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Spiderweb Munch Makes 12 servings 2

Halloween Treats

cups (12-oz pkg) NestlĂŠ Toll House Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels


cup creamy peanut butter, divided

1/3 cup powdered sugar 3

cups toasted rice cereal

HEAT morsels and 3/4 cup peanut butter in small, heavyduty saucepan over low heat, stirring constantly until smooth; remove from heat. Add sugar; stir vigorously until smooth. PLACE cereal in large bowl. Add 1 cup melted chocolate Photo courtesy of NestlĂŠ mixture; stir until evenly coated. Place on ungreased baking sheet. Using small metal spatula, shape into 10-inch circle with slightly raised 1-inch-wide border. Pour remaining chocolate mixture in center of circle; spread to border. FOR SPIDERWEB: PLACE remaining peanut butter in small, heavy-duty plastic bag. Cut tiny corner from bag; squeeze to pipe concentric circles on top of chocolate. Using wooden pick or tip of sharp knife, pull tip through peanut butter from center to border. Refrigerate for 30 minutes or until firm. Cut into wedges.

Nutrition Information per serving: 320 calories; 170 calories from fat; 19g total fat; 7g saturated fat; 0mg cholesterol; 150mg sodium; 32g carbohydrate; 3g fiber; 19g sugars; 7g protein; 15% Iron


Editor’s Note

Dear Friends and Readers,


here’s a change in the air. Fall is finally here, bringing with it all the wonder of the start of the holiday season.

It’s hard to believe that there are only two more months before the year is over. Time really does fly.

Our magazine has been out for four months and the reception we have gotten from the community has been overwhelming. With each issue, we strive to become better and provide more content...relevant content for our growing number of readers.

Big plans are in the works for the coming months! For now, we are happy to bring you our October issue!

So many activities are on track for October and we profile two of them: The Laredo Bucks whose season starts October 23 and the Laredo Center for the Arts who celebrates its 17th year in the community. We also feature Halloween recipes, our amazing columnists and much more.

Remember to follow us on Twitter and Facebook and check out our website periodically as it is updated regularly to offer you community news, calendar of events, pet tips, recipes and so much more.

A great big thanks to our readers! Enjoy the cooling months, the holiday season and the Laredo Bucks!

All the best,

Claudia Perez Rivas Editor-in-Chief & Publisher


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Eerie Halloween Eats

Halloween Treats

Mix It Up with Jenny Harper

It's true - the kitchen is the heart of the home. Ever notice how people always gather there? Whether baking treats, making dinner or spending time with family and friends, the kitchen is my favorite place to be. Since my day job is Consumer Test Kitchen Project Manager for the Nestlé Test Kitchens, you can bet I love to stir things up. This column lets me pass along to you some of my best recipes, tips and baking secrets. Make no bones about it, it's time to conjure up some creepy cuisine for a ghoulishly good Halloween party for the kids. In addition to making the tasty recipes below, here are some other fun ways to turn ordinary munchies into something monstrously yummy. 

Make a bone-chilling witches brew by serving your favorite punch in a black cauldron. Use Halloween-themed ice cube trays to make ice shaped like bones or skulls.

Turn a basic cream cheese fruit dip into a devilish slime dip by mixing in some neon green food coloring.

Use Halloween cookie cutters to cut soft sandwiches and cheese slices into spooky shapes like ghosts, bats and pumpkins. You can use them to make homemade tortilla chips, too.

To scare up some more Halloween recipes and ideas, visit Spooky Graveyard Pie Makes 8 servings 3 cups (about 32) finely ground chocolate sandwich cookies, divided 3 tablespoons melted butter 1 can (12 fluid ounces) Nestlé Carnation Evaporated Milk 1 3/4 cups (11.5-oz pkg) Nestlé Toll House Milk Chocolate Morsels 2 large egg yolks 2 tablespoons cornstarch 8 chocolate filled vanilla wafer cookies Black and purple decorator writing gels Assorted Nestlé Halloween Candies

COMBINE 1 1/2 cups cookie crumbs and butter in 9-inch pie plate. Press crumb mixture onto bottom and upsides of pie plate. Set aside remaining 1 1/2 cups crumbs for dirt topping.

Photo courtesy of Nestlé

WHISK together evaporated milk, egg yolks and cornstarch in medium saucepan. Heat over medium-low heat, stirring constantly, until mixture is very hot and thickens slightly; do not boil. Remove from heat; stir in morsels until completely melted and mixture is smooth. POUR into crust. Sprinkle with remaining 1 1/2 cups cookie crumbs. Press crumbs down gently. Refrigerate for 3 hours or until set. DECORATE cookie tombstones with writing gels as desired; let set. Insert tombstones around edge of pie. With spoon, mound cookie crumbs to form "fresh graves." Decorate graveyard with candy to make the pie as spooky as you want it to be! Nutrition Information per serving: 560 calories; 260 calories from fat; 29g total fat; 16g saturated fat; 90mg cholesterol; 350mg sodium; 70g carbohydrate; 2g fiber; 44g sugars; 10g protein; 15% Calcium; 10% Iron

Jenny Harper is Consumer Test Kitchen Project Manager for the Nestlé Test Kitchens and


Courtesy of Laredo Center for the Arts Written by Claudia Perez Rivas

Seventeen years ago, a local artist named Anne B. Vela, noticed a thriving underground art scene in Laredo. Unfortunately, the community was not always aware of the wonderful exhibits, performances or educational opportunities that were available. Driven by the desire to expand Laredo‘s art culture, she along with other community members, joined together to form the Laredo Center for the Arts in September 1993. Established with assistance from the City of Laredo and contributions from local corporations, foundations and individuals, the Laredo Center for the Arts hosts a variety of artistic and cultural events, including international art exhibitions, dance performances, art history lectures, and musical performances. New programs have been added to enhance the art experience for children and adults alike, such as classes in music, painting, theatre and literature. The Center has also expanded their art genres with musical performances, theatre presentations and lectures by local and out of town authors. The Center also houses the Webb County Heritage Foundation, and a gallery for the Laredo Art League. The Center manages three galleries: the Goodman Gallery, the Lilia G. Martinez Gallery and the Community Gallery which is dedicated to showing the work of local student artists. The most recent addition to the Center is the Book Nook Bookstore, which opened in April 2010, soon after Laredo lost its only bookstore. This month, the Center will be hosting a dual celebration to commemorate 17 years of bringing the Arts to Laredo. 10

The dual celebration will be on Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 and will consist of Tequila at Twilight Street Party and Splendors of the Art Spirits. The Tequila at Twilight will be a fun-filled event with food, drinks, prizes and a costume contest. The Splendors of the Art Spirits will showcase 18 Laredo artists who have donated original artwork to be raffled at midnight on the night of the street party. The 18 artists are: Christina Castillon, Clara Contreras, Jessica Diez Barroso, Alyssa Esparza, Felipe Esparza, Anna E. Garcia, Patty L. Goldberg, Linda LaMantia, Mona Mendoza, Angie Moore, Francisca Palacios, Maru Alexander-Portillo, Mary Quiros, Miki Rodriguez, Laura Salido, Caren Schmidt, Cristina Zorrilla Speer, and founder Anne Brennan Vela. The Center looks to create more visibility through outreach programs, bookstore, and exhibits as well as continue to serve the community, said Executive Director Gabriel Castillo. Long-term plans of the Center include to become a stronger and more integral part of the community where every Laredoan (artist or non-artist) can come and enjoy a multitude of events, exhibits, and fun-filled activities for the family and also serve as a source of inspiration for young and future artists, he added. Vela‘s vision of bringing the art scene to the mainstream has given Laredoans an opportunity to experience a wide variety of cultural exhibits and programs. The Center offers other types of events and activities such as theatrical plays, musical concerts, book signings, poetry slams (readings), painting classes, meditation classes, art lessons and community-related events that help other great causes. The Laredo Center for the Arts hopes to continue to improve and bring new programs to the community, however, being a non-profit organization, it is the uncertainty of tomorrow‘s grant or tomorrow‘s donation that continues to be an obstacle for its growth, says Castillo. ―It is our vision and our hope that we continue to add to our programs and be able to reach every man, woman and child through our love for the Arts and Humanities,‖ Castillo added. For more information on the Center‘s October celebrations please call (956) 727-1715.

Executive Director, Gabriel Castillo Courtesy of Laredo Center for the Arts


By Patricia Driscoll

―You guys are going to ANOTHER birthday party this weekend?‖ I had been talking on the phone with a friend of mine who just moved to Ohio with her family. She couldn‘t believe that we, yet again, were preparing to attend another birthday bash here in Laredo. It seems that every time I talk to her, I‘m conveying some new fabulous time we‘ve had at another great party venue. Between neighbors, work associates, school classmates and the local Newcomers and Friends of Laredo Group, we have been invited to nearly twice as many parties as months we have lived here. Laredo has proven a well-spring of frivolity. Who would have thought this relatively small city could offer its children so many celebratory opportunities? I‘m recounting some of the best party ideas and venues we‘ve experienced in our short time here: The Bounce-House Party: I can honestly say that the overwhelming majority of parties we have attended include some variation of a bounce house. I‘ve seen bounce house castles, bounce houses that spray water, multi-tiered bounce-houses and bounce houses filled with little plastic balls. Bounce houses are not really party options anymore as much as they have become modern-day birthday party entitlements. I say that in jest. But, how many parties have you attended that DIDN‘T have one? Bounce-house manufacturers recognize this generational craze and have, most impressively, engineered them to be marvels of remarkable tensile strength. I have seen bounce-houses withstand teams of determined pre-teen children who stretched and pulled one side of the roof down in order to release it in an instant to create the blissful effect of catapulting the occupants in every possible direction. In a strange and unspoken pre-teen logic, it appears (to me) that mid-air collisions are not only a twisted bonus, but proof of a particularly successful human sling-shot experiment. Parents, of course, always put a stop to such unadvisable behavior immediately. And, yes, I still let my toddlers bop around in bouncehouses after seeing things like that. However, I let them go in with children of like size, which means they are all several years from even touching the roof at the apex of their highest jump. If you are looking for a bounce-house, you can find suppliers via an internet search using keywords ―Laredo Party Rentals‖ or I‘m sure you can ask any random stranger where to rent one. Bounce-houses are the new universal symbol of birthday parties. The Kiddie-Pool Party: During the summer, my kids were invited to a cozy home party. Our friends had set-up an overhead tarp in their backyard to provide shade for the small children playing in the inflatable kiddie pool. They had also set up one of those giant inflatable water slides that are often available via rental companies, but which are increasingly available in stores to buy. 12

To avoid puncturing delicate bare feet with spiny burrs that plague all Laredo lawns, they laid a simple tarp under the pool that spread across to the water slide. The tarp doubled as a sort of improvised wet-n-wild mat and transported squealing children on their slick bellies between one water attraction and the other. For every child, there was, of course, at least one parent lifeguard carefully observing and actively deterring trips to the emergency room. There was cake, a piñata, and chicken fingers. The party was brilliant in its simplicity. The kids kept themselves completely entertained and only risked serious bodily injury on occasion. It was fantastic. The Pool Party: The pool party is always a hit with the kids and Laredo weather is particularly agreeable for this kind of celebration, even well into Fall. Pool parties, as all parties, do require parental vigilance. I recall one instance where my daughter attempted to demonstrate how well she could float without support in the deep-end of the pool at a party. She found that she was not terribly buoyant without her floaties. That experience was a little scary for me as the parent of child who has taken swimming lessons, but who has not graduated past bubble-blowing. So, until my children become certified life-guards, you may recognize them at future pool parties. They will be the ones who resemble mini-Michelin Men with their life vests, arm floaties, and one of those giant Styrofoam tubes duct taped around each of their torsos. Kidding aside, we love pool parties. We attended one where the kids rotated between the pool, the bounce house, and a trampoline. Thankfully, our friends kept the trampoline more than ―jumping-off‖ distance away from the pool. Although, I‘m sure the layout was not at all agreeable to the danger-loving children who would have preferred to ricochet between the bounce house and trampoline before belly-flopping into the pool. As with bounce-house logic, mid-air collisions would probably be considered an added and very cool bonus. The Craft Party: We do a lot of crafts in our family. It‘s a fun way to pass the time while interacting with the kids. We decided to throw a craft party and molded the activities to my daughter‘s preferred theme: Snow White. To gain some ideas, I consulted a website dedicated to child birthday party ideas called This site is a great resource for all parents. Parents post their party plans and provide valuable lessons learned to save the rest of us from costly mistakes. I borrowed a couple of craft ideas from the site and added a few of my own. The kids used cheap sifter tools to mine for ―jewels‖ bought in bulk at the Hobby Lobby which were buried in inexpensive kiddie pools filled with sand. We dipped and decorated caramel ―poison‖ apples. Party favors consisted of home-made craft ―magic mirror‖ kits for the kids to decorate using the jewels they collected in the mining activity.

Patricia Driscoll writes from Laredo, where she lives happily with her husband, two children, two cats, a millipede, three hermit crabs and the occasional domesticated scorpion.

The kids spent a lot of time in the sand boxes, eating caramel apples, and they did a lot of bouncing. You guessed it- We, too, rented a bounce-house. The Themed “Not-At-Home” Party: In the last few months, we have been invited to a couple of spectacular parties at a place called ―A Bien Tot: The Party Place‖. Parties at this location are great for large groups as there is a sizeable seating area for adults and several toddler-sized tables. There is a play area complete with an indoor playground, play kitchen and sundry other toys to occupy a large group of children. The party we attended contained a bounce house, of course! My kids were enthralled. We‘ve been to a couple of parties at this venue but one stands out: A Fairy and Gnome party. I do not exaggerate when I say that there were trees with sprawling lifelike canopies constructed entirely of realisticallycolored balloons from floor to ceiling, giant Paper Mache mushroom centerpieces on each table topped with handcrafted fairies wearing iridescent fairy wings, and make your own party-favor gift bags. We used delicate tongs to select tiny Mexican wedding cookies, giant pink marshmallows, assorted malted milk balls, and gourmet lollipops for placement into conical cellophane bags. It was quite detailed and classy. All the little girls wore fairy wings. All the little boys wore gnome hats. A professional face painter transformed all the children into walking works of art. It was a tad ironic that Tinkerbell is supposed to be the size of a thimble, but she stood over five feet tall in the form of the most ornate piñata I had ever seen. The location had been transformed into a mystical fairyland. It was enchanting. We really had no idea what to expect when we arrived at the party because my husband and I had actually never met the people throwing it. We had been invited because my daughter attended preschool with the birthday girl. We had a blast, of course, but we did learn a valuable lesson that day. When attending a party thrown by people you have never met, it‘s not a bad idea to leave the flip-flops and well-worn denim at home. We were a smidge under-dressed for the event. And by a smidge, I mean a whole lot. 13

The Bowling Party: Until my kids received an invitation from a work friend to go to a bowling party, my husband and I had not even considered going to the bowling alley. We didn‘t even know one existed in Laredo. It was one of our great new discoveries. We had tremendous fun at Jett Bowl North. I admit that this is one party that did NOT have a bounce house. That is not to say that it is impossible to fit one into the building. I think I spied a spot between the kiddie quarter car rides and the bathroom that could accommodate a small one. Adults would just have to pass through it to get into and out of the restroom. Our children loved the kiddie bumpers that enabled the colorful bowling balls to stay more or less on course. We only had to fetch the manager twice because the kids pushed the ball so weakly that it came to a dead stop halfway down the lane. Now, we intend to make bowling a regular family activity, especially at night, when the place goes fluorescent. Once my husband and I get really good at bowling, we plan to stop using the kiddie bumpers, too. The Imaginarium Party: We are members of The Imaginarium and spend many hours there every week. We have not actually been invited to a party there, but we have observed several wonderful parties from the sidelines. You can find rates and details to host an Imaginarium party by contacting them at (956)728-0404. Rates differ for members and nonmembers but with a $100 deposit, you can lock in a twohour time frame for your party guests to explore the activities at the museum. One of the best things to consider about having a party at The Imaginarium is that your child receives a great, stimulating party and your money supports a valuable non-profit organization in Laredo. They are fabulous! I am certain that there are likely many more party locations and party ideas in Laredo that are waiting to be experienced in the coming years. One thing is certain, every party is sensational because it makes the birthday child feel special and loved. Every party we‘ve attended has been vastly different from every other one, but each leaves an indelible, happy impression about Laredo and its residents. On another note, birthday parties have become so commonplace that I have adopted the habit of purchasing random gifts in anticipation of the next birthday party whenever there is a great discount. I‘ve bought puzzles 75% off at TJ Maxx and Ross costing fewer than five dollars. I cleaned out Toys ‗R Us when they had $20 stained glass vase painting kits on sale for 99 cents each. I did the same when Target was selling $40 Star Wars Storm Trooper helmets for 9 bucks. When I find these deals, you can hear the endorphins whistling in my brain from San Antonio. Our home office is teeming with this discounted stuff. We have learned that, in Laredo, the next party is right around the street corner and possibly tomorrow. So, if we happen to be invited to your child‘s next birthday party, don‘t be surprised if I ask if your kid is into crafts, puzzles, or Star Wars. I think that‘s it for this month. I need to run. I have a puzzle to wrap. Hello Kitty Party is tomorrow. Seriously!

Written by Claudia Perez Rivas Photos courtesy of the Laredo Bucks 14


It‘s that time again! Are you ready? The Laredo Bucks Hockey Team is gearing up for its ninth season, its ninth successful season, that is. Through the years, the Bucks have grown to become a very integral part of the Laredo community. Its majority owner, Glenn Hart had a vision for a sports arena, to provide quality entertainment to the Laredo area using a formula similar to Houston‘s Greenway Plaza. As a result, Hart has managed to bring professional Hockey to the forefront of our community. But this vision did not come about quickly. ―We approached the City in May 1999 with the idea. Mayor Flores immediately embraced the idea, and became a leading advocate of the project to build the arena. The arena actually opened in November 2002.‖ Hart said. Hockey arrived to Laredo just a few short years later and Laredoans have embraced the Bucks ever since. "I knew it would be popular, but it was beyond my most optimistic beliefs. I am still amazed to this day going into our ninth season about how strong the awareness and love for the Bucks is in Laredo." Hart said. Under the guidance of Coach Terry Ruskowski, the Bucks have won two CHL President's Cup Championships (2004, 2006), four straight Southern Conference Championships (2004-2007), five straight Southeast Division Championships (2004-present), and the 2004 Governor's Cup (regular season Championship). ―Coach Rosco‖ is also general manager of the Laredo Bucks and in September 2007 he signed a lifetime contract to coach the franchise. "Laredo is a wonderful City and I'm proud to say it's been my home for almost 10 years. Everyone here is genuine, caring, and make you feel like family. Actually, they are family. I tell players that I'm trying to recruit that once they come to Laredo they won't want to go anywhere else because the people are so great to us. We want to thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their continued support of the Laredo Bucks, we want to make them proud of us." Ruskowski added. The Bucks have always strived to make their games familyfriendly and affordable by keeping their price unchanged for four straight seasons. Also, for the third straight season, the Bucks and the Laredo Energy Arena will offer the ―One Buck Dollar Menu‖ for every event at the LEA. "Every Laredo Bucks game throughout the year is a family event. We have a family section at Laredo Energy Arena where no swearing or alcohol is allowed so it will be a fun, 16

family atmosphere. There are certain games that we have huge slides and games for the kids to play on outside the arena before the game starts. We hold events at the arena and in the community where families can bring their kids to meet coach, the players and Bucky. Families mean a lot to us and we want to see lots of them here having a great time together at Bucks' games." said Bryan Benway, Director of Media Relations and Broadcasting. The Laredo Bucks takes care of its community by participating in many local events year-round. The Bucks have been heavily involved in the Laredo community since 2001. The Bucks front office, coaching staff, players and Bucky appeared at over 200 events in 200910, and look forward to many more. The Front office, coaching staff, players, and Bucky spend time speaking at numerous civic organization engagements and play active roles as members of local non-profit organizations. During the 2009-10 season the Bucks were involved in events that benefited ALS, the Saint Jude Children‘s Hospital, WINGS, The Make-a-Wish Foundation, The Laredo Animal Protective Society, the South Texas Food Bank, Juvenile Diabetes (JDRF), Autism awareness and Sacred Heart Children‘s Hospital, to name a few, Benway added. The Bucks organization also takes pride in speaking at local schools, and visiting hospitals in the Laredo community. In 2009-10 the Bucks appeared at over 30 Laredo schools in various capacities, whether it was a career day celebration, Children‘s Book Week, Read across America Week, playing floor hockey, or helping students prepare for the TAKS tests, and much more. Returning players embrace Laredo as their home away from home. "We've always said that Laredo Bucks fans are the best fans in the CHL. They are passionate and they let us know that they really love the Bucks. It feels like home here, I've lived here for eight years now and absolutely love it in Laredo." said player Jeff Bess. The Bucks will hold the first-ever Legends Night during the October 23rd home opener at Laredo Energy Arena. Several legendary players from the first eight seasons will return and will be honored throughout the night when the Bucks host Rio Grande Valley. Group tickets start at just $10. Bucks‘ legends that are returning to Laredo that night are Chris Grenville, David Guerrera, Steve Simoes, Mike Amodeo, Igor Agarunov, Paul Elliott, and other players to be announced. So let‘s start the season! Go Bucks!


Spanish Bits

Usted trabaja duro. Llega temprano y se va tarde de la oficina. En casa continúa trabajando por medio del Blackberry o su computadora portátil. Y sin embargo, ve que los demás crecen mientras que su carrera se mantiene estancada. ¿Cuál es el problema? Según Darren Hardy, editor de la Revista Éxito (Success), usted puede comenzar a lograr más haciendo menos. ―Este comportamiento de constante ocupación en realidad puede desviarlo de sus goles; sobrecargar su sistema físico, sicológico y emocional; e incluso dañar o destruir relaciones,‖ escribe Hardy en la edición de Octubre de la Revista Éxito. Las personas súper exitosas en realidad trabajan menos que muchas otras — pero logran mucho más en menos cantidad de tiempo. Así que en vez de llenar cada instante de trabajo, concéntrese en estar menos ocupado, aunque más productivo. Hardy ofrece los siguientes consejos para los estadounidenses que esperan obtener más de su tiempo: 

Deje de hacer cosas que le hacen perder el tiempo. Necesita descifrar que necesita dejar de hacer para darle espacio a las actividades que le brindaran éxito. ―La única forma que puede adquirir más tiempo es dejando de hacer algo más,‖ dice Hardy.

Ponga un filtro de basura en su vida. Empiece a filtrar solicitudes entrantes – identifique quien y que es importante antes de acceder ir a actividades y proyectos.

Simplemente diga ―no‖. No se llene de compromisos para satisfacer a los demás. Cuando usted dice ―si‖ a solicitudes que no promueven sus objetivos, se está diciendo ―no‖ a usted mismo.

Reciba lo que pueda tolerar. En la vida, usted recibe lo que acepta — si tolera la falta de respeto, los demás le faltarán al respeto. La vida se organizará alrededor de los estándares que usted ponga, así que establezca estándares altos. No tolere pérdidas de tiempo o reclamos irracionales.

Aprenda a delegar. Si usted permite que otros ejecuten sus ideas, usted se puede enfocar en las exigencias más importantes en su tiempo.

Aprenda a valorar el tiempo libre. El tomar tiempo para disfrutarse no significa que sea perezoso, es una parte vital para volverse productivo. Trabajar sin parar le destruirá la creatividad. Se cansará y por ende será menos productivo. Es mejor programar tiempo de descanso y poder regresar al trabajo rejuvenecido. ―El tiempo de descanso es un componente importante para los duros logros y la productividad,‖ dice Hardy.

Para leer el artículo completo de Hardy, ―Logre Más Haciendo Menos,‖ y para recibir mayor información sobre cómo convertirse exitoso en la vida, visite Courtesy of NewsUSA


Spanish Bits

Los problemas económicos han hecho cambiar la manera de pensar de las personas sobre cómo gastar. Ahora muchos estadounidenses están dependiendo en las tarjetas de prepago para controlar sus gastos y presupuesto. Las tarjetas de pre pago con marcas (tarjetas con el logo de American Express, Discover, MasterCard o Visa) requieren de fondos precargados, para que no sean descubiertos. Las tarjetas pueden ser utilizadas en cualquier lugar que acepten el logo. Un estudio de comparación directa publicado en Octubre por G. Michael Flores de Bretton Woods, Inc., una empresa de gestión de asesoramiento especializada en instituciones financieras, muestra que aquellos con cuentas de cheques pagan más por servicios similares que los usuarios de tarjetas de pre pago con marcas. La investigación de Flores encontró que los clientes de bancos pagan $200 hasta $350 anualmente por una cuenta de cheques básica. Los usuarios de las tarjetas de prepago con depósito directo, pagan $110 a $210 anualmente. Los consumidores que dependen de los servicios de cambio de cheques y órdenes de dinero para cumplir con sus obligaciones mensuales también pueden cortar costos al utilizar las tarjetas pre pagadas. Muchos programas de pre pago permiten depósito de planilla automático, así que el dinero está disponible en la tarjeta en día de pago. ―Mientras que las tarjetas de pre pago no deberían ser consideradas como un reemplazo a las cuentas de cheques en todas las circunstancias, podemos ver que los clientes estan encontrando un sin número de maneras para utilizar la tarjeta y promover sus responsabilidades fiscales y un presupuesto inteligente,‖ dijo Kirsten Trusko, Presidente y Director Ejecutivo de la Asociación de Tarjetas prepagadas de marca compartida ( . ―Las familias adquieren las tarjetas pre pagadas y cargan la asignación de gastos para el mes, los profesionales tiene sus cheques de pago depositados directamente en estas para evitar el tiempo de espera al momento de hacer efectivo el cheque o los cargos del Cajero automático, y los consumidores bajo cuentas bancarias utilizan las tarjetas de pre pago para evitar los costos y molestias de los servicios de cambio de cheques,‖ agrego Trusko. El NBPCA ofrece los siguientes consejos para ahorrar y presupuestar con tarjetas de pre pago: 

Deposite directamente los cheques de pago en la tarjeta para acceso inmediato a los fondos.

Cargue únicamente el monto que su familia utilizara cada mes.

Utilice las tarjetas de pre pago en vez de cheques bancarios para hacer pagos de cuentas automáticamente y monitoréelo cuidadosamente en línea.

Dele a sus adolecentes tarjetas pre pagadas para enseñarles sobre la responsabilidad de utilizar una tarjeta. Y dejen que carguen las tarjetas con su propio dinero.

Haga pagos digitales sin el riesgo de sobregiros de tarjetas de crédito.

Encuentra accesos fáciles a pagos digitales, aun cuando la calificación de tarjetas de crédito se vuelve más estricta.

Courtesy of NewsUSA 19

Written by Dr. Cristina Cantu, ND Naturopathic Doctor

Foods That Will Change Your Life What you feed your body three times a day, 365 days a year can be the most powerful determinant of how you‘ll look and feel, and even how long and well you‘ll live. The good news? You have complete control over this. Want to look and feel younger, have more energy, and lower your risk for cancer and heart disease? No? You enjoy looking older than you really are, you are quite satisfied with parking it on the couch every night because you‘re exhausted from filing paperwork (Seriously? Why?), and you‘ll roll the dice with all that other stuff? If this sounds like you, stop reading this now and start an active prayer practice. Because you‘ll need it, friend. Otherwise, read on to discover common, everyday foods that have the potential to radically transform your life for the better….if you let them. Avocadoes: also known as Nature‘s Butter. This powerful fruit contains monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats and beta-sitosterol….translation? Super good for your heart and a cholesterol buster to boot. They also have vitamin E, potassium and fiber making their punch extra powerful against high blood pressure and strokes. The avocado doesn‘t stop there, though. It is also rich in lutein, a powerful antioxidant that protects the eyes from age related macular degeneration and cataracts. An avocado a day really could keep the doctor away. Pomegranates: unless you live under a rock, you‘ve noticed the buzz around this fruit lately. Naturally high in polyphenols, this fruit has been shown to help fight free radical damage, which affects the process of aging and cancer production. That‘s right….protect yourself against cancer, and look good doing it. Pass the Pom! Broccoli: the heavyweight contender in the fight against cancer. Not only does it destroy cancer producing compounds in your body, it cleans up its own mess that it may have made during the battle. (Think about it…just what exactly happens to the bad stuff all these good foods are supposed to destroy?) Steam it, stir fry it or bake it. However you get it in your diet, get it in today. Blueberries: the ultimate warrior against oxidative stress, which we‘ve already learned makes you look and feel older inside and out. Research has shown that ½ cup of blueberries has been shown to reverse declining memory and poor coordination, while increasing feelings of well-being. It does this by increasing the brain‘s ability to maintain dopamine levels, which decline as you age. If that isn‘t enough for you, they‘ve recently been discovered to halt the growth of breast cancer cells. Cool, huh? 20

Flaxseeds: a great plant source of omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to help lower the incidence of heart disease, strokes and various mental/emotional concerns. Its also been shown to lower cholesterol, inhibit breast tumor growth, and improve gastrointestinal regularity. A couple of spoonfuls of this twice a day will go a long way. Grind it first, though. Otherwise, all this goodness just passes you by….literally. Garlic: garlic has been proven to fight cancer, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, fight viral, fungal and bacterial infections and improve your overall immunity. Throw it in your stir fry or eat it raw! A clove a day (raw and crushed) during flu season is a time honored practice utilized by many looking to protect themselves and their families from the flu bug. There‘s just nothing wrong with this food at all. Stay away from it on a first date, though. She might not find your flu fighting ways sexy enough to withstand. Ginger: recent studies have proven that ginger is just as effective as aspirin at preventing blood clotting, making it useful against heart disease and heart attacks. It also lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol, decreases triglyceride levels and reduces atherosclerosis. Need more? It has powerful antioxidants that have been shown to significantly slow the growth of tumors. Extra bonus: It tastes good, too! Salmon: Ahh, my favorite sea creature. Eating a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids (high in salmon) is not only heart healthy, it may also reduce the symptoms of some autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and asthma. It also raises docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) levels in the brain, which have been demonstrated to be low in those suffering from Alzheimer‘s disease. Make sure you buy this wild caught from the Alaskan Ocean, though. Otherwise, the benefit might not outweigh the risk of eating a mercury laden fish.

Green and black tea: sisters from the same plant, these teas both have powerful antioxidants that may inhibit lung, breast and digestive cancers. They also prevent heart disease, reduce diabetes and obesity, and protect the body from aging. Drink my way to youth, you say? Well, if you drink it, it also protects you from osteoporosis and tooth decay. If I can keep limber and all my teeth until I‘m called from this Earth, that sounds like youth to me. I‘d bathe in it if it weren‘t so expensive. I‘ll have to settle for cooking with it (yes, sprinkle leaves on meat and boil rice in it) and drinking it. Pumpkin: with Halloween just around the corner, these are in no small supply. While you may be more familiar with it in pie form or carving it with the kids, it has many more benefits that go further than holiday fun. They are rich in beta carotenes, which everyone knows are beneficial for your ocular health. (Good bye, expensive Lasik surgery) But you might not know about alpha carotenes (pumpkins are the best and most plentiful source for this), which have been discovered to be more powerful than its beta counterpart in fighting cancer. They are also full of vitamin C, potassium and zinc. Get creative this Halloween and make your pumpkin go the distance. Buy some to carve with the kids, but save the insides and roast or boil them. Then, add them to soups or salads for a naturally sweet flavor. Roast the seeds, too and sprinkle in your stir fry or veggie dish. Okay, okay use in your pumpkin pie too….but only one slice.

Dr. Cristina Cantu, ND Naturopathic Doctor Natural Health & Sports Massage Center 956.337.7911 Dr. Cristina Cantu is a board certified naturopathic doctor with a focus in classical homeopathy and clinical nutrition. She works with people of all ages addressing their acute and chronic concerns. Beyond naturopathic medicine, Dr. Cantu has many interests. She has a deep love for good food and is an ambitious cook. She loves animals and can be found walking the streets of Laredo with her miniature dachshund Cody. She enjoys the outdoors, is an avid reader and cherishes spending time with her family.


September Parent Basics: Name: Lisa Chappa Occupation: Program Director, Imaginarium of South Texas

Parenting Glimpse:

1. How many family members do you have? (Immediate family only) Four: Husband: Eduardo, Son: Andres (6 years), and Daughter: Rubye (3 years) 2. How would you describe your family? My husband is from Chile and I am from Seattle. We have no extended family close to here. We rely on close friends as if they were family. We are working parents who are grateful that our kids are in good hands while we work (Harmony Science Academy and Camilo Prada Child Development Center). I only work part time to have time with the kids for things like basketball and scouts. I try to be involved in their schools as much as possible. I‘m lucky to be able to take the kids to work with me – and they love it! 3. What makes you a great parent? I don‘t think that I‘m great, but I do think I‘m unique. My children volunteer with me, go to work with me, and spend time at home with me. There is not really any major part of my life that they are not part of. I hope that I set a good example for them through meaningful work and volunteering. 4. What do you enjoy most about being a parent? A new perspective on my life. Each day since I had my children has been so different from before. I no longer do things just for myself. My life has deeper meaning now. I know that my legacy is my children, and I love spending my days nurturing and forming that legacy. 5. What do you love best about your children? They are kind, caring, and generous. I am so proud of them when they reach out to befriend the new kid or ask for money to give to a homeless person. I also love that they both still love to snuggle. 6. What do you find irritating in other parents? That‘s easy - criticizing others. We are all doing our best as parents. We all want the best for our children. None of us knows what that other parent is going through, so lighten up, say a kind word, and be helpful if you can. Criticizing is not helpful! 7. What is the biggest parenting mistake you’ve ever made? I make plenty of mistakes. I find I regret more the things I haven‘t done than things I have done. My biggest mistakes are not doing more of the things childhood is made of: nature walks, finger painting, splashing in the rain, building forts, etc. 8. What is your wish for your children? To be confident enough to do what they know is right and not be influenced by any negative forces around them. 9. How would you like your children to remember you? Generous, honest, kind, and loving. I hope they will remember that I volunteered to help others and worked to improve the community. That is what I remember most about my parents. 10. What is your advice to other parents? Feel good about doing your best – whatever that is. Do your best to be a good parent and surround yourself by others doing the same. Then feel proud of what you are doing and your children will notice that. 22

Halloween Tips

Most days, you probably want visitors to feel welcome and secure in your home. But one day a year, it's fun to scare the dickens out of them - so make the most of Halloween and all the good-natured frights that come along with the spookiest of holidays. While your neighbors may pull out all the stops decorating outdoors for Christmas, an over-the-top Halloween display can also earn you a place in neighborhood lore. The Halloween decor experts at online retailer offer some tips to consider as you create a spooky playground to impress the trick-or-treaters: * Know your audience. It might be a good idea to match the level of scary in your Halloween decorations with the age of the children you expect to come trick-or-treating. For younger children, think fun. Older kids might appreciate a good scare. * Choose a theme. Halloween is the perfect holiday for creativity, so when it comes to the front yard, don't limit yourself. Decorations that center around a theme are the most impactful and will delight children when walking to your doorstep. You could choose something as simple as a graveyard theme, leading visitors through a path of gravestones and creaky gates, with zombie decorations for good measure. Or use ideas from your favorite scary movie. If you need ideas, try browsing outdoor Halloween decor at online retailers like * Direct traffic. Now that you've chosen a theme, think about how you want your guests to experience it, beginning with the sidewalk and ending with your front door. For example, if you went with a Dracula theme you could lead your visitors to the front door with lights that resemble chandelier candles. Solar lanterns could also be used to light the path, as they won't leave you burning through batteries or electricity. Well lit signs could also be used to lead visitors through a scavenger hunt through your front yard. * Dress the part. To make your theme really work for you, wear a costume to the door that goes along with it. It's a great way to get in touch with your inner child and to thrill the kids in your neighborhood. * Safety first. While it's great to create the scariest yard on the block, you should also make sure it's safe. Walkways and hazards like ponds or stairs should be well lit. * Get help from nature. The trees in your yard make a great place to hang spooky decorations. Use old grass clippings to give a spookier feel to zombies and gravestones. You can use leaves as stuffing paper for bags and figurines, filling them with life. * Treats matter. We all know the number one reason kids look forward to Halloween is the bounty they'll bring home from a long night of trick-or-treating. Considering that everyone else will give out candy, make your house more memorable by giving a toy related to your theme. Or, give glow bracelets that are not only fun but will also keep them safe by making them visible in the dark. Courtesy ARA 23


Your F g n i d e Fe

Before you shop Make a grocery list. Sources have said consumers who shop with lists consistently save more and avoid impulse buys. If either you or your spouse is more prone to unneeded purchases, consider making your list together and having the more disciplined person shop. Check out the sale flyers of the stores you shop at. If you do not subscribe to a weekend newspaper, some stores may put them online. The H.E.B. chain local to Laredo puts its weekly sale flyer on their webpage. Consider a weekly meal plan, even if only a rough idea. This may allow you to plan around the weekly sale ads and specials. You may also try to save money by doing a few more meatless meals. Some major national retailers match their discounts to national coupon flyers. Some may even double the coupon value or match competitor prices. If this is the case in your area of the country, watch for these double discounts. If you are very undisciplined at the store, or can't avoid taking kids who may pressure you for extra items, you may save money by shopping online for some items where possible since it can be harder to impulse buy. Some retailers offer delivery service as well. Either option saves you the cost of fuel. Farmer‘s markets, co ops, bulk buying clubs and CSA (community supported agriculture) deliveries are terrific sources to purchase food for your family. The United States Department of Agriculture host links to various resources to learn more about community supported agriculture, which often means buying directly from local farmers. http://

By Gretchen Otto Pimentel

Packaging can be deceptive. Containers may be shaped in ways that may make it hard to compare amounts. Always look at the weight of the products on the label to clearly compare different brands. The larger looking package might not necessarily have more of the actual product in it. When shopping in bulk, be aware of pricing. Bigger packages are not always a better deal. Compare warehouse club prices to prices in your regular store for items you regularly buy. You might be surprised that the warehouse stores are not always the best deals on all things. Also, when buying in bulk, please consider whether you will use all of the product before it expires. If not then split it with a friend so you don‘t end up wasting it. In grocery stores, try to avoid the aisles. Costly convenience foods, prepared foods, and kids eye level ―teaser‖ foods are placed there. If you stay at the periphery of the store, you will find fresher, healthier options. Avoid shopping when hungry. If you must then consider shopping at a store with a café so you can get a quick bite before you begin. Shopping when very hungry might cause you to make impulse buys. Try to avoid grocery shopping with kids, if you give in to them. If you cannot avoid shopping with kids and they are young enough to sit in the cart with seatbelt attached, then they are less likely to pull things off shelves and sneak them into your cart. It may be possible to limit your older kids to one item of their choice, too.

There are a number of options around Laredo to purchase from truck stands selling produce or ordering good quality meat (often grass fed organic) and other items. Lobby your city council members for a full scale, large farmer‘s market. Consider also starting a food buying co op with friends. At the store Experiment with the best shopping times. Some people suggest that the best time can be Saturday night. Stores may be putting the next week's specials into the computer but haven't necessarily taken out the previous week's sales. So you might realize more savings on a wider variety of items. They also may be restocking everything at that time so it is not picked over. Stores are also much less crowded so that you don‘t have to waste time standing in line. Always shop with a calculator handy. Compare unit costs on items. 24

Gretchen Otto Pimentel, “Mrs. Green,” is a Laredo resident and freelance author. She is currently on hiatus from her legal career while at home with her young children. She enjoys researching and writing on family budgeting with a focus on choices that benefit the planet.

Forget brand loyalty. You may like a cheaper brand just as well if you try it. H.E.B. has fabulous clearance shelves in their stores. Discontinued items often have a black background with an orange star inside of it. The clearance price is hand-written inside the star. I group these items together and put these items last on the conveyor belt in the check out line so that I am sure that I am paying attention and they ring into the register correctly. Sometimes the new clearance price has not been put into the computer. If you can‘t find such a clearance shelf, ask an employee. Always watch the prices on the display screen to make sure they are correct as they go into the computer. Also be sure to watch carefully to make sure all in store coupons have been credited correctly. Manufacturers coupons that are attached right to the packaging can especially be very easy for a cashier to miss. If you go through the self check out lanes, be aware that clearance prices are not always put into the computer correctly so that you might have to keep calling a supervisor over to correct prices. If you regularly purchase a lot of clearance items, it may be best to just go through the regular check out lines. Check your receipt BEFORE you leave the store. You will be more likely to dispute an incorrect charge if you do it right then instead of waiting for another trip. Some stores have a price guarantee that gives you a 100% refund of their mistake so you may get the item for FREE! Make your purchases WORK in several ways Some schools have special deals with stores that they can get credit on your purchases. Check if your school does this, or try to start such a program. Some schools, churches or other non-profits might also collect box tops or other proof of purchase on certain items to earn benefits. Sign up for sites like so you can earn from your purchases. Use your credit card to get airline miles or other incentives. Interest on the credit card balance will negate any incentives you might earn, though, so consider this option only if you can pay off the balance on your card every month. Some stores offer a ―shoppers club card‖ for additional discounts. ―Bargains” that aren’t Processed, pre-packaged food of minimal nutrional value is never a bargain, no matter how inexpensive a serving may be. Be sure to read labels and know how many actual nutrients you are getting per ounce. Cook homemade foods from scratch. You can chop enough fresh vegetables for two batches at a time and freeze one or use the chopped veggies combined with something else in the crock pot the next day. Figure in your long term health benefits leading to savings when you buy locally grown produce and at least some fresh organic produce for the family. 25

You can save elsewhere to make up for buying quality fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products. You can skip the very expensive and nutritionally deficient and over-packaged foods such as soda pop and pre-packaged convenience foods. Drinking more water, for example, is far better for you than soft drinks. Convenience foods like jarred ―baby food‖ are also an unnecessary expense. Research reveals that most babies are capable of eating many normal table foods just fine. http:// And if your baby does have issues with chewing or swallowing food, it is easy enough to serve your baby the mashed version of whatever you are serving your other family members for dinner. If, in fact, you are worried that your family‘s dinner is not healthy enough for a baby to eat, it probably is not healthy enough for your family either, so it might be a good idea to reevaluate the nutritional content of the food you are serving. Do know the ―dirty dozen.‖ According to the Environmental Working Group and other consumer watchdog groups, consumers can reduce their pesticide exposure by 80% by avoiding the most contaminated fruits and vegetables, or buying their organic versions. This list varies from year to year, so it is best to check yearly for changes. The list for 2010 includes celery, peaches, strawberries, apples, blueberries, nectarines, bell peppers, spinach, kale, cherries, potatoes and grapes. Read more here: Instead, try feeding your family with more of the food found in the ―Clean Fifteen‖…a list food safety experts compile to promote the current crop of food with fewer pesticides. For 2010, those foods include asparagus, grapefruit, pineapple, avocado, honeydew melon, sweet corn, cabbage, kiwi, sweet peas, cantaloupe, mangos, sweet potatoes, eggplant, onion, and watermelon. The good news is that this list includes LOTS of Laredo favorites! More information here: http:// Use Coupons Carefully There are multiple sources for coupons. The Sunday insert in your local paper is a most common place, but also look for coupons online for products you use frequently. There are also in store coupons and coupons on the packaging of items you regularly buy. Unfortunately, the downside of coupons is that many are for processed and national name brand foods that are more expensive and less healthy, anyway. So if you use very many coupons, be sure that you are not also increasing your use of these types of foods. Less processed food is always a better bargain. Reduce waste Put smaller portions of food on your plate, particularly those of children. Children especially have many days where they are not as hungry as others. Try not to guess how much to put on their plate and just encourage them to try a small sample of everything. They can always take more when necessary.

Feeding Your Family – budget & eco-friendly ideas (Cont’d)

This will eliminate much food from ending up in the waste disposal, which literally results in your hard earned money going down the drain. Use leftovers creatively. Yesterday‘s chicken roast makes a great chicken salad or chicken casserole tomorrow. Or a chicken sandwich in the school lunchbox. Commit to using leftovers as soon as possible after the first day they are served to avoid them going bad in the fridge. Clear (i.e. ―see through‖) food storage containers can help you see what leftovers you have at a glance so that you don‘t forget about them and miss out on some gems! Always boil or simmer the bones from meat and foul to make soup stock. You can even simply toss them into your crock-pot after a nice meal and then let them simmer on low overnight. The next day you can just strain the bones, add more liquid if need be, and then add some pre chopped veggies. Keep the crock pot on low setting to simmer. At the end of the day, you will walk into the wonderful aroma of a healthy, nutritious pot of chicken or beef soup or stew! This makes a simple, easy, healthy and economical dinner. More eco friendly tips Consider using reusable bags. Some stores offer savings for their use, and plastic bag use is believed to be very detrimental to the environment. Just be sure to wash the bags as needed, as harmful bacteria can collect where you have carried your food items. Additionally, it is best to have a set in use for food items only. Using them for non food items allows for the possibility of cross contamination.

Grow a garden! Growing a garden, even if it is just a small herb garden, a few potted planters, or even a hanging tomato tree, can produce tasty benefits and gives you a fun family activity to share. Every day can be a science lesson! In the act of helping you water and care for plants, your children will also learn important lessons about responsibility and how food is grown and raised. The family dinner and giving thanks Sitting down to meal together with your family on as many nights as possible has numerous and health and social benefits. Studies have suggested that families eat healthier when dining together. Newly discovered benefits also include better grades and kids less likely to abuse drugs. Pre planning and simple, healthy foods can help you be more successful at making family dinners happen. Crock pots and other time saving tools are a useful tool for bringing it all together. More ideas and suggestions here: http:// Gratitude is also an important lesson to impart. Remember to give thanks. Giving thanks for all the people that helped put food on your table will help support your family in a healthy and mindful life style. Wishing you the best at meal time and always!

Making a grocery list also saves fossil fuel! When you forget things and have to go back for just an item or two, you are wasting time and gasoline. Combining errands and trips geographically can also help minimize use of fuel. Try to buy products with the least amount of packaging. Complain to manufacturers and retailers about over packaged items. There are usually websites and phone numbers for feedback directly on the product or packaging to reach them. Eat locally. At your store, read labels and give preference to foods grown and raised closer to home where possible. You will not only reduce the fossil fuel costs in transporting these items to your store, the food will be fresher, may taste better, may have more nutritional value. Plus, supporting local farmers creates a good, local sustainable economy. Again, you can also look for farmer‘s markets and truck stands to purchase direct from the local grower.


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0 PM 2010 7:3 , 8 2 r e ctob rsday, O u h 9:15 PM T : n 0, 2010 Whe 3 r e b o eny, Oct e Arts C in F z Saturda e Martin and Lilia e p lu a Guad are Where: iere only r m e t e r a p e h e t h fit ter ets for t ds bene k e ic t e c n o r io s p.m. P l admis at 7:30 ns. s Genera in g e roductio wb p o h e s r u e t h u $10. T s and f olarship h 30 c s t n .721-53 6 stude 5 9 ll a tion c informa re o m For

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