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As a company dedicated to children, Coloring is Fun has only the best of interest in mind for your children. After years of dedicated research and cruelty-free experiments, our products have tested to be the safest, ergonomic, and environment-friendly training tools on the market. All of our crayons, paint, and markers are made from 100% organic materials and are non-toxic, ensuring the ultimate in care and safety for your children. Ingredients like soy, bamboo, and paraffin provide a healthier alternative to wax. In addition, each or our wares are infused with extract of Osha, a plant with an extremely bitter taste. Osha is used in the naturopathic world to battle the common cold, has no side affects* and is completely safe. Any time your toddler touches their tongue to any of our products, the bitter taste will not encourage any attempt to do it again, training your children not to eat foreign objects! Coloring is Fun’s Color w ith Crayons starter kit comes with a vibrant 64-crayon pack, two educational recycled-materials coloring books, and our patented organic 100% wood metal-less crayon sharpener. Children from ages 2 to 200 will enjoy them! Our Color w ith Paint kit is intended for kids ages 5-10 and features a bright spectrum of both acrylic paints and watercolor paints. Each color is dyed with a 100% natural substance ranging from berries to herbs, so your children are not at risk of ingesting fake colors and numbers. Nine colors and a paint-by-numbers picture are included, as well as a free blank bamboo canvas to allow for further artistic expression! Bamboo brushes can also be purchased separately. For those who prefer ink, our Color w ith Ma rkers essentials kit features a pack of 12 naturally scented markers. Each marker is infused with a unique and delicious fragrance drawn straight from nature, but as with our other products, one taste will discourage any further licks. The kit includes one pack of markers, two educational coloring books, and a free trial of our Magic Marker coloring book complete with Magic Marker. We as a company are dedicated to the safety and health of your children, and are always exploring ways to help the environement. To explore more kit options for our most popular

product, Color with Crayons, as well as read more on our philosophies, visit our website at

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Coloring is Fun – Website Content product, Color with Crayons, as well as read more on our philosophies, visit our website at www.coloringis...

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