) for TVOC measurement and a dual-wave NDIR CO2 sensor, are offered. The PC-5000 series monitors may alternatively be connected to GrayWolf’s AdvancedSense®, DirectSense® or WolfPack® instruments to add additional parameters (e.g. formaldehyde, ozone, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, ammonia and more) logging into the same data file as other connected sensors. The PC 5000 series can be integrated into the buildings automation system several different ways.— GrayWolf Sensing Solutions, 800/218-7997, Circle 13 on Card or

Make a

strategic move in air sampling with SKC

Sample Pump

Gain advantages in 20 to 500 ml/min sampling


screen navigation

Bluetooth communication with PC – monitor pump status remotely

Make your move today! Visit World Leader in Sampling Technologies

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Dust Collection & OSHA Silica Advances in Safety Eyewear Help Fit the Modern Workforce

The four-gas always-on portable monitor with the two-year life Bicycle Rider’s Sight Saved by Safety Glasses


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Virtual Security Badge Using Your Existing Mobile Devices


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Air Sampling

Eye/Face/Head Protection


Gas Detection

Personal Protection Equipment Chemical Safety

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the CIP 10 Personal Air Sampler Now available in USA & Canada ! - European technology and craftsmanship - Modular architecture with interchangeable selector for sampling Inhalable, Respirable and Thoracic particulate fractions. - Omnidirectional aspiration. - Power supplied by rechargeable internal battery. - Battery life up to 40 hours on a single charge. - Air flow 10 liters per min. Weighs less than 12oz.

For more information visit our website 1-603­249­5311 Milford NH

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From the company that brought you the industry leading run time 4-gas detector, Multi Gas Clip Infrared... a new chapter is here.

Introducing the

Multi Gas Clip Simple by

NO CHARGE 4-GAS, 2-YEAR RUN TIME • No charging required... EVER • Detects H2S, CO, O2 & LEL gases continuously for 24 months • No need for calibration (can be calibrated if required)

• Fails to safe • No costly maintenance • LEL sensor is immune to poisoning • Detects gas in inert environments • Full data logging at 1 second intervals • Large, easy to read display • Simple one button operation • Assembled in USA

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Gas Clip Technologies • • +1.972.775.7577 • 1.877.525.0808


Gas Detection

Peracetic Acid Gas Detection

Peracetic Acid (PAA) gas detection is now available from Analytical Technology, Inc. Both portable and fixed detectors can provide rapid and reliable detection of hazardous levels of PAA vapor in the workplace. The new PAA sensor provides sensitivity to 0.05 ppm while measuring selectively without interference from hydrogen peroxide, a component of PAA solutions. Sensors are compatible with the ATI PortaSens II portable leak detector as well as the series F12 fixed gas detector. — Analytical Technology Inc., 800/9590299, Circle 18 on Card or

4-Gas Detector Runs for 2-Years & Never Needs Charging

Gas Clip Technologies introduces a new 4-gas portable detector with 2-year run time and no charging - the Multi Gas Clip Simple. Reliably test for H2S, CO, O2 & combustible gases (LEL) with this simple-to-use & simple-to-maintain detector. No charging ever! No calibrating needed! No maintenance! Turn it and have worry free assurance of protection against danergous gases 24/7 for two full years. Gas Clip Technologies’ continued development and refinement of advanced low-power photometric infrared technology for LEL measurement helps make gas detection simpler than ever in the newest member of their gas detector family. — Gas Clip Technologies, 877/5250808, Circle 19 on Card or

Ultrasonic Inspection System Detects Gas Leaks

Superior AccuTrak® Ultrasonic Inspection Systems use advanced patented technology optimized to detect and locate compressed air leaks, any pressurized gas, refrigerant leaks, even vacuum leaks – plus electric arc & corona, diagnose mechanical faults, and more. Ultrasonic Inspection techniques are an essential part of plant maintenance programs to reduce costs, and increase equipment reliability. Exceptionally versatile and made in the USA to the highest quality, Superior AccuTrak® instruments will help improve reliability & safety, and will save time & money in any industrial facility.. — Superior Signal Company Llc, 800/9458378, Circle 20 on Card or

Gas Detector, Communication, Locator

PSM Hero 715 is the first safety monitor that combines real-time communication, early gas detection and resilient location sensing into one hand-held device. Real-Time Communication Live communication through voice calls (via Cellular) and Push-to-Talk (Mesh) Gas Detection Identify Carbon Monoxide (CO), Oxygen (O2), Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and Explosive (LEL) gases Operational Intelligence Deliver highly visible analytics to manage any situation. Location-Sensing Derive a location indoor, outdoor and underground Slips, Trips & Falls Recognise fall from height and man down events Heart-Rate Monitoring Measure health metrics via Bluetooth connected devices— Universal Site Monitoring, +61 8 89867177, Circle 21 on Card or

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Tracer Gas Monitor

The AUTOTRAC® 2012 microprocessor-controlled tracer gas monitor can measure tracer gas concentrations from approximately 25 ppt to 50 ppm depending on the specific gas. It can be configured to measure SF6, perfluorocarbon vapors (such as PDCB, PMCP, PMCH and PDCH), R-11, or Vertrel in either single gas or multi-gas configurations. AUTOTRAC® 2012 can be set up for automated calibration. — Lagus Applied Technology Inc., 760/480-1290, Circle 22 on Card or 69550-22

Pocket Size Cal Gas Cylinder

The ecoBump is a returnable 4-inch-tall cylinder for convenient bump testing or checking single and multi-gas monitors. EcoBump fits into a glove compartment or apparel pocket for maximum convenience. It is also equipped with a new push button regulator, simplifying the process involved with large cylinders, traditional regulators and HAZMAT charges. The ecoBump pocket cylinder is generally equipped with a four-gas mix that can achieve a proper bump test within 3 seconds, providing over 250 bump tests per unit. Its rugged design also adds versatility and confidence on the job site. — GASCO 800/910-0051, Circle 23 on Card or

iNet® Now Live Monitoring Software

iNet® Now enables real-time monitoring of worker location, environment, and status. Should a worker encounter a gas hazard, be immobilized, or have the need to escalate a condition through a panic alarm, text and email alerts, including a map of the area, are sent to designated contacts. iNet® Now Live Monitoring Software provides several advantages that lead to better overall safety and productivity: A live map displays the status and location of workers, eliminating the cost and time it takes to complete manual check-in processes Automated alerts are activated when emergency situations occur, triggering responders and equipping them with a detailed understanding of the situation — Industrial Scientific Corp., 800-DETECTS, Circle 24 on Card or

Leak Detection Products

Sherlock 5-Second Leak Detectors, used for detecting leaks in pipe joints, tube connections, tanks or any system under gas or air pressure, are available in special formulations for specific applications, including Low Temp (down to -5°F) and Extra-Low Temp (down to -55°F). Type CG is used for leak testing lines, cylinders and tanks carrying pure oxygen and compressed gases. — Winton Products Co. Inc., 704/399-5151, Circle 25 on Card or

Multi-Gas Detector

When you’ve got your hands full in the field, you need no-hassle gas detection you can count on: the BW Clip4 four-gas detector. Once the wearable, easy multi-gas detector is activated, the BW Clip4 is always on. Two years of runtime with no charging, no maintenance or servicing, no battery replacements, and a two-year warranty to cover its entire service life. —Honeywell

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4-Gas Detection. 2-Year Runtime.


Meet the new BW Clip4 multi-gas detector. It’s always on – for 2 years. No charging, no battery swaps, no hassles. It’s on. You’ve got your hands full in the field, so when it comes to gas detection, you need safety and simplicity you can count on. That’s why we’ve reinvented wearable gas detection. They called it impossible. We call it the BW Clip4.

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Clip it on, carry on – it’s always on. Learn more at

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Eye/Face/Head Protection/Gloves Prescription Safety Glasses For Everyday 8

With stylish light weight safety glass frames, everyone should choose an ANSI certified Safety Glasses as their regular glasses Their set of standards know as ANSI Z87.1 is specifically focused on safety glasses. Prescription safety computer eyewear that reduce headaches, eyestrain and fatigue associated with computer or other digital device usage. Safetyvision has new HD Digital lens designs and coatings to its ANSI Z87.1 certified eyewear to combat Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) while at the same time providing industry modern and ergonomically designed safety glasses. —SafeVision, LLC., Circle 28 on Card or

Eyewear to Fit the Diverse Millennial Workforce

A new line of safety eyewear combining style and customized features especially designed for today’s diverse millennial workforce. Soft temple tip pads for an ergonomic fit beneath helmets, Angle-adjustable ratchet temples delivering a 15° adjustment range for customized fit, Insulated wire-core temples for superior adjustability and dielectric wear, Flexible, wraparound temples with MMT+ for custom flex and fit, Innovative flexible nose pad and floating nose loop (patent pending technology). Soft temples and nose pad made with MMT+ for grip and comfort Soft brow frame constructed of MMT+ for cushioned comfort Ultra-light frame constructed of leading-edge composite materials. — Honeywell., Circle 33 on Card or

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Prescription Spectacle Insert for Respirator Masks

Prescription lenses (single or bifocal vision) or near-vision magnifiers are inserted into a durable spectacle frame that is securely attached to the inside of the mask facepiece via a suction cup. The SmokeSpec™ Prescription Spectacle Insert meets OSHA standards. It can be used in all full face respirator masks equipped with a single facepiece and provides the wearer with corrected vision. — Prescription Spectacle Inserts Intl., 803/292-6485, Circle 29 on Card or

Safety Eyewear

Not many people would think that changing a tire could lead to life-altering injuries, and neither did TV personality, Todd Dewey. The star of Ice Road Truckers, suffered a severe eye injury when a logging truck tire exploded, launching more than 40 rock shards into his face. It took three trips to the eye surgeon to remove the debris. He had partnered to raise eye protection awareness with Kimber ly-Clark —Kimberly-Clark Professional, Circle 31 on Card or

Welding Shield

MSA and Miller Electric Mfg. Co. are joining forces to manufacture welding shields and adapters that are designed for use with MSA hard hats. This new welding series offers five shields, three lens types and three specially-designed adapters. Entire ensemble is tested and approved with V-Gard® Caps, Smoothdome® Caps, Skullgard® Caps and Thermalgard® Caps. Lightweight, low profile construction makes these shields ideal for confined space welding applications. Shields are ANSI Z87.12015-approved. —MSA, Circle 32 on Card or

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So Comfortable, They’ll Want Every Color.

Introducing Uvex Avatar™

Designed with the worker in mind, our innovative technology allows for eight points of adjustability in this customizable, stylish eyewear. They’ll think you had these made just for them, and you’ll know your workers are safe.

For more information, please visit or call 1-800-430-5490. © 2017 Honeywell International. All rights reserved. Circle 33 on Card or


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Dust Collection & OSHA Silica

It’s here, OSHA has issued their new Silica Dust Standard. Compliance for construction is starting now with more industries to follow. One of the distinct advantages of the construction standard is the easy and straightforward compliance options offered in Table 1*. What is Table 1*? First, it’s important to understand that the rule lays out two options for controlling dust. Option 1 is, in short, control silica with your own methods and then measure your employee’s silica exposure through medical testing and other methods, which can be out of reach for some construction businesses. Option 2 is to follow the dust control methods in Table 1 of the construction standard. For many businesses, especially smaller businesses Table 1 may be the better choice. Plus, according to OSHA’s fact sheet, those who follow Table 1 correctly are not required to measure workers’ exposure to silica and are not subject to the PEL. Table 1* shows dust control methods for many common operations. Several tools must be equipped with an integrated water delivery system that continuously feeds water to the blade or bit. This makes compliance on these operations pretty straightforward. However, other operations have different requirements. Things like cutting Fiber Cement Board, Tuck-pointing, Dowel Drilling and using Handheld and Stand-Mounted Drills require a Dust Shroud and a connection to a Dust Collector. Jackhammers and chipping tools like Hammer Drills as well as Handheld Grinders and Walk-behind Floor Grinders can use water or a dust collector. An interesting point is the requirements Table 1* place on handheld grinders for Tuck-pointing and for “Other Purposes”. It states the vacuum should have 25 CFM per inch of blade diameter. So for example, Pulse-Bac recommends a 550 model vacuum that produces 150CFM for tuck-pointing with a 4-5” grinding wheel, meeting the Table 1 standard. That same 550 model previously worked great for a grinder with a 7” cup wheel. However, according to the new rule, the 7” grinder would now require 51 more CFM for a total of 175 CFM, even though before the 550 had been a very effective

The Original & Patented Self-Cleaning Vacuum!


MADE EASY. Pulse-Bac’s patented technology keeps filters clean, so suction stays consistent. Other vacuums can lose up to 50% of their suction as the filter clogs, but not Pulse-Bac. SILICA STANDARD TABLE 1


OSHA Silica Dust Standard 29 CFR 1926.1153 • 866-954-9700

solution. Now the user must move up to something like a Pulse-Bac 1050 model, which is not only more powerful but larger overall.

Along with the requirement for using a dust collector, Table 1 also places requirements on the dust collector itself. The following appears almost everywhere a dust collector is called for. “(the)Dust collector must provide the air flow recommended by the tool manufacturer, or greater, and have a filter with 99% or greater efficiency and a filter-cleaning mechanism”. To better define what this means we’ll look at the text preceding Table 1*. First, let’s address filter efficiency. The text shows that OSHA had originally considered requiring HEPA filters like those used with lead paint & asbestos, which provide 99.97% filter efficiency @.3 microns since they provide better respiratory protection. However, OSHA found that many HEPA filters clog quickly and that there were more filter options close to HEPA available, allowing the standard to be more easily implemented. This is why OSHA went with a lower filter efficiency of 99%. However, vacuums like Pulse-Bac feature HEPA filters to provide the best protection and with the automatic pulse cleaning, filter clogging is a non-issue regardless of filter efficiency. So, when you’re looking at filtration from a compliance standpoint, while a HEPA filter will provide better protection, you’re the only obligation is a filter that provides at least 99% filtration(X). The table is ambiguous as to the particle size(Y) to be filtered (filter efficiency = X% @ Y micron), but to be safe it may be good to find something in the 0.3-0.9 micron range, as this would fit what is discussed in the preceding text. Now let’s look at the second part of the requirement, that the dust collector be equipped with a filter-cleaning mechanism. A “filter-cleaning mechanism” could mean a lot of different things, so we need to interpret what the expectation may be. Here again we turn to preceding text. There we find OSHA saw that fine silica dust would quickly clog standard vacuums. They looked at data from NIOSH, “NIOSH pointed out that a reverse pulse feature on a dust collector should preclude the need to remove filters for cleaning. OSHA agrees and has included the specification for a filter cleaning mechanism”. Other statements provide further insight “the filter(s) on the vacuum must be cleaned or changed as frequently as necessary in order to ensure they remain effective (it may be necessary to activate a back-pulse filter cleaning mechanism several times during the course of a shift).” and “ regular stops to conduct the proper reverse air pulse filter cleaning procedure were crucial ...”. This makes it clear that filter cleaning is an important part of the requirement of Table 1 and the filters will need to be cleaned frequently to be in compliance. While this may slow work down, a vacuum with an automatic pulse cleaning feature will eliminate the need for monitoring and work stoppage for manual cleaning. Table 1* seems to show, although now regulated, a lot of these requirements can be met with fairly common practices. For example, many people already use a vacuum with a concrete grinder. Now they just need to make sure it has the right filter efficiency, a filter cleaning mechanism, and the correct CFM. They might want a vacuum that does the work of filter cleaning automatically to avoid frequently stopping work to push a button, shake or change a filter. However, these are things that provide benefit and convenience regardless of the rule. Pulse-Bac vacuums meet all of the requirements and recommendation set forth in the new Silica Standard and provide more features to make work safer and easier. Learn more at *To view Table 1 from the New OSHA Silica Dust Standard got to:

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Fall 2017

Personal Protection Equipment

Prescription Spectacle Insert for Respirator Masks Prescription lenses (single or bifocal vision) or near-vision magnifiers are inserted into a durable spectacle frame that is securely attached to the inside of the mask facepiece via a suction cup. The SmokeSpec™ Prescription Spectacle Insert meets OSHA standards. It can be used in all full face respirator masks equipped with a single facepiece and provides the wearer with corrected vision. — Prescription Spectacle Inserts Intl., 803/292-6485,

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Glove Clip

The Utility Guard® clip has a proven record of reducing hand injuries and glove loss by simply keeping gloves close at hand while its redundant safety breakaway ensures attached items don’t become additional snagging hazards. Customize it with a logo, contact info or safety slogan. Visit for more information. — Glove Guard,

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No-Strap Disposable Knee Pads

Soft Knees™ Disposable Knee Pads were designed for one time use with disposable garments. While providing cushion to the knee, these no-strap knee pads also stop contaminants from penetrating the garment’s fabric. — Working Concepts Inc., 888/456-3372,

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Respirator Trail Kits for New OSHA Silica Standard

CleanSpace2 Power Unit Respirator Trial Kit designed to provide organizations in the construction industry with high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter protection to help meet the OSHA 29 CFR 1926.1153 Respirable Crystalline Silica in Construction and OSHA 29 CFR 1910 General Industry regulations. The Trial Kit is an opportunity for construction companies and contractors to experience the difference of our powered air purifying respirators delivering enhanced protection, and comfort. — CleanSpace Technology., Circle 39 on Card or

Experience the Next-Generation PortaCount Platform The new PortaCount® Respirator Fit Tester features intelligent touchscreen solutions that offer you expertise and assistance beyond the fit test. Choose the industry’s most trusted fit tester, now with a new suite of productivity and support tools that allow you to help your staff achieve a better fit with less effort. — TSI Incorporated, 800/874-2811,

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in Safety Eyewear

Help Fit the Modern Workforce

combinations of materials engineered into spectacle temples are grippier to ensure a no-slip fit. Advanced combinations of rubber and foam are especially pliable and able to comfortably conform to the unique contours of individuals’ face, cheek and brow profiles in new sealed eyewear and safety goggle styles. Similarly, advances in multi-material, fingered nose bridges help deliver a snug yet soft, stay-put fit. Today’s workforce is very different from that of our parents’ generation. In fact, more than 1 in 3 workers are now millennials, surpassing baby boomers and Gen Xers as the largest generation ever to comprise the U.S. labor force. Millennials are diverse in both ethnicity and gender -- and that’s changing the way we protect them on the job. Comfort, fit and performance are key attributes workers demand from their personal protective equipment (PPE) – yet can be challenging to deliver to an increasingly diverse workforce. Safety eyewear is among the most commonly worn types of PPE, for good reason. Often referred to as our windows to the world, our eyes allow us to take in the majority of information about our surroundings, and most would agree that their sense of sight is invaluable. The eyes are extremely complex, fragile and susceptible to injury, too. Once an eye is damaged, it is difficult and often impossible to fully recover one’s vision. For these reasons, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) calls for employers to provide the proper type of eye protection wherever risks to the eyes exist. Yet outfitting today’s diverse workforce with eyewear that delivers every individual a safe, comfortable fit can prove challenging. Finding styles of spectacles, sealed eyewear and goggles that workers will put on and leave on all shift long is a tall order. This article looks at new advances in safety eyewear that can help you successfully outfit your modern workforce with ease. A quick word on basic eye protection First and foremost, industrial eye protection is intended to protect workers’ eyes from impact. Choose only styles that are marked with ANSI Z87, denoting they meet the institute’s requirements for impact protection. Safety spectacles are good for general purpose protection. However, in windy environments or wherever airborne debris is present, look for sealed eyewear or goggles to keep particles safely away from the eyes. And in the case of chemical splash hazards, always select eyewear designed to stand up to the specific caustics or acids present. Finally, if high impact risks exist, look to military-grade ballistic protection to ensure eyewear stands up against highvelocity projectiles in extreme environments. Proper fit and comfort are vital Experts agree, the majority of the nation’s 2,000 daily occupational eye injuries could be avoided by wearing the proper type of eye protection for the hazard. In many instances, workers are not wearing any eye protection at the time of injury. If safety eyewear is not comfortable, workers are likely to take it off and leave it off – even in the presence of hazards. Selecting eyewear that delivers a snug, safe and comfortable fit is vital to supporting compliance and avoiding eye injuries. Finding styles that deliver gap-free comfort across a diverse workforce, however, hasn’t always been easy. Individuals’ features vary widely, with measurements differing significantly among nose bridges, temple length, cheekbone and brow height, and more. When eyewear fits too snugly headaches, pressure points and overall distraction are likely to lead to eyewear removal. If it fits too loosely eyewear will slip, distract and fail in the event of impact. Fortunately, finding comfortable eyewear designed to fit across a wide range of workers is easier than ever. For instance, new materials and unique

To avoid painful pressure points, look for glasses with adjustability features such as hinged or ratcheting temples that ensure a secure and customizable fit. Another ideal option for fitting a variety of faces is the sport-inspired wraparound lens which flexes to fit narrow to wide faces, and also delivers outstanding peripheral vision. In hot or humid conditions, workers are likely to remove eyewear to wipe sweat away before it enters their eyes. However, doing so takes their hands off the job decreasing work productivity – and leaves their eyes vulnerable to injury. Built-in vented brow guards are a good idea for keeping sweat, salt and dirt out of the eyes. Advances in brow guard material allow some styles to absorb many times the moisture to ensure a long-lasting, sweat-free view while strategically-placed vents allow increased air flow to reduce moisture build-up. Foggy lenses put workers at risk In order for safety eyewear to protect, it needs to provide a snug, gap-free fit. But a snug fit can also restrict airflow around the lens and lead to fogging. In fact, fogging is nearly impossible to avoid in most applications due to worker exertion, environmental heat and humidity, and rapid changes in temperature. When lenses fog, workers face increased risk not only of eye injury but also bodily harm from nearby hazards. To ensure a safe, fog-free view, look for proven anti-fog lens coatings that deliver long-lasting results. While many anti-fog products look good right out of the box, their properties may wash off after only a few uses or washings. Anti-fog coatings that feature dual-action hydrophilic (water absorbing) and hydrophobic (water repelling) properties deliver the most effective results. Likewise, those that are permanently bonded to the lens in a controlled application method with vigorous product monitoring ensure the greatest performance for the longest possible time, and even withstand dozens of washings. A consistently fog-free safety lens is one your workers will wear shift after shift with the clear, safe view that’s vital to performing their tasks. The face of American workers is changing, and so is the safety eyewear we outfit them with. By choosing styles with unique combinations of materials that are specifically designed to deliver a customizable fit and all-day comfort, workers avoid the distractions, downtime and risks associated with poorly fitting PPE. With advanced anti-fog lens coatings workers maintain the clear view they require to conduct tasks safely and efficiently. When you opt for the latest advances in safety eyewear, employers and workers alike will see the invaluable benefits that improved comfort, performance and eye protection afford. Author: Wanda Sanchez-Miller, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions’ Uvex Safety Eyewear Business Circle 43 on Card or

Fall 2017

HEPA Filter Performance Plus MERV 16

Chemical Safety


Lab Planning Solutions

The compact filter technology for submicron particulate and fumes delivers performancevirtually identical to a HEPA filters, provides MERV 16 alternative to bags and cartridges, which are typically MERV 10-13. 2-3x more filtration area compared to filter bags. Filtration efficiencies are 99.999% on 0.5 micron and larger particles by weight. Used for food and pharma, foundries, cement products, powder coating, mining, laser cutting. Media is tailored to the application.— Tri-Mer Corp., www. Circle 44 on Card or

FR coverall with chemical-splash protection

This coverall that provides both FR properties and chemical- splash protection (CP). Workrite FR/CP line includes lab coat styles for both men and women. The first of their kind, these products combine the FR protection of Nomex ® IIIA fabric with Westex ShieldCXP™, a proprietary chemical-splash protective technology. Each FR/CP item offers protection against thermal hazards such as arc flash and flash fire, while also repelling small amounts of hazardous liquid chemicals and resisting the penetration and wicking of inadvertent liquid chemical splash.— Workrite Uniform Company, Circle 45 on Card or

Emergency Safety Shower Decontamination Booth

These Emergency Shower / Decontamination Booths are fully assembled and ready for installation to water supply and waste systems. The shower is molded one piece seamless of chemical resistant fiberglass and is equipped with a pull rod activated shower and push handle eye/face wash for immediately drenching of personnel that have been exposed to hazardous chemicals. Shower is equipped with frosted front strip curtains, interior grab bars, raised deck grating, and bottom or rear drain outlet. Compliant with A.N.S.I. and O.S.H.A. requirements.— HEMCO, 800/779-4362, Circle 46 on Card or

Laboratory Storage Solutions

In the company’s 32-page catalog, most products meet OSHA and the National Fire Protection Association Code 30 or comply with EPA requirements. Look for FM-approved Sure-Grip® EX cabinets for storing flammables and disposal safety cans for proper HPLC waste collection. Find new storage solutions such as a poly cabinet that safely stores harsh corrosives and EN cabinets offering up to 90 minutes of fire protection. — Justrite Mfg. Co. LLC, 847/298-9250, Circle 47 on Card or

• Acid Storage Cabinets • UniFlow AireStream Fume Hoods • Emergency Shower Decontamination Booths • UniLine Laboratory Casework and Worksurfaces • UniFlow AireStream Fume Hoods unitized superstructure construction for strength and chemical resistance. Fume chamber is molded one piece seamless, glass smooth, with all corners coved for easy cleaning. • U.L. 1805 Classified requirements for laboratory fume hoods and cabinets • UniLine Laboratory casework groupings including a wide selection of casework, epoxy countertops, sinks, plumbing and electrical fixtures to meet layout designs. • Safety equipment include emergency shower decontamination booths, eye / face wash stations, acid cabinets and corner canopy hoods Made in USA



ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

For Prompt Service Call 800-779-4362

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Enclosure System

For challenging or time-sensitive projects, the company provides equipment enclosures as well as security buildings and a variety of modular and pre-fabricated solutions for applications such as hazmat storage or security for personnel or equipment. The fiberglass equipment enclosures can be customized to include insulation, explosion-proof lights, heaters, wiring, and more to protect equipment and personnel. Prefabricated modular enclosures can be built off site in a factory-controlled setting. — Safespace Buildings, 888/774-9815, Circle 49 on Card or

Chemical ID System

Hapsite® ER is a person-portable GC/MS for immediate. on-site investigction and analysis of volatile organic compounds ( VOCs) in air, water and soil at parts per trillion (ppt) levels for most analytes. Key features include short run times and low consumable usage. The bright, color touch screen displays complete analysis results, including chromatograms, spectra, library search results and quantitative data. — INFICON, 315/464-1100, Circle 50 on Card or

Protective Coverall

The Protective Coverall 4570 helps protect wearers from harmful chemical jet sprays and infective agents. The garment’s seams are sealed with a multi-layer clear tape to help provide a barrier to hazardous dusts and pressurized liquid jets. It is suited for employees tasked with cleanup of certain hazardous chemicals as well as tank cleaning, and is also certified for protection against certain infective agents and biohazards. — 3M Company, 800/328-1667, Circle 84 on Card or


Dust Control

Powerful and compact, Pulse-Bac’s 500 Series offers great performance and portability. Designed to capture dust generated by power tools and for job site clean-up, it is ideal for work involving dust from concrete, drywall, and wood. A great fit for many trades. The 500 Series is compliant with OSHA’s Silica Rule. Also great for facility maintenance and janitorial crews. — Pulse-Bac, 918/216-6100, Circle 51 on Card or

Free IH Training Resources

SKC free online webinars, presentations, videos, podcasts, and publications are now a click away. The easy-to- understand content is ideal for supplementing industrial hygiene student learning and as refreshers and/or training resources for industry professionals. Most SKC webinars are eligible for ABIH CM credit. Access is as easy as browsing and clicking the yellow Training button in the top right corner. — SKC Inc., 800/752- 8472 Circle 52 on Card or

Lockout/Tagout Permit Control Station

The Permit Control Station is a combined group lockout and permit documentation station that improves the effectiveness and efficiency of group lockout. Combining a Permit Display Case with a Wall Mount Group Lock Box, the Permit Control Station provides a single location to display and protect essential paperwork and padlocks for group lockout.. Visibility & Easy Identification, Rugged Construction & Portable Design, and Securely Displays Documents — Master Lock Company, Circle 53 on Card or

White Paper on Red Wing Shoes Delivers Guide to Slip Resistance in Industrial Safety Footwear

New white paper from Red Wing Shoes helps employers and employees understand the importance how preventing slips, trips and falls not only keeps workers safe but improves productivity It provides a guide to slip resistance in industrial safety footwear including insight into current testing and standards. The three core principles the company recommends for evaluating slip resistance are: Follow the ASTM standard: ASTM F-2913, or the Whole Shoe test, provides the best and most complete approach to evaluating how different footwear materials will interact with various work surfaces. Understand the details: When choosing footwear, look at what the job involves such as surfaces, contaminants and physical requirements. Share knowledge: Ensuring slip resistance depends on a strong, open and transparent collaboration between employer and safety footwear provider to make sure the right product is being provided. — Red Wing, Circle 54 on Card or

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Flame Resistant Fabrics

UltraSoft® line to offer 50 percent more stretch. UltraSoft® Flex provides enhanced comfort and motility to bend with your workers as they move on the job. Backed with proven flame resistance. Westex offers water- and wind-resistant technology while eliminating the need for a non-compliant NFPA 2112 vapor barrier. IndigoT™ is a flame resistant denim while providing comfort and style akin to everyday denim wear. Westex® DH is a woven blend providing outstanding breathability and optimized moisture management to keep the wearer cooler, drier and more comfortable. Vinex® FR fabric has served as the standard in the aluminum industry. Its unique blend is engineered to shed molten aluminum and is guaranteed flame resistant for the life of the garment. Westex Vinex® is certified to EN 531, EN 373 (classified to D1 and D2) standards.— Milliken, Circle 55 on Card or

HyperLite™ Extension Ladder

The Little Giant® HyperLite extension ladder Type IA and IAA fiberglass extension ladder is a patent-pending hyperLite weighs up to 40 percent less than the standard fiberglass ladder without sacrificing strength and stability. The HyperLite’s wide rungs provide great comfort, reducing foot fatigue. It also features Little Giant’s unique side-mounted, dual-pulley system, which reduces the effort required to lift the fly section by 45% and removes a potential trip hazard caused by traditional center-pulley rope systems. The patent-pending Sure-Set™ foot allows you to set the feet in either flat or spike positions and have them stay in place. Little Giant’s exclusive nonconductive Hi-Viz green rail has been scientifically proven to be the most visible color in the world. — Little Giant, Circle 56 on Card or

Organizing Safety Operations

Progressly is a software company that is looking to be a system of record for organizations’ operations. Operations can be defined by how companies coordinate work and this can be paper based processes including safety audits, inspections and observations. We have the ability to streamline those processes and enable field operations to: Digitally embed dates and timestamps. Work offline, and sync whenever a connection is available. Capture, mark up and attach images and provide visibility to problem situations. Quickly assign a step and notify via email. Submit signatures and handle approvals via mobile. Analyze data from the field to uncover patterns, meaningful correlations, and the root cause of critical issues.— Progressly, Circle 57 on Card or 69550-57

Winter Slip/Fall Safety

The STABILicers Heel design is ideal for those working jobs that require repeated transitioning from trucks and vehicles to the icy outdoors; for instance, UPS delivery drivers, postal carriers or janitorial workers, as the forefoot is cleat-free for safe and easy driving while the critical heel zone is covered with cleats for superior traction. The fully integrated Tension-Fit Binding™ secures the device firmly to boots and shoes, allowing workers to move with confidence when stepping out of vehicles onto ice, snow, and other unpredictable winter terrain.They are also extremely lightweight, yet durable, and can easily be stored in a glove box for convenient access every time a worker is on the job. — Stabil, Circle 58 on Card or

Radiation Detection & Monitoring

Fall 2017

Radiation Alert™ Ranger


Area Monitor

The Ranger offers maximum performance for surveying at the facility or in the field. It has been designed for industrial environments, but it still has all of the features you’ve come to love in the lab. This small, handheld, microprocessor-based instrument which offers sensitivity to low levels of alpha, beta, gamma, and x-rays and has built in efficiencies for common isotopes to calculate activity in Bq and DPM. It has a backlit digital display, internal memory, selectable alert levels, adjustable timer, a red count light and a beeper that sounds with each count detected. Includes free Observer USB Software — S.E. International Inc., 800/293-5759,

• Free Network Monitoring Software • Various Probe Options • Simple, Reliable, Customizable, Easy to use

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Electronic Radiation Dosimeter

The DMC 3000 Personal Electronic Radiation Dosimeter represents 25 years of refinement in electronic dosimetry. It features superior gamma and X-ray energy response, programmable alarms with visual LED, audible, and vibrating alarm indicators, simple 2-button navigation, and the ability to be fitted with external modules for expanded capabilities. Hp(0,07) and wide range beta radiation measurement, High efficiency beta measurement, Superior Hp(0,07) energy response Plug and play, Meets or exceeds applicable IEC and ANSI standards, Excellent EMC Immunity, Designed for ruggedness and durability — Mirion Technologies Dosimetry Services Division, 800/251-1331,

• Excellent Sensitivity to Alpha, Beta, and Gamma • 3 Modes of Detection • On-Board Memory • Adjustable Timer & Alert • Free Observer USB Software • Included Xtreme Boot & Stand • Optional Wipe Test Plate

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Electromagnetic Radiation Monitor

The Nardalert S3, RF Personal Monitor detects electromagnetic (EM) radiation levels from 100 kHz to 50 GHz. The Nardalert S3 was recently tested by the UK’s NPL (National Physical Laboratory) and found to provide nearly isotropic detection performance when mounted on the body, at common TV and FM radio frequencies. The company’s calibration facility in Hauppauge, N.Y. recently received ISO17025 accreditation from the A2LA. — Narda Safety Test Solutions, 631/231-1700, Circle 61 on Card or

P.O. Box 39, 436 Farm Rd. Summertown, TN 38483 1-800-293-5759 | Fax: 931-964-3564 |

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Global Radiation

The WS700-UMB combines the measurement of rain and global radiation along with all other meteorological parameters in one weather sensor. The weather sensor calculates measured values of air pressure, temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, wind direction and precipitation with maintenance free, highly accurate Doppler radar. The measurement of global radiation is effected by means of an attached fully integrated silicon-pyranometer. — Lufft USA Inc., 805/335-8500, Circle 64 on Card or

Reinforced Hose Resists Radiation Exposure

Urebrade® braid-reinforced polyurethane hose is designed to withstand repeated flexing, heavy vibration, abrasion and higher pressures than unreinforced polyurethane tubing – as much as double the pressure, depending on hose size. Urebrade is well suited for fluid or air handling and resists fuels, oils, radiation exposure, fungi and moisture. The transparent hose is naturally flexible. Urebrade’s ether-based raw material is NSF 61listed for use with potable water. — NewAge® Industries, Inc.., Circle 62 on Card or Circle 65 on Card or



The four-gas

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Always-On Portable Monitor With The Two-Year life New infrared sensing technology packed into a portable gas monitor promises longer operating life, lower maintenance costs Wearable detectors are industry’s first line of defense against hazardous vapors. Now detectors based on new sensor technology are revolutionizing ease, convenience, worker compliance, and fleet costs for industrial gas detection. The trouble with traditional monitors Where workers face on-the-job risks of hazardous gas exposure, most safety engineers comply with regulations and help ensure safety by providing their people with wearable, clip-on gas detectors. These are standard equipment for many crews in oil and gas, wastewater, heavy manufacturing, confined space, construction, and other applications. Detectors that monitor only a single gas are relatively inexpensive to purchase, and usually feature disposable, no-maintenance convenience. However, job conditions — and increasingly, new regulations — often require multi-gas models. These are more expensive than single-gas detectors. Until now, they’ve required maintenance attention and downtime for sensor change-outs and battery recharges. A final, potentially serious safety drawback of both types of detectors: workers sometimes forget to switch them on. A new type of detector changes all that. Breakthrough safety plus savings in time and maintenance The BW Clip4 is a new four-gas, wearable monitor from Honeywell, a maker of multi-gas portable detectors. Its breakthrough disposable design solves many issues presented by previous models. The detector’s “always-on” feature means that the wearer simply turns it on when he or she first receives it. Once activated, it can operate continuously for 2 years. Users simply replace it after that time, and switch on a new unit. So worker compliance — and safety — are secured from day one. With the BW Clip4, current users of single-gas detectors now have a compelling alternative. They can continue to enjoy maintenance-free

convenience, while monitoring four gases — hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen (O2), and combustibles —instead of one. The positive impacts on worker safety are obvious. Also obvious are the savings in maintenance time and costs for organizations that currently maintain sizable fleets of serviceable multi-gas detectors. This new model eliminates any necessity to change sensors or charge batteries. There’s no need for downtime while detectors are being serviced. And standardizing on BW Clip4 reduces the requirement for a large inventory of spare detectors and docking stations. It’s a one-button, four-gas detector with low cost of ownership and the maintenance-free ease of a single-gas model. Powerful low-power-draw technology This innovative new detector draws much less power — and thus delivers much longer runtime — than previous multi-gas models. A traditional multi-gas portable monitor uses catalytic bead (pellistor) sensor technology to detect flammable gases. Instead, the BW Clip4 utilizes non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology, previously available only in fixed-gas detectors from Honeywell. Compared to the older method, NDIR technology allows the BW Clip4 to consume 1,000 times less battery power! Multi benefits for multi-gas detection “The BW Clip4 operates on a ‘fit and forget’ cycle — turn it on once and replace the detector 2 years later, when the unit prompts you to do so,” said Ken Schmidt, VP/General manager for Honeywell Industrial Safety. “It offers a whole new combination of benefits in multi-gas detection that haven’t been possible until now: 2 years of battery runtime without recharging or changing batteries, small size and ease of use, the functionality of a multi-gas detector, and improved safety compliance.” Other features include: • Simultaneous monitoring of lower explosive limits (LELs) — for H2S, CO, O2, and combustibles • Real-time display — instant gas readings even in non-alarm conditions; current gas concentration level; and changes in atmospheric conditions • Daily full-function self-test of sensors, battery status, circuit integrity, and audible/visual alarms — for reduced downtime and increased worker safety • Flashing red noncompliance indicator — to alert workers if unit has missed scheduled bump testing • Compatibility with IntelliDox docking and instrument management system • Intuitive LCD icons • Simple one-button operation • Compact profile for tight spaces

Fall 2017


• Durable, ergonomic, wearable design Simpler fleet management with IntelliDoX The BW Clip4 simplifies fleet management by generating record and compliance reports automatically, using an optional Honeywell IntelliDoX instrument management system. This system enables users to configure alarm set points and other parameters (including deactivation of the noncompliance indicator) to meet their specific needs. It reduces time and cost through automated bump testing and improved recordkeeping. IntelliDoX also enables distributors to configure the detectors before activating them, to better manage their inventories. Continuing a heritage of industry firsts As a pioneer in portable gas detection, Honeywell was the first to market with a maintenance-free single-gas detector — the GasAlertClipExtreme, later replaced by the bestselling BW Clip. Honeywell also introduced a compact multi-gas detector with onebutton operation (the GasAlertMicroClip). Both of these industry firsts are now the world’s most popular gas detectors in their class. That legacy in portable gas detection — along with the company’s record for quality, reliability, and ease of use — positions Honeywell as the manufacturer best suited to bring a new, disposable multi-gas capability to market. And unlike smaller providers, Honeywell can back new products like the BW Clip4 with a comprehensive line of gas detectors and docking stations, plus a unified software platform, to protect workers wherever they’re at risk.

By Jacob Spector Product Manager, Portables, Honeywell Industrial Safety

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Jan. 30- Feb. 1, 2018 Atlanta, Ga., USA



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Air Sampling

A P Buck Inc, Afc International, Inc., Air Quality Laboratories Inc., Air Sampling Devices Allegro Industries, Alnor Instruments Co, Ametek Mocon-Baseline, Argus-Hazco, Assay Technology Inc, Atlanta Lab Systems Llc, Bgi By Mesa Labs,Https:// Bw Technologies By Honeywell, Casella Cel, E S Consulting Llc, Environmental Devices Corporation, Environmental Sensors Company, Essex Industries, Graywolf Sensing Solutions, Hi-Q Environmental Products Company, Honeywell Analytics, Iatl - International Asbestos Testing Laboratories, International Sensor Technology, Kanomax Usa, Inc., Knf Neuberger Inc., Lagus Applied Technology Inc, Martech Services Company, Mesa Laboratories, Inc., Met One Instruments Inc, Mil-Ram Technology Inc, New Star Environmental, Newage Industries Inc., Nextteq Llc, Pid Analyzers, Pureaire Monitoring Systems, Restek Corporation,www.restek.Com Sanderson Safety Supply Co, Scientific Analytical Institute Inc, Sensidyne Lp, Skc Inc., Superior Signal Company, Llc,

Testo Inc., Testo Is A World Leader In The Design, Development And Manufacture Of Portable Instrumentation. The Testo Discmini Is A Handheld Nanoparticle Counter That Measures Nanoparticle Number, Average Particle Diameter And Lung Deposited Surface Area (Ldsa) Every Second. It’s Ideal When Accuracy, Small Size, And Ease Of Use Is Important.  Thermo Fisher Scientific, Tri-Mer Corp, Tsi Inc, Ult Ag, Zefon International Inc,

Asbestos Removal Products & Services Air Sampling Devices All-Safe Industrial Services, Inc. www.allsafe1.Com Esca Tech Inc Industrial Test Systems, Mesa Laboratories, S. E. International,

Inquire Online at SKC Thermo Fisher Scientific

Biological Agent Detection

Abatement Technologies, Inc., Advnt Biotechnologies, Forensic Analytical Laboratories, Inc, Knf Neuberger Inc., SKC Inc., Smiths Detection Inc.,

Honeywell Safety Products, Mil-Ram Technology Inc, National Safety Compliance, Osha Training Institute, Rite-Hite, Sawtst Llc, SKC Inc, Zistos Corporation, Bill Sims Award Of Excellence

Construction Safety Testo Inc., Testo Is A World Leader In The Design, Development And Manufacture Of Portable Instrumentation. The Testo Discmini Is A Handheld Nanoparticle Counter That Measures Nanoparticle Number, Average Particle Diameter And Lung Deposited Surface Area (Ldsa) Every Second. It’s Ideal When Accuracy, Small Size, And Ease Of Use Is Important.  Thermo Fisher Scientific,

Chemical Detection

Assay Technology Inc, Evogen Safer Systems,

Chemical Safety

Goat Throat Pumps,

Hemco Corp., Acid Storage Cabinet designed for the storage of corrosive chemicals and is available in 12”, 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, and 48” widths. Standard size is 35” high and 22” deep. The molded one piece fiberglass liner is sealed on all edges for ease of cleaning. Lakeland Industries, Inc., Inc, Safestart,

SKC Inc.,

Confined Space

Analytical Technology, Arizona Instrument Llc, Confined Space Control Covers, Essential Safety Products,

Gas Clip Technologies, Graywolf Sensing Solutions

Air Sampling Devices Emilcott, Foxfury Llc, Gas Clip Technologies, Glove Guard, Honeywell Safety Products, Illumagear, Intella Liftparts Inc., Kings Iii, Lakeland Industries, Inc., Nasco Industries, Nightstick By Bayco Products, Inc., Pelican Products, Pigeon Mountain Industries , Inc., Pryme Radio Products, Radians, Inc., Safevision, Llc, Snap-On Industrial,www.snapon.comindustrial Sunrise Industries Incorporated, Triax, True Source Enterprises Inc, UK Safety Store, Unique Products Inc, Utility Pro High Visibility, Viking Mat Company, Wildeck, Inc., Work Force Inc, Working Concepts,


3M Personal Safety Division, Air Control Industries, Air Quality Engineering Inc, Air Systems Intl Inc, Air Techniques International, Avon Protection Systems Inc, Avon-Isi, Bauer Compressors, Bei Bei Safety Co., Ltd., Bio-Medical Devices Intl, Braco Manufacturing, Bullard, C Y Holding Co Ltd, C. H. Ellis Co. Inc, Care Safety Llc, Cases By Source, Inc., Cuxson Gerrand & Co Ltd, Dentec Safety Specialists Inc, Depke Gases And Welding Supplies, Dqe Inc, Driving Dynamics Inc., Elmridge Protection Products, Encon Safety Products, Essex Pb&R Corp, Executive Protection Systems, Georgia Steel-Chem Co Inc, Guardair Corporation, GVS North America,

Industrial Hygiene News 2017 Product Directory Handi-Hut Inc, Honeywell Safety Products, Honeywell Safety Products, North, Honeywell Sensing And Control, Ilc Dover, Immediate Responsetechnologies, Indian Springs Specialty Products, Insect Shield Llc, Insight Marketing Llc, James R. Strobridge, Cih Llc, JNJ Industries, Keyence Corp, Lakeland Industries, Inc., Lawrence Behr Associates Inc, Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., Life Corporation, Martech Services Company, Micro Direct Inc, Modern Safety Techniques, Mst Inc., Neutronics Biomarine Inc., Ocenco Inc., Ohd, Inc., Oxysure Systems, Inc., Parker Domnick Hunter, Prescription Spectacle Inserts, Rehcc Inc, Rhine Air Inc., S. E. International, Inc., Safety & Supply Co., Safety Environmental Ctl Inc., Safety Equipment America Inc, Safety Today Inc, Sas Safety Corporation, Scott Safety, Shalon Chemical Industries Ltd, Sonicaire, Sundstrom Safety Inc., The Back School, The Back School is a professional continuing education provider committed to the importance of applying ergonomics principles, safety and wellness best practices as a means to good health, injury prevention and increased productivity. Since 1979, we have provided the best in scientifically based, application oriented, ergonomics services, consulting and products.. Triomed Innovations Corp, TSI Inc, Us Safety/Parmelee Inds, Vent-A-Fume Corp., Wein Products, Westex Inc, Wolverine Brand, Xcaper Industries Inc.,

Defibrillators/Emergency Oxygen

American Airworks, Defibtech, Physio-Control,

Dock Safety

Aerogo Inc, Beacon Industries, Inc. , Bennett Mirror Systems, Bon-Mar Safety, Depth, Durable Corporation, Erich Industries Inc, High Point Rescue & Safety Llc,

Independent Warehouse Inc., Leum Engineering, Morse Manufacturing Company, Inc., Pentalift Equipment Corp., Rite-Hite, Safety Magnets Plus, Safety Rail Company,, Southworth Products Corp., Starke Material Handling Group, Tri Lite Inc, Wildeck, Inc. ,


Arizona Instrument Llc, Assay Technology Inc, Honeywell Safety Products, Mil-Ram Technology Inc, Ohd, Inc. , S. E. International, Inc., SKC Inc,

Dust/Fume Control & Protection Aer Control Systems Llc, Aerodyne Environmental, Aget Manufacturing Company, Air Handling Systems, Air Sampling Devices Air Systems Mfg. Of Lenoir Inc., Airclean Systems, Air-Vac Systems Inc, Als Global, Clarcor Industrial Air, Clothes Cleaning Systems, Donaldson Torit, Dualdraw, Ductsox Corporation, Dustcontrol, Inc ,, Environmental Devices, Farhawk Marketing Services, General Equipment Co, Greenheck,

Hemco Corp., CleanAire HEPA and Carbon Filter Paks are designed to be mounted inline in the exhaust ducting from a fume hood or contaminant source up to 1500 cfm. The filter pak includes a galvanized steel housing with hinged and gasketed access door for filter change out. Industrial Maid Llc, Lagus Applied Technology Inc, Latta Equipment, Inc., Lynn Peavey Company, Martin Engineering Usa, Met-Pro Corporation, Micro Air Clean Air Systems, Mystaire Misonix, Nederman Llc, Nilfisk Advance Inc Industrial Vacuum Division, Pantron Automation Inc, Precision Airconvey Corp., Pulse-Bac, Rite-Hite, Ruwac Usa, Scientific Dust Collectors,

19 Sonicaire, Specialized Safety Products, Strobic Air Corp, Systech Design, Inc., The Flexaust Company Inc, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Trion Iaq, TSI Inc, United Air Specialists Inc, Vac Systems International, Vactagon Llc, Vac-U-Max, Vent-A-Fume Corp., Zinkan Inc, Zipwall,

Electrical Safety

2M-Tek, A&B Labs, Aemc Instruments, American Technical Publishers Inc, Amprobe Test Tools, Ampsafe Llc, B J Baldwin Electric Inc, Buxton Electric Llc, Certifigroup, Chemdaq, Inc. , Chirico Scientific, Craft Electric Inc, Dd-Scientific Ltd / N.e.t. Srl, Die-Mension Corp, Easy Safety Solutions, Ee Controls Ltd,, Electrical Power Solutions Inc, Electrical Testing Solutions, Electrolearn, Enovative Technologies, Llc , Envirosmart Inc, Facility Results, Fibernexxt, G4s Secure Solutions, General Manufacturing, Hnu Pid Analyzers Llc, Honeywell Safety Products, Idc Technologies, Industrial Trainers Of America-Training, Jds Products Inc, Lakeland Industries, Inc. , Lewellyn Technology, LP Management Services, Macurco, Martin Technical, Meltric Corp, Narda - Safety Test Solutions, National Safety Consulting, Newson Gale Inc, Ntt Inc, Optimation Technology Inc, Power Control Services, Refrigeration School Inc, Reo Rescue And Safety Inc, Saber Power Services, Safety Training Services Inc, Sees Consultants Llc, Sigma Six Solutions, Smart Sign, Steven Engineering Inc, Telemecanique Sensors, The Von Corp, Thompson Education Direct, Titus Electrical Contracting Lp,

20 Total Boiler Control Inc, Tpc Trainco, Trek Inc, Ul Workplace Health & Safety, Unique Products Inc, Ver Sales, Inc, Xi Safety Tm Inc,

Emergency Showers/ Eyewashes

Acorn Safety, Bolle’ Safety, Bradley Corporation, Dqe Inc., Emerson Process Management-Topworx, Essilor Prescription Safety Eyewear, Eyewash Direct, Fsi North America, Guardian Equipment, Inc, Haws Corporation,

Hemco Corporation, Emergency Shower / Decontamination Booths are fully assembled and ready for installation to water supply and waste systems. Shower is molded one piece seamless of chemical resistant fiberglass and is equipped with a pull rod activated shower and push handle eye/face wash for immediately drenching of personnel. Hilco, Honeywell Safety Products, North, Hughes Safety Showers, Miti Manufacturing Co Inc, Select Safety Sales, Therm-Omega-Tech Inc,


1Source Safety & Health Inc, A Step Ahead,, Ace Ergonomics, Advanced Ergonomic Concepts Inc, American Hammer, American Orthopedic Appliance Group Inc., Apache Industrial, Asg Division Of Jergens Inc, Assembly Tool Specialists, Atg-Advanced Technology Gloves, Ati Worksite Solutions, Atlantic Crane Inc, Auburn Engineering, Autoquip Corporation, Axizz Llc, Axxis, Back School Of Atlanta, Back-A-Line, Bastian Solutions, Bell-Horn, Best Orthopedic & Medical Services Inc, Bettcher Industries Inc., BijanĂ­s Protective Equipment Inc, Biofit Engineered Products, Blair Company Inc, Bodylogic Health Management Inc, Bresslergroup Inc, Browncor,

Inquire Online at Bruder Healthcare Co., Cardinal Carryover, Ceneter For Manufacturing Technology, Chase Ergonomics Inc, Clean Room Depot Inc, Concept Seating, Concurrent Technologies Corp, Corflex Inc., Crown Mats & Matting, Cs Packaging Inc, Daco Corp, Design Tool Inc., Dg Industries, DMS, Eb Brands, Elite Orthopedics Inc, Empire Safety & Supply, Ergogenesis Llc, Ergomat, Inc., Ergometrics & Applied Personnel Research Inc, Ergonomic Partners, Inc., Ergonomic Solutions Ltd, Ergonomic Technologies Corporation, Ergonomically Correct Llc, Ergonomics Inc, Ergos, Ergos, Division Of Impacto Protective Products Inc. Ergosource Inc, Fla Orthopedics Inc., Flostor, Fox Bay Industries Inc, G.a. Safety Supply Inc, Gamber-Johnson Llc, Gurman Container & Supply Corp, Hammerhead Industries Inc, Hg Handling Co, Holloway & Associates, Human Factors And Ergonomics Society, Humantech, Inc., Hy-Brid Lifts Iac Industries, Ideal Industries, Imagevision, Inc. , Impacc Usa, Industry Depot, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School Of Public Health, Johnson Technologies Corp, Jomat Industries, Keltek Specialty Tool Design & Manufacture Inc, Kinetic Technologies, Kyel Group Inc, Lewis Bass International Engineering Services Inc, Liberty Industries Inc., Lubrication Engineers, Inc, Material Handling Concepts, Megacomfort Inc, Meyer Material Handling Products, Modern Safety Supply, Msc Industrial Direct Co., Mueller Sports Medicine, Mul-T-Mat & Supply Co., Nci Inc, Neo G, Nexgen Ergonomics Inc, North American Mat Co, O.e.m. Fastening Systems, Occunomix International Inc, Omni Technical Services Inc, Orc Expert Services, Oregon Rubber Mat, Pace, Incorporated ,

Ped-Medical Products, Pinnacle Systems Inc, Pioneer Rubber & Gasket, Power Pusher, Nu-Star Inc, Praet Tool & Engineering, Premier Promotions, Presto Lifts Inc, Pro Specialists Incorporated, Production Basics Inc, Pro-Tec Athletics, Protocol16 Llc,www.protocol16.Com Pucel Enterprises Inc, Rdm Industrial Products, Inc. , Reed Environmental Inc, Rehab Solutions Llc, Roscoe Co, Rp Crawford Co Inc, Run Fast Inc, Safeware, Savard Software Engineering Llc, Save A Back Inc, Scantron Corporation, Serola Biomechanics Inc., Shaviv Usa, Shelf Master Inc, Shelving Inc, Sjf Material Handling Inc, Skarnes Inc, Smart Step Therapeutic Flooring, Soma Ergonomics Inc, Source Equipment Co Inc, Southwest Ern Pts,www.southwest Special Tactics Solutions, Stewart Handling Systems, Storage Distribution Systems, Streamline Orthopedic Inc, Stuart-Buttle Ergonomics, Superior Manufacturing Group, Surgical Appliance Industries, Swanstrom Tools Usa Inc., Synetik, Techna Center Llc, Ted Thorsen Material Handling Inc, The Back School The Back School is a professional continuing education provider committed to the importance of applying ergonomics principles, safety and wellness best practices as a means to good health, injury prevention and increased productivity. Since 1979, we have provided the best in scientifically based, application oriented, ergonomics services, consulting and products. Hergo Ergonomic Support Sys Inc, The Ergonomics Center Of North Carolina, The Mad Matter Inc, The Mat King, The Safety Knife Co., Three Sixty Integral Group, Trimed Inc, Two Rivers Enterprises, U.S. Mat & Rubber Corp., U.S Orthotics Inc, Unidex, Inc. , Unimove Llc, Vertaloc, Vistamotion Inc, Warehouse Cubed, Warner Tool, Wearwell, Inc. , Wisconsin Foam Products,

Industrial Hygiene News 2017 Product Directory Working Concepts, Wristease Llc,

Eye/Face/Head Protection

Checkers Safety Group, Chums Safety Inc, Crosstex International, Defog It Antifog, Dqe Inc, Edge Eyewear, Elvex Corporation, Erb Safety, Eyelation, Gateway Safety Inc, Glove Guard, Hemco Corp.,

Honeywell Safety Products, Hudson Optical Corp, Interactive Safety Prods Inc, Martech Services Company, Prescription Spectacle Inserts, Pyramex Safety Products Llc, Radians, Inc., Safety Optical Service, Safetycaps, Safetywear, Safevision, Llc , Saf-T-Gard International, Inc. , Vision Usa, Wiley X Eyewear,

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3Sixty Mission Critical, A And S Electric Supply Inc, A&R Iron Works Inc, Aac United Fire & Safety, Aarco Products, Inc. , Ab Fire Equipment Inc, Abc Fire Equipment Corp, Abc Fire Extinguisher Co Inc, Abc Fire Extinguisher Inc, Academy Electric, Academy Fire Protection, Accurate Fire, Audio, Video, Security, Acm Facility Safety, Acs Inc, Adedge Technologies Inc, Advance Fire Extinguisher Co, Advanced Egress Solutions, Inc., Ae Light, Afs Systems, Air Technical Industries, Aircuity Inc., Airfilterbuy, Airmaster Fan Co., Alarm System Store, A-Line Fire & Safety Inc, All Fire Protection Co Inc, All Florida Fire Equipment Co, All Safety Products, Inc. All Star Incentive Marketing, All Systems Fire Protection Inc, Allen Fire And Security, Alliance Scale, Inc. , Allied Fire Protection, Allsee Technologies, All-Star Fire, Allstate Sign & Plaque Corp,

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Fiberglass Structures/Cabinets Handi-Hut Inc

Hemco Corp., Modular Clean Labs feature a modular construction design that is cost effective and time efficient compared to traditional construction. An entire laboratory workspace is pre-engineered including the structure, the lab furniture/fume hoods to outfit the interior. Structure can be easily assembled, or disassembled and moved if required. Safespace Buildings Safety Storage Inc Tolar Manufacturing Co Inc US Industrial Products Co

First Aid/Skin Protection

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Flame Resistant Clothing

Gearcor, Gentex Corp, Lakeland Industries, Inc. , Newtex Industries, Inc , Quaker Safety Products Corp, Radians, Inc., Safewear Inc.,

24 Tecgen Select, Topps Safety Apparel Inc,

Fume Hoods/Air Flow Monitors

Hemco Corp., UniFlow AireStream Laboratory Fume Hoods are the most complete line of fume hoods in the industry. Molded one piece seamless composite resin interior fume chamber that has all coved corners and is white for superior light reflectivity. Meets UL 1805, SEFA 1, ASHRAE 110, ANSI Z9.5 standards. Superior Signal Company, Llc , Air Impurities Removal Systems, Air Science Usa, Airfiltronix Div Glas-Col Llc, Labconco Corp, Sentry Air Systems Inc, TSi Inc,

Gas Detection

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Hazmat Handling/Emergency Response Air Liquide America,

Analytical Technology, Andax Industries Llc, Ansell, Ansonics Inc, Anthro Corp, Assmann Corp. Of America, Attco Inc (Dba Syclone Attco Service), Biovia (Formerly Accelrys/Chemsw), Blackmer A Dover Company BW Technologies By Honeywell, Chemetrics, Inc. , Coastal Environmental Systems Inc, Combustion Controls Solutions & Environmental Ser-

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Gas Clip Technologies, Glove Guard, Graywolf Sensing Hazmat School, Hcl Labels Inc.,

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Health Testing/Employee Wellness

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Hearing Protection

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Heat Stress

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Indoor Air Quality

Air Impurities Removal Systems, Air Purifying Systems & Solutions Inc., Air Sampling Devices Aires Consulting, Airy Technology, Alistagen Corporation, Alphasense Ltd, Ametek Mocon-Baseline, Analytical Technology Anguil Environmental Sys, Arizona Instrument Llc, Assay Technology Inc, Camfil Farr Apc, Catalytic Products Intl, Cemtrex Inc, Chemteq Inc, Circul-Aire Inc, Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc

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SKC Inc., Spectrex, Sporicidin By Contec, Sternvent Co Inc, Superior Signal Company, Llc ,

Instrumentation Rental/Repair

Analytical Measurements Inc, Flex-A-Seal, Inc. , Graywolf Sensing Solutions, Honeywell Analytics, IEMonitoring Instruments, Raeco Rents, SKC Inc.,

Lab Supplies/Lab Supply

Advanced Cleanroom Microclean (Acm), Asa Analytics, Bel Art-Sp Scienceware, Cole-Parmer, Deltatrak Inc, Flow Sciences Inc, Fluid Components Intl, Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc Hemco Corp., Horiba Instruments, Jm Science, Inc. , Knf Neuberger Inc., Lm Air Technology Inc., Martech Services Company, Mesa Laboratories, Inc. , Mil-Ram Technology Inc, Nuaire, Inc. , Omega Industrial Products, Pace Analytical Services, Inc. , Parker Precision Fluidics Div., Prism Analytical Technologies Inc., Rwc Testing & Lab Supplies, S & G Enterprises Inc, Sgs Galson, Spectro Scientific, Sper Scientific Ltd, Staplex Air Sampler Div, Torrey Pines Scientific Inc,

Lead Testing & Abatement

Testo Inc, Testo Is A World Leader In The Design, Development And Manufacture Of Portable Instrumentation. The Testo Discmini Is A Handheld Nanoparticle Counter That Measures Nanoparticle Number, Average Particle Diameter And Lung Deposited Surface Area (Ldsa) Every Second. It’s Ideal When Accuracy, Small Size, And Ease Of Use Is Important.  Tmc Environmental, Tri-Dim Filter Corporation, Tsi Inc, Vent-A-Fume Corp., Walmec North America, Winton Products Company Inc.,

ll-Safe Industrial Services, Inc. ,www.allsafe1.Com Esca Tech Inc, Industrial Test Systems , Inc. , Mesa Laboratories, Inc. , S. E. International, Inc. , SKC Inc., Thermo Fisher Scientific,

Machine Guarding/Safety;Lockout/Tagout

360 Guarding, 80/20 Inc.,www.8020.Net Accuform Signs, Armorcast Products Company, Balmac Inc, Banner Engineering Belt Conveyor Guarding, Big Beam Emergency Systems Inc., Bluewater Mfg. Inc, Cansec Systems Ltd., Castell Interlocks Inc, Cementex Products Inc, Conformit, Danray Products Llc, Egress Marking Systems, Emedco, Inc. , Engineered Solutions And Concepts Services Inc., Ergonomic Engineering Inc, Euchner-Usa, Inc Faztek Llc, Flexbar Machine Corp, Folding Guard,

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Meteorological Instruments Coastal Environmental Systems Inc, Dyacon Inc, Honeywell Process Solutions, Imagewave Corporation, Moxa Americas Inc, R. M. Young Co., Wipath Communications Llc,

Noise Measurement & Control

Aco Pacific Inc, Acoustics First, Cirrus Research Plc,. Graywolf Sensing Solutions, Industrial Hearing Testing, Industrial Hygiene Services, Kinetics Noise Control, Memtech Acoustical Llc, Noise Control Engineering Inc, Ohd, Inc. , Scantek Inc, Sitehawk, SKC-West Inc,






201 2

AUTOMATIC TRACER GAS MONITOR Interference free detection from parts per trillion to parts per million


Measures SF6, perfluorocarbon vapors, R-11, or Vertrel in either single gas or multi-gas configurations Can be set up for automated calibration Includes an SD card interface and a USB serial port interface


Indoor air quality investigations In-leakage evaluations and exhaust re-entrainment studies SEMI S6 Fugitive Emissions Tests Contaminant Migration Simulations Evaluation of CBR threats and countermeasures Fume hood containment evaluations LAGUS APPLIED TECHNOLOGY, INCORPORATED 760-480-1290

Acoustics Corporation.,

Personal Protection Equipment

Airgas Inc, Arbill Safety Products, Arcone, Bottomline Safety Inc., Brimguard Llc, Bruin Plastics Co. Inc., Bulwark Protective Apparel, Canyonwest Cases, Carbonx, Carhartt Industrial Sales Division, Caterpillar Footwear, Clark-Mckibben Safety Products Inc., Clemco Industries Corp., Conney Safety Products, Dqe Inc, Dupont Personal Protection, Ellwood Safety, Ergodyne Corporation, Footwear Specialities International, Game Workwear, Glen Raven Techl Fabrics Llc, Glove Guard, Glove Specialties Inc, Grainger, Hapad, Inc., Heartland Footwear Inc, Hemco Corp., Honeywell Safety Products, Hytest Safety Footwear,

Distributing Co., International Enviroguard Inc. International Safety Equipment Assn. (Isea) Kimberly Clark Professional, Kurent Safety Inc., Lac-Mac, Lakeland Industries, Inc. Lamco Safety Products Inc., Leonard Safety Equipment, Libra Safety Products, Lift Safety, Martech Services Company, Mcr Safety, Mid-Continent Safety Inc., Mil-Ram Technology Inc, Mine & Process Service Inc, Motion Industries, Mount Vernon Fr, National Safety Apparel Inc, Onguard Industries, Pbi Performance Products, Pendergast Safety Equipment, Platt Luggage, Portwest Ltd., Proknee Corp., Protective Industrial Products, Quad City Safety Inc., Radians Inc, Ritz Safety, Safety Supplies Seirus Innovation, Spectro Analytical Instruments,

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Radiation Detection/Safety Enertech Consultants Inc, Health Physics Instruments, Mirion Technologies, Ortec, S. E. International, Inc,

Rental Equipment

Analytical Measurements Inc, Flex-A-Seal, Inc. , Graywolf Sensing Solutions, Honeywell Analytics, Ie Monitoring Instruments, Raeco Rents, SKC Inc.,

Respiratory Protection

3M Personal Safety Division, Air Control Industries, Air Quality Engineering Inc, Air Systems Intl Inc, Air Techniques International, Avon Protection Systems Inc, Avon-Isi, Bauer Compressors, Bei Bei Safety Co., Ltd., Bio-Medical Devices Intl, Braco Manufacturing, Bullard, C Y Holding Co Ltd, C. H. Ellis Co. Inc, Care Safety Llc, Cases By Source, Inc., Cuxson Gerrand & Co Ltd, Dentec Safety Specialists Inc, Depke Gases And Welding Supplies, Dqe Inc, Driving Dynamics Inc., Elmridge Protection Products, Encon Safety Products, Essex Pb&R Corp, Executive Protection Systems, Georgia Steel-Chem Co Inc, Guardair Corporation, Gvs North America, Handi-Hut Inc, Honeywell Safety Products, Honeywell Sensing And Control, Ilc Dover, Immediate Responsetechnologies, Indian Springs Specialty Products, Insect Shield Llc, Insight Marketing Llc, James R. Strobridge, Cih Llc , Jnj Industries, Keyence Corp, Lakeland Industries, Inc. ,

Inquire Online at Lawrence Behr Associates Inc, Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., Life Corporation, Martech Services Company, Micro Direct Inc, Modern Safety Techniques, Mst Inc., Neutronics Biomarine Inc., Ocenco Inc., Ohd, Inc., Oxysure Systems, Inc. , Parker Domnick Hunter, Prescription Spectacle Inserts, Rehcc Inc, Rhine Air Inc., S. E. International, Inc. , Safety & Supply Co., Safety Environmental Ctl Inc., Safety Equipment America Inc, Safety Today Inc, Sas Safety Corporation, Scott Safety, Shalon Chemical Industries Ltd, Sonicaire, Sundstrom Safety Inc., Triomed Innovations Corp, TSI Inc, Us Safety/Parmelee Inds, Vent-A-Fume Corp., Wein Products, Westex Inc, Wolverine Brand, Xcaper Industries Inc.,

Safety Incentives

Bill Sims Award Of Excellence, Glove Guard, Life Corporation, S L Incentives, Safety Award Store, Safety Jackpot, Wellness Jackpot,


Handi-Hut Inc, Hemco Corp., Safespace Buildings, Safety Storage Inc, Tolar Manufacturing Co Inc, Us Industrial Products Co,

Software/Data Acquisition

3E Company, A V Systems Inc, Autoscribe Informatics Inc., Blue Mountain Quality Resources Inc. Chemsw , Inc. Http:// Chemwatch NA, Circuit Breaker Analyzer Inc, Clmi Safety Training, Compliance Publishing Corp, Cribmaster, Dakota Software, Dekra Insight, Eha Soft Solutions Ltd., Enablon Corp., Expert Ease International, Field Id, Gensuite Llc, Icc Compliance Center Inc., Intelex Technologies, Maerix, Medgate Inc,

Micromain Msdsonline, Omega Engineering Inc, Online-Msds By Kha, Onset Computer Corp, Precare Inc, Processmap, Rivo Software Inc, Safety Softworks, Sitedocs Safety Corp, Spatial Wave, Inc., Techs4biz/Pervidi, Timesoft, Zeraware Safety Software,

Substance Abuse

A S I Health Services Allone Health, American Red Cross, Applied Environmental Health & Safety Inc, Asi Health Services, Benson Medical Instruments, Blr, Bst, Caohc, Clmi Safety Training, Cmi Inc, Compliware, Cyanic Automation, Dassault SystĂŤmes Biovia, E.AR. Inc., Emex, Etq Inc, Examinetics Inc, Global Safety Management, Graywolf Sensing Solutions, Honeywell Safety Products,, Kem Medical Products, Life Corporation, Lifeloc Technologies, Mesa Laboratories, Inc. , Ohd, Inc. , Orasure Technologies, Pathways Real Life Recovery, Professional Health Svcs, Pro-Sapien, Pss Distribution Lp, Quantum Compliance | Qsds, Response Biomedical Corporation, S. E. International, Inc. , Sai Global, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc, Smart Diagnostic Devices, Soundvision By Fullpro, Sparta Systems, Inc , Stereo Optical Co Inc, Surefire, Syntrio Inc., Test Express Inc, Testexpress Drug Testkits, Texas Environmental Training And Compliance, The Back School, The Compliance Center, The Doctors Center Mobile Services, The Modal Shop Inc., Thought Technology, Topdoghr, U.S Mobile Health Exams Inc,

Industrial Hygiene News 2017 Product Directory

Training/Information Services

3D Scan It, Abet Inc, Affinity Consultants, American Fire & Safety Co Inc, American Fire Company, American Fire Technologies, Arnewsh, Arxcis Inc, Associated Fire Protection, Aurora Pictures Baass, Beac /IIa, Behavioral Science Technology, Inc (Bst) Best Fire Equipment Co, Bizness Networx Llc, Board Of Certified Safety Professionals (Bcsp) Bowen Ehs, C A Short Company, Calolympic Safety, Candcnet Associates Inc, Catapult Consultants Llc, Ccohs, Chemadvisor, Inc. , Chilworth Technology, A Dekra Insight Company , Inc, Clmi Safety Training, Cocosafe, Colden Corp., Columbia Southern University, Compliance Solutions, Consolidated Digital Publishing Inc, Crane Institute Of America Inc, Csg Solutions, Dade Moeller, Damarco Solutions, Datachem Software Inc, Emergency Film Group, Ems Safety Services Inc, Enviro Safetech Inc., Ergoworks Consulting Llc, Esis Inc - Health, Safety & Environmental Services Esw Inc, Euro Safety And Health, Fire Fighter Inc, Fire Pros Inc, Fire Services Of Idaho, Firematic & Safety Equipment, Fisher Unitech, Flaxit Online Training, Floridapro, Fluid Power Training Institute, Inc., Gatefeed, Geneva Systems Inc, Health & Safety Institute, Honeywell Safety Products Icon Training Materials, Imperial Metrology Inc, Improv Safety, Industrial Training Consultants Inc., Inspect Inc, Island Fire Protection, Knowledgeware Communications Corp., Knox Machinery Inc, Kushner Electroplating School, Laser Institute Of America, Lba University, Leonie, Levitt-Safety, Lighthouse Safety Llc, Ljb Inc., Lodestar Institute, L-Technology Enterprises, Maryland Fire Equipment, Master Protection, Mastery Technologies, Inc , Max Tech Learning, Mercer Peoplepro, Metro Fire & Safety Equipment Co Inc, Midwest Fire Protection Inc, Mobile Innovations Llc, National Fire Fighter Corp., Next Level Solutions, Owl’s Ledge Llc,

29 Pearson Online Learning, Proact Safety Inc, Productivity Point Global, Professional Safety Training Services Inc, Psychemedics Corporation, Quantem Laboratories, R And D Training And Technical Services Inc, R And M Materials Handling Inc, Reliable Fire Protection, Revision Technologies, Rj Lee Group, Inc. , Safety Center Inc., Safety Priority Consultants Llc, Safetybuilt-In,, Seaboard Fire & Safety, Shoreline Fire Equipment, Span International Training LLc, Summit Training Source, Inc., Technology Systems Consultants Inc, The Marcom Group Ltd, Think Safe, Inc. , Thomas L Holder, Trans Soft Technology Inc, Vdl-5 Technologies Inc, Velocityehs, Vivid Learning Systems, Wizcom Ltd, Zapata Technology Inc,

Welding Safety

Cepro International Bv, Gas Clip Technologies, Lincoln Electric Company, Miller Electric Mfg Co, Revco Industries Inc, R-Tech Welding Equipment Ltd, Sellstrom Manufacturing, Cepro International Bv, Gas Clip Technologies, Lincoln Electric Company, Miller Electric Mfg Co,

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Bicycle Rider’s

Sight Saved By Safety Glasses

When Marc Hackstadt decided to look for a new fishing spot, he thought he would be taking a safe bike ride in a state conservation area. He went to a well-­known area, parked the car, mounted his bike, and rode around a gate post where a biking trail extended to allow for biking and walking access around the gate. The next thing he knew he was laid out on the ground. Hackstadt had hit a neglected cable strung between the gate post and a telephone pole.

The cable hit him at eye level, broke his glasses and sent him sprawling. Fortunately for Hackstadt he was wearing a pair of hiperformance prescription safety glasses with a dust shield from work ideal for motorcycling and cycling. The glasses had a foam lining around the inside frame to keep out dust and debris and were made with an integrated nose piece. Hackstadt said, had it not been for these glasses he would have lost an eye. Had he used his other prescription glasses with the nose pieces on the metal arms, they would have been driven into his eye.

The right type of safety glasses most likely saved Hackstadt’s vision. Hackstadt is now urging others with an active lifestyle to consider something more protective than standard retail prescription frames and lenses. Retail eyewear, regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, is built to minimum safety requirements. Safety eyewear, on the other hand, is regulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Design and performance standards exist for both frames and lenses to withstand high impact as well as coverage requirements. Thicker glass and plastic lenses have now primarily been replaced by thinner and stronger polycarbonate material. Many safety glasses also have lenses with high levels of sun and UV Ray protection for enhanced optical performance. Specialty safety eyewear companies can also offer lens treatments to reduce scratches and even anti-fog coatings. Every year more than 2 million eye injuries occur in the U.S. both in and outside the workplace. Many of these injuries could have been prevented by wearing safety glasses instead of regular retail eyewear. Yet there are those who hesitate to wear them calling the eyewear too bulky or unattractive.

However, today a small number of safety eyewear specialists manufacture safety frames that are extremely ergonomically known brand names.The latest safety eyewear manufactured by specialty prescription safety eyewear companies is indistinguishable from current sports designer styled frames. Unfortunately, you will not find these high fashion safety frame styles in retail optical outlets or local eye care professionals. Companies that specialize in prescription safety eyewear have been the leaders in the development of these fashion and high design styles. Whether you are a cyclist, hunter, fisherman, active in sports or simply mowing the lawn, the right pair of safety glasses should not be just an option, but a necessity. They can help enhance your performance, reduce your chance of eye injury, and, like Mr. Hackstadt, even save your eyesight. For more information: SafeVision, LLC ph: 314.961.7406 • Circle 69 on Card or

Virtual Security Badges

Using Your Existing Mobile devices.

Replacing traditional hard badging the virutal security badge supports and access control for secure facilities. When personal use an encrypted ID badge they can be tracked throughout a facility. The facility manger can gain real-time insight into visitor’s activity, which can prevent incidents and fraud.

The flexible system helps managing your mobile workforce. The electronic ID badge is capable of reporting information and has a management platform for construction and engineering field crews, contractors, vendors and analysts. Capbilities include mobile reporting, GPS tracking and seamless communication. This Security Badge has double verification capabilites which makes its harder to fake. The

system only requires a smartphone to control access, no badge printers, checkpoints or scanners required. The virutal badge will record how long each person in on-site and when. The badge can be programed to be turned off and on as needed. Work logs can be added along with photos of employees. Alerts can be sent when credentials are out of date.

Virtual Badge, 561/855-4222,

Circle 70 on Card or

Fall 2017


UniFlow Laboratory Fume Hoods

UniFlow AireStream low flow high performance fume hoods feature an exclusive all composite resin construction that is chemical resistant, flame retardant, lightweight, and meets UL 1805, SEFA 1, ASHRAE 110, and ANSI Z9.5 standards. These hoods have a molded one piece seamless composite resin interior fume chamber that has all coved corners and is white for superior light reflectivity. Available in sizes from 30” to 96” wide and in depths of 24” to 48”, and in CAV (air bypass) or VAV (restricted bypass) models.— HEMCO, 800/779-4362, Circle 71 on Card or

Vacuum Controller

The VC 900 vacuum control unit is designed to integrate with any diaphragm vacuum pump or house vacuum source. VC 900 vacuum control unit consists of two components; an interface controller that allows users to input settings and see the resulting performance values, and an operating unit which regulates the pump’s vacuum level based on interface controller inputs, via an integrated pressure sensor, vacuum valve, and ventilator valve. Lab personnel can operate the VC 900 vacuum controller using the touch display and rotary/push knob, or via PC by using the mini USB interface. The vacuum controller can be operated in four different modes. — KNF Neuberger Inc.,609/890-8600, Circle 72 on Card or

Safety Cutters

Klever Innovations safety cutters recessed blade design reduces laceration injuries and reduces product damage, saving companies money! Introducing the “New” Klever X-Change Plus view our full line of products at the link below.— Klever Innovations, 800/218-3068 , Circle 73 on Card or

Smoking Shelters

The company’s smoking shelters feature prefabricated sections that are easily installed. Options include designs, size, color, HVAC and lighting. They are a practical solution to accommodate smokers so that public spaces can remain smoke-free. The company has been designing and manufacturing outdoor glass and aluminum shelters for train stations and bus stops for more than 40 years.— Handi-Hut Inc., 800/603-6635, Circle 74 on Card or

Handy Pocket Kneeler with Lanyard

The Handy Pocket Kneeler is just the right size when working on one knee. It hangs handily on a belt loop, and clips on and off easily for quick and convenient knee protection. A full inch thick, it is made of closed cell foam rubber and designed for industrial use. — Working Concepts Inc., 888/456-3372, Circle 75 on Card or

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Inquire Online at




• JAN 22-24, 2018

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Inquire Online at GO Wipes Conference Nov 16-17, 2017 Frankfurt Germany

2017 Emergency Preparedness & Hazmat Response Conf Oct 17-19, 2017 Pittsburgh PA

4th China Intl Silver Industry Exhibition Nov 16-18, 2017 Guangzhou China

IFMA (Intl Facility Mgmnt Assoc) World Workplace Conf Oct 18-20, 2017 Houston TX

Labshow 2017 Nov 16-19, 2017 Izmir Turkey

2017 Chem Show Oct 31-Nov 2, 2017 New York City NY

PowerGen 2017 Dec 5-7, 2017 Las Vegas NV

ISA Process Control and Safety Symposium and Exhibition Nov 6-9, 2017 Houston TX

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Fundamentals in Industrial Ventilation Course Nov 6-10, 2017 Cincinnati OH 8th Intl Symposium on Recent Advances in Food Analysis Nov 7-10,l 2017 Prague, Czech Republic

International Production & Processing Expo 17 Lagus Applied technology Inc., 27 Live Pure Inc 4 AHR Expo 32 Pulsebac 10 Air Sampling Devices 4 R M Young 15 Analytical Technology Inc. ............ 36 Royal Products 35 Environmental Devices Corp. 35 SafeVision LLC 8 Environmental Information Association 31 SE International 15 Gas Clip Technologies 5 SKC Inc 3 Glove Guard LP 11 Superior Signal Co LLC ........................ 35 Handi Hut 35 Working Concepts Inc 11 Hemco 13 Honeywell Uvex 9 Honeywell 7

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Fall 2017


OIL MIST & SMOKE IN YOUR SHOP? Tel: 1-800-645-4174

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Professional Air Flow Studies

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Industrial Hygiene News 12/13 SMOKE TEST: Flues, Exhausts, Vents, Furnaces, Ducts, Plumbing Test to meet NFPA, OSHA, EPA & ASHRAE Standards


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Personal Silica Monitor: Model SM-4000 The Only Real-Time Sampler On The Market To Offer:

• An optical sensor mounted in the OSHA defined breathing zone • Accepts any standard 37mm or 25mm pre-loaded filter cassette • Validated sampler meets the ISO 7708 Standard • Easy to clean optical sensor with calibration span verification

800.234.2589 |


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Ambient Air Monitoring Station

BUILD A COMPLETE AIR MONITORING STATION TO COMPLY WITH ANY SITE-SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS. • PM-10, PM-2.5 & TSP • Wi-Fi, Cellular and Global Data Access • Meteorological • Solar, AC, and • 20 Gases Battery Power • Calibrated for US EPA • Portable & Affordable and EU Directives

800.234.2589 | Circle 82 on Card or


Toxic & Combustible Gas XMTR


pH/ORP Monitor

“Smart Sensor” Technology

Non-Contact Conductivity System

Self-Cleaning pH System The Q46P/R Monitors enhance the reliability of long-term pH or ORP measurement by providing automatic sensor cleaning.

ATI’s Model Q46CT employs an inductive (toroidal) sensor that allows measurement in corrosive samples with virtually no maintenance.

Model D12 Gas Transmitters provide the ultimate in application flexibility.




• Interchangeable “Smart Sensors” • Internal Data-Logger • Automatic Sensor “bump test”

• Auto-ranging LCD Display • Multiple Mounting Styles Available • Analog or Digital Outputs

• “Q-Blast” Air-Blast Sensor Cleaning System • Differential pH and ORP Sensors • Sealed Reference Prevents Sensor Contamination



Gas Sampling System

with Interchangeable Sensors

The Dri-Gas sampling system draws gas samples from high humidity vent stacks, ducts, wet wells, or other humid locations. FEATURES • Condensing Water Vapor Removed Continuously • Gas Sensor “Blinding” Eliminated • Options for 120 VAC or 230 VAC Operation

Modular Gas Detector with Optional Auto-Test GasSens systems are ideal for multi-point gas detection requirements.

Model PortaSens II

FEATURES • Optional Auto-Test eliminates manual sensor bump-testing • Low & High range measurement with the same instrument

Toxic Gas Transmitter HartTM or ModbusTM Interface With the F12 Transmitter, monitoring toxic gases in the workplace has never been easier.

The PortaSens II Detector provides a flexible tool for locating the source of toxic gas leaks from storage cylinders, process machinery, gas generation equipment or piping systems. Smart interchangeable sensors allow one instrument to be used for a variety of gas detection requirements. Data-Logger comes standard. FEATURES • Interchangeable “Smart Sensors” for Over 30 Gases • Internal Sample Pump and External Sampling Wand • Visual and Audible Alarms • Internal Data-Logger with RS-232 Output

FEATURES • Accepts up to 32 different toxic gas sensors • Loop-Powered Transmitter or AC Power with Relays • Exclusive “Auto-Test” sensor self-test option

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Industrial Hygiene News Fall 2017  
Industrial Hygiene News Fall 2017