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A DRY,WINTERCHILL By Riley Hagel Blog Post #1 Something about the winter chill in the air evokes a longing in me for a hot cup to hold. The warmth in the cup comforts me in more than just a physical sense, giving life back to my frozen fingers, but comforts something deep inside of me too. Growing up, I would never see my mom without a cup of fresh-brewed coffee somewhere nearby, and she’s apparently passeddown the habit to me. Today, it’s a cup filled with one of my favorite winter favorites: a soy chai. I highly recommend it, so if you haven’t had your goodie for the day yet, go grab yourself one before you continue reading. That winter chill in the air also brings chapped lips and dry hands, the most obnoxious downside to nippy weather! I’m sure many of you are experiencing at least one of the two, and it’s time to face the fact ladies, neither problem is very comfortable OR attractive. There are a few steps you can take to remedy the moisture-deprived areasof the body, and they all include common household items. Dry hands are the obvious result of a lack of moisture, but less obvious to many is the abundance of dry skin cells. Scrubbing those suckers off will not only benefit the look and feel of your hands immediately, but will also give your hands a better chance to absorb any lotions or oils you put on. Take one tablespoon of raw or brown sugar and mix it with one teaspoon of grapeseed, sweet almond, or olive oil (yes, the kind that’s in your cupboard!), and you’ll have a quick and easy hand scrub. Spend at least 30 seconds scrubbing your hands together, then rinse. Don’t worry about rinsing the oils off too much–they are very moisturizing to your skin. I still suggest putting your favorite lotion on as well, though! As for your lips, all you need is your toothbrush. Get your toothbrush wet with water and spend five to ten seconds scrubbing each lip, but be gentle! Next, take a bit of olive oil and spread it on your lips. This provides a great moisturizing layer, and on top of

your now-pink lips, provides a lovely shine. The heat from your soy chai should be driving the moisture further into your hands and your lips as heat opens up the pores on our skin. So keep sipping, enjoy the flavors, and be comfortably moisturized once again! <3

A Dry Winter Chill