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Issue #1

Spring 2011

Albert Einstein was just one of many famous innovators throughout history. Their creations have changed the way our world is today. Read more inside.

By Señora Cox and Mr. Johnson

No matter in what area of life or what era in time it was developed, the lens in which society views its impact can transform immensely. Whether political, agricultural, industrial, or technological in nature, the ripple left can be felt throughout time.

Do you have Lil Wayne, New Boyz or Wiz Khalifa on your iPod play list? Do you know where today’s hip hop originated? What you might not realize is that the history of hip hop began during a time period known as the Harlem Renaissance. Whether you come into contact with technology, politics, art, agriculture or science, many innovations all started with an idea that took form and evolved throughout history into what you see today.

Why does this matter to me? Currently, many publications fail to examine these impactful innovators. Not only do current magazines miss this topic, they also overlook the Spanish-speaking community when publishing their articles. Over the next three weeks you will create a bilingual magazine which explores the origin, spread and impact of significant innovators in our history.

How do we look at great ideas? There have been millions of great ideas, inventions, and innovations throughout the course of time. How we as a society view them, has changed however. As columnist, it will be important for you to explore the importance of some great innovators, and how our world’s perceptions of them have changed over time..

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How do we categorize innovators? Thomas Edison, the Wright brothers, Henry Ford, Michelangelo, Albert Einstein, and Francisco Madero all have one thing in common. Their ideas have left a lasting legacy on our world. However, they have all done it in a wide variety of areas of life. When we look at innovators, we tend to group them by topic or cultural arena they affect most. For example, the development of the printing press in 1440 would be a technological innovation that still impacts us today. On the other hand, when the first plow was used, it was an extension of the Agricultural revolution that came about during birth of civilizations.

It is important to see though that what innovators create don’t always have to be something you can physically touch or hold. Ideas or changing thought processes can have just as big of an impact. For example, the changing political thought that came about during the French Revolution still impacts our world today. Or how about the artistic views that came about with Michelangelo, Raphael, and Leonardo Di Vinci in the Renaissance? (i.e. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). Both of these left a lasting mark on cultures around the world. Gun powder, the atom bomb, and even fertilizers have all been seen in different light throughout history. It will be your job to examine the importance of certain innovators the lasting impact they have had on our world.

What about Spanish? In your article, you will focus on the present progressive tense and stem-changing verbs. In English, we often say, “I am going” instead of, “I go.” This can be true in other languages, including Spanish. Spanish also includes many types of irregular verbs. A very common type of irregular verb is a stemchanging verb. Your final article will include a timeline in Spanish that details significant events for your innovation including both present progressive and stem-changing verbs. You will also create captions in Spanish for the pictures you include with your article.

What will I do? Individually, as historiographers, you will research a specific innovator while looking at either the origin and spread, how the innovator was viewed during their time, or how society views the innovator in today’s world. We will examine how history’s view evolves over time and how the impact of certain creators has lead to convergence and divergence in the word. After researching your topic, you will write an article that examines your innovator through one of the three schools of thought listed above. Again, along with this, you will be using your Spanish to create your section of the timeline and captions for your article’s pictures.

The atom bomb and gun powder are two major inventions that came from the minds of great innovators.

Once you finish your article, you will use Microsoft Publisher to design the layout. Finally, you will submit your final draft to the publishing group. The innovative articles will then be combined and uploaded to the world via on Wednesday, May 4th.

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