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Interesting Facts 5,000 – 500 – kilometres driven while preparing the book

kilometres walked while preparing the reportages

220 –

300 –

dishes made specifically for the photo shootings

130 –

different designs of plates seen

dishes eaten while travelling around Lithuanian, Latvia, and Estonia

Hello Good morning Good afternoon Good evening LT Sveiki Labas rytas Laba diena Labas vakaras LV Sveiki Labrīt Labdien Labvakar EE Tere Tere hommikust Tere päevast Tere õhtust Do you have any free tables? LT Ar turite laisvų staliukų? LV Vai Jums ir brīvi galdiņi? EE Kas teil vabu laudu on? Excuse me! LT Atsiprašau! LV Atvainojos! EE Vabandust! Could I see the menu, please? LT Ar galėčiau gauti meniu? LV Vai es varētu saņemt ēdienkarti? EE Kas ma saaksin menüüd näha, palun?

Could we have some still/sparkling water? LT Ar galėtume gauti negazuoto/gazuoto vandens? LV Vai mēs varētu dabūt negāzētu/gāzētu ūdeni? EE Kas me saaksime palun tavalist/gaseeritud vett? What’s the soup of the day?

Thank you!

LT Kokia šiandien dienos sriuba? LV Kāda ir šodienas dienas zupa? EE Mis on päevasupp?

LT Ačiū! LV Paldies! EE Aitäh!

Bon appétit!

LT Mes skubame. LV Mēs steidzamies. EE Meil on kiire.

LT Skanaus! LV Labu apetīti! EE Head isu! I’m a vegetarian. LT Aš esu vegetaras. LV Es esmu veģetārietis. EE Ma olen taimetoitlane. I’m a alergic to nuts/dairy/wheat. LT Aš esu alergiškas riešutams/pieno produktams/ kviečiams. LV Man ir alerģija pret riekstiem/piena produktiem/kviešiem. EE Ma olen pähklite/ piima/nisu vastu allergiline.

We’re in a hurry

How to answer the question: would you like anything else? No, thank you LT Ne, ačiū. LV Nē, paldies. EE Tänan, ei. Yes, we would want some coffee, please. LT Taip, dar norėtume kavos. LV Jā, mēs vēlētos kafiju. EE Jah, me sooviks kohvi, palun.

Icons to learn before opening this book Simple and cosy place to eat

Fine-dining restaurant

Seafood restaurant


Experimental cuisine

Mexican cuisine

Grill restaurant

Asian cuisine





Russian cuisine

French cuisine

Dessert boutique

Café, coffee shop

Champagne house


Cocktail bar

Pub or beer bar

Whisky bar

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p. 23 – El Mercado p. 25 – “Etmonų Corner” p. 27 – Gaspar’s p. 31 – Ieti p. 41 – Monte Pacis p. 45 – Nüman p. 67 – The Bubbles. p. 47 – Palanga SPA Champagneria p. 49 – Panama Food Garden p. 69 – The Gallery p. 75 – Trinity p. 19 – Drama Burger p. 37 – Meat Lovers Pub

p. 95 – Bibliotēka N°1 p. 105 – Hercogs p. 109 – International SV p. 113 – K|I|D* p. 115 – Kolonāde. Mūsu Stāsti p. 117 – M’archers p. 123 – Muusu p. 127 – Olive Oil Restorāns p. 131 – 3 Pavāru Restorāns p. 133 – Restorāns 3 p. 137 – Riviera p. 143 – Valtera p. 149 – Vincents

p. 15 – Dine p. 21 – Džiaugsmas p. 43 – Mykolo 4 p. 63 – Sweet Root p. 77 – Uoksas

p. 61 – Sugamour

p. 71 – Town p. 51 – Režisierius p. 53 – Rise

p. 29 – Huracán Coffee p. 33 – Kavos Architektai

p. 65 – Šturmų Švyturys

p. 59 – Stebuklai

p. 57 – Somm

p. 11 – Alchemikas p. 17 – Distilerija

p. 13 – Dia p. 39 – Monai

p. 125 – Niklāvs p. 141 – Trompete

p. 107 – Innocent Café p. 111 – Istaba Café p. 121 – Mio p. 129 – Osiris p. 145 – Vest

p. 99 – Cod Robata Grill Bar p. 55 – Sofa de Pancho p. 85 – Alus darbnīca Labietis p. 35 – King and Mouse

Estonia p. 97 – Big Bad Bagels

p. 87 – Apsara Tea House p. 91 – Art Café Sienna p. 119 – Miit Coffee p. 139 – Rocket Bean

p. 101 – Garage p. 147 – Vieta

p. 135 – Riits

p. 93 – B-bārs

p. 103 – Garāža

p. 157 – Alexander p. 159 – Art Priori p. 163 – Farm p. 171 – Kaks Kokka p. 177 – Leib Resto & Aed p. 183 – Mon Repos p. 185 – Noa p. 191 – “O” p. 205 – Salt p. 213 – Tchaikovsky p. 215 – Tuljak p. 217 – Umami Resto

p. 165 – F-Hoone p. 173 – Kohvik Must Puudel p. 175 – Kompressor p. 187 – NOP p. 189 – Olde Hansa p. 193 – Pegasus p. 197 – Platz p. 199 – Rataskaevu 16 p. 207 – Sesoon Kalamaja Kohvik

p. 211 – Steffani

p. 161 – Babulja

p. 181 – Meat Market Steak & Cocktail

p. 203 – Saku Gastro

p. 219 – Uulits

p. 167 – Frank Bar p. 179 – Manna La Roosa

p. 221 – Vegan Restoran V p. 89 – ArbOOz Café

p. 169 – Elevant

p. 201 – Ristikheina Kohvik

p. 195 – Pierre Chocolaterie

p. 209 – Shvips

Džiaugsmas Only food can create true joy. Address: Vilniaus g. 28, Vilnius LT-01402, Lithuania Website: www.dziaugsmas.com Working hours: Monday–Saturday: 16:00–23:00 Tips: Don’t forget to make a reservation!


Do not be mistaken by the black walls of the restaurant - they are here to make you focus your attention to the leading actor - food. According to the kitchen chef Martynas Praškevičius, here you will not find anything super fancy, but it is the main hook of the bistro-style restaurant. You will feel the exploding fireworks while tasting local cuisine and organic, biodynamic wines. The restaurant serves only top-quality products. Here, you will find fresh salted bacon, dry-cured sausages and marinated vegetables. It is said that the carrot that you had here goes beyond any carrots tasted in life, that is why it is a JOY (DŽIAUGSMAS).


Palanga SPA Tasty experience in quiet pine surroundings Address: Birutės alėja 60, LT-00135, Palanga Website: luxury.palangahotel.lt/ lt/restoranas. Working hours: Monday–Sunday: 12:00–24:00 Tips: Try the delicious Flambé dishes. Inerested to see the cooking process? The chef will prepare your dish in front of you by a special order!


Spacious and cosy - this is a brief description of the restaurant located at the Palanga SPA Luxury wing. The interior of the restaurant is decorated with natural teak wood and exotic plants, which create the easy atmosphere of a resort. The beauty of the pine forest spreading out through the huge windows gives the restaurant a special charm - this is the exterior “decoration” that changes each season. The credo of the restaurant’s cuisine is freshness, naturalness and lightness. Chefs are working together with local farmers and fishermen. The restaurant’s menu is revised on a regular basis according to the trends of global-level elite restaurant cuisines and the requests of the guests. 48

Sugamour Sweet sin Address: Vokiečių g. 11, Vilnius LT-01130, Lithuania Website: www.facebook.com/ sugamourboutique Working hours: Monday–Thursday: 07:00–22:00 Friday: 07:00–23:00 Saturday: 08:00–23:00 Sunday: 09:00–22:00

SUGAMOUR is not a restaurant or a café, it is a dessert shop-boutique. Each dessert here is a little piece of art, a creation of many people. If you cannot believe this, just take a look at their windows and you will see wonderful sweets, including more than 10 kinds of macarons. City residents and guests have long appreciated the quality of desserts produced here and the elegance of the place. It is ideal for both a romantic date, and an afternoon coffee after a tour around Vilnius Old Town. By the way, till 4 PM SUGAMOUR offers brunch.



Sweet Root Discover local food on a heart-warming plate. Address: Užupio g. 22-1, Vilnius LT-01203, Lithuania Website: www.sweetroot.lt Working hours: Wednesday–Saturday: 18:00–23:00 Tips: Restaurant serves only tasting dinners so reservation is a must.

SWEET ROOT is the first restaurant in Lithuania which decided its history, food philosophy and respect for Lithuanian roots memorize in a fairy tale book. The most important thing here is food, so do not forget to reserve a table for tasting dinners, which are usually discussed by the gourmets around the city. The dinners here are long, with no rush and during them all the colors and flavors of a local, depended on a season cuisine feels like new. On the restaurant’s plate goes what has been grown by small farmers, gathered in forests and meadows, dried and grown by inspiring restaurant’s founders. It’s better to try than show the numbers, but more than 15 species of tomatoes are grown in the restaurant’s garden. It’s already intriguing.



Hercogs Come for the view, stay for the food! Address: Balasta dambis 70, Rīga LV-1048, Latvia Website: www.hercogi.lv Working hours: Monday–Thursday: 11:00–22:00 Friday–Saturday: 11:00–23:00 Sunday: 11:00–22:00 Tips: Come with children. They have a special menu and play corner.

Out of the city, but not too far from it, right at the other shore of Dauguva river where opens up the panoramic view to all of Riga’s towers. The family restaurant HERCOGS is located at this romantic place. Coincidence, but while being surrounded by the dark tones, created by designer, you will have a thought that her work didn’t end with creating the interior. At the restaurant, modern European cuisine dishes are coming out on top, from which you will not be able to take off your eyes. They are supplemented by variety of wine choices, gorgeous cocktails and impeccable service. It is a fantastic place to have a business lunch or dinner. Also, to feel the inner harmony, which can be caused by food and pleasing environment. 105


Niklāvs Where creativity flourishes

Address: Mārstaļu iela 1, Rīga LV-1050, Latvia Website: www.restoransv.lv Working hours: Monday–Sunday: 07:00–22:00 Tips: Attention, really big servings!

If you want to visit a painting gallery, but at the same time stop by to eat, come to NIKLĀVS. The place is named in honour of modernist Niklāvs Strunke, who lived and created in upper hotel floor. You will be able to admire his and other Latvian artists paintings reproductions while eating. As it happens, the art on the walls makes an impact on food on a plate, which also becomes the work of art. Here, you will find the creatively rendered traditional Latvian cuisine. In order to create it, chefs at the kitchen are using the highest quality local ingredients, grown by farmers, and the goods of nature picked by themselves. The ones who are not the fans of adventures, can make a choice from traditional European cuisine menu.



Trompete Eat and drink in the sound of jazz Address: Peldu iela 24, Rīga LV-1050, Latvia Website: www.trompete.lv Working hours: Monday: 12:00–03:00 Tuesday–Wednesday: 12:00–24:00 Thursday: 12:00–02:00 Friday–Saturday: 12:00–03:00 Sunday: 11:00–24:00 Tips: Don’t miss live music events!

You don’t have to wait for the end of the week to relax, at ease listen to jazz and eat the food, which understands the jazz. TROMPETE is the culturally musical bar and restaurant, at which you can not only count in different places hidden trumpets and other brass instruments, but also eat the dishes made of local and imported products, which were born in jazz and sprinkled with high quality wine, whiskey and rum. The restaurant is located in the heart of Riga’s old town and in its interior the historical aura meets with modern minimalism. The result of this - fusion of gastronomy and music. What does it mean? The way the free is jazz, the same here is and food, having the mix of other cultures, exspecially Asian kitchen traits. The restaurant serves shared plates dishes, so don’t worry you will have a chance to taste every dish your friends will order.



F-Hoone All about the hip vibe

Address: Telliskivi 60, Tallinn 10412, Estonia Website: www.fhoone.ee Working hours: Monday–Saturday: 09:00–00:00 Sunday: 09:00–22:00 Tips: Don‘t forget to make a reservation.


Located at the former industrial complex, at the building marked with F letter, the restaurant F-HOONE moved the city’s part behind the railroad tracks and made it to the real attraction. It felt the strong success as it jumped right on urban aesthetics wave. The food menu is best described by the term homemade comfort food with visible impact of world’s different cuisines. It could be Thai coconut soup, dark bread burger with Aberdeen-Angus veal cutlet or mutton dumplings and dishes adapted the ones who have special needs. Also, ask for seasonal, by the special restaurant’s order only for them made beer. Sometime here the best and craziest parties are taking place. Stay tuned.


NOP Where locals look for organic food

Address: J. Köleri 1, Tallinn 10150, Estonia Website: www.blog.nop.ee


Working hours: Monday–Tuesday: 08:00–21:00 Wednesday–Friday: 08:00–22:00 Saturday–Sunday: 09:00–21:00

Tips: Have a look at their organic, ecofriendly food shop.

For the possibility to eat hummus in Estonia, you have to be grateful to café and store NOP, which was the first to start producing it in the country. Those three letters mean the Neighbourhood Organic Place, which its own healthy food initiative has been continuing for ten years now. Here, are no fights between vegetarians, vegans, full diet lovers, the ones who are allergic for glucose or lactose, because everyone gets the equal bite of high-quality food. Furthermore, one of the cafe’s tasks is to never turn to boring place, that’s why be prepared to be amazed by only purple veggies plate, kimchi latke or also organic wines. Come here for everyday breakfast, lunch, dinner and don’t miss the opportunity to buy something exceptional from not so little organic shop.


Platz Enjoy a real taste of France in the heart of Tallinn!

Address: Roseni 7, Tallinn 10111, Estonia Website: www.platz.ee


Working hours: Monday–Saturday: 12:00–23:00 Sunday: 12:00–22:00

Tips: Good place to visit with your family.

Like the ancient Romans gathered together at the main square, where the exciting public life took place, the same Estonians gathers at PLATZ restaurant, which belongs to everyone. The restaurant, which take place in modern capital’s district, is ready to serve all passerby’s needs, that is why here comes families with kids, businessmen, tourists and even the ones who just got out of a late cinema. Because of this reason, the restaurant will never let you down with classical European dishes or pleasing vegetarian choices, which lately got often demanded by locals. No one passes by the square with the empty stomach, as the restaurant has special lunch offers, huge fresh food portions and regular prices.


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