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A passionate interest in design led me to lead a design career in Boston and Europe. As an architectural visualizer and digital designer with 5+ years of experience, I aim to add artistic value to designs and their presentation by illustrating with the best tools and techniques. I also strive to push the boundaries of creative design fields of study by applying my skills in a multidisciplinary manner. I am particularly well-versed in Photoshop, Premiere, InDesign, Wacom Tablet-based digital illustration, ArchiCAD, Rhinoceros, SketchUp, CineRender and Maxwell Render.


CORE COMPETENCIES Design Photoshop Premiere InDesign ArchiCAD AutoCAD 3DS Max Rhinoceros SketchUp CineRender Maxwell Render V-Ray Visualization Illustration Sketching Wacom Tablet Invention Prototyping Development Research Building Codes Curation Presentation Management Construction HTML Photography Journalism Fine Arts

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ÉPITÉSZMÉRNÖK (ARCHITECT) / ~2 YEARS - MAY 2016 - (ONGOING) • Responsible for 3D modelling, 3D renders, and primarily the development of architectural illustrations. • Responsible for story-telling through artistic compositions so that clients can see a realistic depiction. • Tasked with meeting deadlines for presentations, client meetings, and large-format billboard print marketing. • Autonomous and self-directed analysis of coworkers’ on-going 2D projects in order to create 3D visuals.

FREELANCE CONSULTANT (SELF-EMPLOYMENT) DESIGNER / 4 YEARS – AUG 2010 - MAY 2016 • Self-directed research and development in architectural applications of AR and design or AR hardware. • Responsible for designing a renovation plan and electrical plan for a client renovating a flat in Budapest, Hungary. • Responsible for design-build execution for a client converting a flat into a co-working office in Budapest, Hungary. • Responsible for design and contract management of a residential renovation for a client in Boston, Massachusetts. • Responsible for designing the body of a luxury watch with CAD for client, Blackwell Timepieces.

BOSTON ARCHITECTURAL COLLEGE OFFICE ASSISTANT / 1 YEAR - NOV. 2009 – MAY. 2015 • Responsible for curating and writing blogs entries for the schools’ Student Development Office during 2009. • Responsible for assisting the Head of Interior Architecture Department with graphics and print material from 2014 - 2015. • Responsibilities grew to include creating presentations which would ensure the school’s accreditation. • Designed decorative presentation for Boston Architectural College’s fundraising gala.

HOK (HELLMUTH, OBATA + KASSALBAUM) SUMMER INTERN / 1 MONTH - AUG 2009 • Responsible for handling construction contract administration correspondence between contractor and designers. • Responsible for designing 2D elements in hospital floor plans.

EDUCATION BOSTON ARCHITECTURAL COLLEGE BACHELOR OF DESIGN STUDIES: DIGITAL DESIGN & VISUALIZATION 2009-2015 • Research on architectural implementations of Augment Reality that could aid rescue professionals • Operation of laser cutting & engraving machines used for prototyping and rapid fabrication • Architectural design studio courses and liberal arts studies in film, cultural geography, and sociology • GPA: 2.93

(917) 498-4651 / /

CV / Resume - Rilwan Kujenya  
CV / Resume - Rilwan Kujenya  

CV/Resume for Rilwan Kujenya