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Staff Handbook Media Installation

Welcome Welcome to Flashlite Media, as a Media Installer you are a vital part of our organisation. You are required to install, photograph and monitor POS in your designated stores each week. This booklet provides you with everything you need to know about becoming a part of Flashlite Media.

OUR CORE VALUES Our core values reflect what is truly important to us as an organisation. These core values speak of our belief in a balanced way of doing business. They very succinctly express the purpose of our business, which is not only to make profits, but to create value for all our major stakeholders – our advertisers, staff members, suppliers, investors, the community and the environment. All are linked interdependently. To empower staff and to promote enjoyable work. To build wealth through profits, growth and knowledge. To create close connections with shoppers through intimacy, sensuality and mystery. To make a difference in the communities that we are a part of. To build positive relationships with our stakeholders.

About This Guide As a part of our commitment to our staff members we think it’s important to provide you with the knowledge and tools to help you reach your highest potential with Flashlite Media. We want to explain how we work, what is expected of you and what you can expect from us. We have provided a summary and overview of our policies and programs. This handbook is intended to be used as a basic guideline only. It may be amended by Flashlite Media at anytime. It an issue or policy is not covered or is unclear, ask your manager. Your managers are committed to your success with Flashlite Media The content of this handbook does not constitute the terns of a contract of employment and should be construed as a guarantee of continued employment. Employment with Flashlite Media is on an at will basis.

Being a Flashlite Media Staff Member Means:

Making new friends with both customers and co-workers. Being able to take advantage of many opportunities both personally and professionally. Continued learning opportunities: We value education and have lots of training opportunities available. Working with fun and friendly co-workers in and exciting and contemporary workplace.

Working in a Flashlite Media Team Means Communicating frequently, openly and passionately. Meeting regularly to discuss team operations and decision making. Appreciating each others contributions. Working together to maximise rewards from our incentive program. Celebrating success together. Having fun. Friendly competition between store departments and participating in “inter-store challenges� in the future. Pursuing our goals together.

How to Know When You’ve Become a Flashlite Media Business Person

You aim to have profitable customers that stay with our company for a long time. You understand what your customers’ value. You think like your customer before you do anything. You enter your customers’ world, and want to change things to work better for your customers.

Time Cards & Overtime Staff members must fill out the hours they have worked each week and mailed or emailed to Mt Maunganui at the end of each working week. You need to indicate on the time card the hours actually worked. You must be at your assigned work station ready and dressed for work at your specified starting time. Failure to complete a time card will result in a loss of pay until such hours can be substantiated. It is your responsibility to fill in your own time card. Filling in someone else time card is not allowed and a violation of Flashlite Media policy. It could result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Grooming Regardless of your position in the company, working at Flashlite Media places you in direct contact with the customer everyday. You must be clean shaven or have a neatly groomed moustache or beard, your hair must not impair your vision. Management have the authority to approve or disapprove of cosmetics, hairstyles, and etcetera. All unusual or extreme hairstyles, colours, piercings, cosmetics and dress are subject to management approval. You will be provided with a uniform that must be worn at all times while working in your Welcome Pack.

Your Welcome Pack Includes: Business cards Media hardware (bolts, frames, attachments) Email address and instructions Tax Code declaration Your contract Your employment offer letter A CD ROM with authorisation letters, forms, schedules, replacement request forms. Digital camera Blank CD ROMs Floor scraper Chux cloth and cleaning fluid. Uniform

Photographs Photos are vital for all POS material. Photos provide proof of your hard work. Because photos are so important, forms without them will not be paid. Photos give the clients insight to their campaign and add value. Photos back you up if POS goes missing in store. We require photos of every installation in every store - including reinstallation of missing POS attached to your forms. We also require at least two check photos every week from every store. You should photograph each POS in store and keep these on file until the end of the run in case they are needed. We don’t need close up photos We do require that photos are taken so we can see they are in the correct position in store. It should include both the POS and they product in the photograph. When taking the photo imagine your are the client - you want to see your photo in the correct position - in front of the product. If the product is high up on the shelf, move back or take the photo from an angle so you can see the product and the POS For frequency campaigns, fit at least 3 decals in your photo.

Floor To install floor decals you can view the video on You will need: Floor decal Scraper Authority letter When installing the floor decal make sure it is in the correct position in store. Floor decals are usually placed in front of the product they are promoting, but occasionally are placed near a complementary product. Don’t forget to take a photo of the floor decal once you have installed it. You will be allocated fifteen minutes to install a floor decal.

Frequency To install floor decals you can view the video on You will need: Floor decal Scraper Authority letter When installing frequency, use the same method as you do for the floor decal, except you can peel off the whole backing. Place the frequency evenly between the end of the aisles and the checkouts, there should be one frequency per checkout. When you photograph frequency, make sure you can see at least three of the decals in the photo. You will be allocated fifteen minutes to install a set of frequency.

Shelf Installing shelf media is easy. You are allocated 10 minutes per shelf unit you install. You are provided with the required hardware for each unit. You can view a video demonstration of how to install shelf media at Remember to take a photo of the shelf talker once it has been installed. You will be allocated fifteen minutes to install a shelf talker.

Take Installing a take unit is very similar to installing a shelf unit. You will be provided with all the required hardware. The leaflets must be inserted in the correct position and the card must clearly display the Flashlite Media logo. Remember to check that it is being placed in the correct location - occasionally take units will be placed in a complementary position. Also remember to take a photo of the take unit once you have finished installing it. You will be allocated fifteen minutes to install a shelf talker.

Freezer/Freezer Take Freezer units are like floor decals on a glass door, they simply adhere to the glass do that the product is ranged in. Placed the glass in the centre of the door at eye level. A take unit simply means attaching a adhesive backed brochure holder on top of the freezer decal and inserting the brochures. Remember to take a photo of the unit once you have installed it. You will be allocated ten minutes per freezer talker and fifteen minutes per freezer take you install.

Basket Basket ads are simple to install you will be allocated 30 minutes per 20 baskets you are required to install. Use the Velcro spots you will be provided with to attach the ad to the base of the shopping basket. Remember to take a photo of at least ten baskets in one photo once you have installed all the decals.

Checkout Divider Checkout dividers are acrylic bars used at the checkout for separating customer’s orders. To assemble a checkout divider fold along the lines to assemble a rectangular shape and peel back the adhesive tape to join. Slide the ad into the divider and press the ends together. There should be 2 checkout dividers per checkout. You will be allocated 5 minutes per checkout divider you install. There are usually about 12 dividers per store.

Trolley Trolleys are the easiest media solution to install. If you are installing the frame to the trolley for the first time simply centre it and press together, you’ll only have to do this once. If the frames have already been installed just slide in the new advertisement to the frame. You will be allocated 30 minutes per 25 trolley solutions you install. Remember to take a photo of the installed unit on both sides.

Forms When you receive media to be installed make sure you check it off against the docket to ensure everything you were meant to receive you did receive. When installing media check off each piece of media you install against the form and attach photographs of the finished installation. You can do this in an excel document and attach the photos sending them to the office via email. Or you can mail a hard copy with print outs of the photos sent to us at: Flashlite Media Ltd Installation Forms PO Box 5603 Mount Maunganui 3150 If you need a replacement media solution please phone or email the office immediately - you can use the form provided on the CD ROM in your Welcome Pack.


Contact Information Help Line: 0800 45 96 84 (staff only) Postal:

PO Box 5603 Mount Maunganui 3150


Cnr Grove & Maunganui Mount Maunganui 3116


Staff Handbook: Installation  

A handbook developed for our team of media installers.

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