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Riley Hagel Jrn 371 Buzz Piece 5 Steps to a Flawless Face Women have fought in the decades-long battle for perfect skin, a perfect image, a perfect face. Many have resorted to natural solutions, others rely on dermatologists, and a select few have gone to the extreme of laser and plastic surgery. These women seem to emerge with more self-confidence than they do good looks, but the goal is the same: to be beautiful in their own eyes. Such measures should not have to be reached if the skin is well taken care of and a good knowledge of cosmetics and the application of makeup is grasped. Beauty starts with the skin, and taking care of it can be a deal maker or breaker. The first step is to find and use an excellent skincare routine. Whether it be a natural or doctor brand, find something that addresses the concern most haunting to selfesteem. Murad, Dr. Perricone, DDF, and Dr. Brandt are all excellent doctor-developed brands that use the best of science and dermatology to bring new anti-aging and anti-acne technology to the table. Juice Beauty, Amore Pacific, Caudalie, and Korres are all natural skincare lines that power-up with the best of Mother Nature and modern scientific developments to aid in eliminating wrinkles and pesky pimples. Most importantly, use the skincare routine regularly. A half-hearted commitment will not be beneficial in any way. Second, find the perfect makeup line that suits your skin. Each woman has her struggle, whether it is acne, age, discoloration, sensitivity, dryness, oiliness, or something else. There are plenty of makeup lines out there, each one created with a certain target group in mind. Hourglass, for example, is not only the Bentley of makeup, but it contains multiple antiaging and moisturizing skincare benefits in it. Cover FX is designed for the sensitive and acneprone, offering incredible coverage with none of the irritating ingredients most makeup contains.

Explore until the perfect foundation is found, and work with it until an expert couldn’t apply it any better. H yd ration is more important to the epidermis than many women realize. Water is good for the body for a plethora of obvious reasons, but one function not excessively talked about is beautiful skin. Water serves as the gasoline for the production of collagen, fueling the process so that the face remains plump and supple, not drawn and sallow. It also helps to flush toxins out of the system, creating a clearer, zit-free zone. In addition, hydrating the skin from the inside out offers an irreplaceable glow that makeup can only imitate. Drink as much water every day as is possible, putting down at least three-16oz water bottle’s worth. This step will no doubt be every woman’s favorite. Getting a facial at least biannually will be a tremendous way to prevent aging and keep the skin clear and balanced. Many different kinds of facials are available at different salons, so ask the esthetician on staff which one would be best. If blackheads are a consistent struggle, remember to ask for their removal. Finally, wear sunscreen. This is a very important step that is most often overlooked. The sun’s damaging rays can cause wrinkles and sunspots, both of which are unwanted guests on lovely faces.

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