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2 inch Waistband Elastic 10 yards per spool - Available Now


STWBE2 White Elastic

STWBE2 Cream Elastic

STWBE2 Black Elastic

STWBE2 Teal Elastic

STWBE2 Red Elastic

STWBE2 Gray Elastic

STWBE2 Hot Pink Elastic

STWBE2 Aqua Elastic

STWBE2 Navy Elastic

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Available Now

Jumbo Ric-Rac

1 1/2 inch, 100% polyester ric-rac | 25 yards


3/4 inch, 100% polyester ric-rac | 25 yards

STR-15 White

STR-15 Gray

STR-75 White

STR-75 Gray

STR-15 Hot Pink

STR-15 Medium Blue

STR-75 Hot Pink

STR-75 Medium Blue

STR-15 Orange

STR-15 Rouge

STR-75 Orange

STR-75 Rouge

STR-15 Aqua

STR-15 Lavendar

STR-75 Aqua

STR-75 Lavendar

STR-15 Brown

STR-15 Cream

STR-75 Brown

STR-75 Cream

STR-15 Butter

STR-15 Medium Pink

STR-75 Butter

STR-75 Medium Pink

STR-15 Red

STR-15 Apple

STR-75 Red

STR-75 Apple

STR-15 Lime

STR-15 Teal

STR-75 Lime

STR-75 Teal

STR-15 Navy

STR-15 Black

STR-75 Navy

STR-75 Black

STR-15 Baby Pink

STR-15 Crimson

STR-75 Baby Pink

STR-75 Crimson

STR-15 Raspberry

STR-15 Yellow

STR-75 Raspberry

STR-75 Yellow

STR-15 Olive

STR-15 Dark Purple

STR-75 Olive

STR-75 Dark Purple

Mini Ric-Rac

3/16 inch, 100% polyester ric-rac | 25 yards


Sweet Mint


Sugar Pink




STR-18-Sugar Pink

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Embellishments by Riley Blake Designs |

Templates Fruit Salad Sew Simple Shapes

(One unit contains all 15 shapes shown) Available Aug 2016

NEW ST-4814 Bloom Sew Simple Shapes Fruit Salad Sew Simple Shapes includes 15 Templates

Bloom Sew Simple Shapes (One unit contains all 24 shapes shown)

STTEMPLATES-1339 Bloom Sew Simple Shapes Bloom Sew Simple Shapes includes 24 Templates

Cozy Christmas Sew Simple Shapes (One unit contains all 20 shapes shown)

STTEMPLATES-2893 Cozy Christmas Sew Simple Shapes Cozy Christmas Sew Simple Shapes includes 20 Templates

Lori Holt shapes for an endless variety of designs using your appliqué method of choice; by hand, by machine or iron on. Made of sturdy plastic. They have center marks and are see through for fussy cutting. 3

©2016 Sew Together | | 801.816.0540

Available Now/Aug 2016

Embellishments by Riley Blake Designs |

Available Now & August 2016

NEW Bee in my Bonnet Products by Lori Holt Rulers

STRULER-4197 Circle Ruler (9 inch) STRULER-4235 Thimble Ruler (10 inch)

STRULER-4194 Circle Rulers 2”, 4”, 6”, & 9” Set (all 4 sizes)

STRULER-4232 Circle Ruler (6 inch)

STRULER-4236 Thimble Ruler (5 inch) Available July/August 2016

STRULER-4233 Circle Ruler (4 inch)

STRULER-4195 Thimble Rulers Set (5” & 10”) STRULER-4234 Circle Ruler (2 inch)

NEW STRULER-4159 Circle Ruler (12”)

Available July/August 2016 FREE quilt pattern download using the 12”, 10”, & 8” rulers. Step-by-step tutorial on Bee in my Bonnet blog. RBD video coming in August!

NEW STRULER-4158 Circle Ruler (10”)

NEW STRULER-4157 Circle Ruler (8”)

NEW STRULER-4521 Circle Rulers 8”, 10”, & 12” Set (3 sizes) ©2016 Sew Together | | 801.816.0540

NEW ST-4815 Pie Ruler (22.5-degree) 4

Cutting Mats

NEW STCM-4098 12"x 18" Cutting Mat

Available Now/October 2016 • Triple layer, self-healing mat with grids on both sides for longer life. • Layouts designed by Lori Holt for her quilting style and general use. • Extra room around the outside for easier cutting on the borders. • Mats feature Lori Holt's signature colors.

Available October 2016 NEW STCM-5038 5" x 8” Cutting Mat

NEW STCM-4100 24"x 36" Cutting Mat

NEW STCM-4099 18"x 24" Cutting Mat

Assorted Sew Together Notions

ST-4817 Key Fob Hardware 5 pcs (ribbon not included)

STRULER-8485 Diamond Ruler Includes 17 Sizes: 2" to 10" Diamond Shape

STST-MEDIUM 1” Stick-its Glue Dots 5

©2016 Riley Blake Designs | | 801.816.0540

Available Now Aug/Oct 2016

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Available Now & Oct 2016

Seams Sew Easy Seam Guide by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet (One unit contains one seam guide)






This is a seam guide that temporarily adheres to the bed of any sewing machine. Made sturdy with see through plastic for easy placement. Lori designed her Seams Sew Easy for use as an accurate ¼” seam and especially for use when constructing her blocks which use the easy corner triangle method. This saves time by not having to mark lines on your fabric when sewing half square triangles, flying geese or snow balls too! The center circle of the guide is also marked with ½” grid lines for other sewing such as hemming or wider seam allowances. These grid lines also help to ensure correct placement when adhering to your sewing machine bed. COMES IN 5 HAPPY COLORS!


STB-LH-2742 “Cute Little Buttons” by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet Includes: 5 sizes 10 colors of each size Total of 400 buttons

Trim Ruler


NEW ST-4819 Trim It Ruler 16 1/2“ Square Ruler Available October 2016

ST-4913 Sew-in Interfacing by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet

©2016 Sew Together | | 801.816.0540


Available Aug/Oct 2016


ST-4150 Cut. Press. Sew. Quilt. Set of 4 magnets 2 1/8” x 3 1/8” Available August 2016

ST-5037 Sew Cherry Magnets Set of 4 magnets Available October 2016

ST-4816 Cozy Christmas Set of 9 Magnets 1 1/4” Round Available August 2016


©2016 Riley Blake Designs | | 801.816.0540

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by Jodi Nelson

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Available September 2016

Ruler Pal

Ruler Pal Ruler Pals are wooden and come in two sizes 7 ½” x 4 ¾” and 5 ½” x 4 ¾”. They have three slots to hold your quilt rulers and templates, making your rulers easily accessible and off your cutting mat or work area. They are the perfect addition to any sewing room. No more searching and digging for your rulers. Clear non-skid rubber feet on the bottom help protect your work surface and keep the Ruler Pal steady and ready. Ruler Pals are also lightweight and slim in design, making them ideal for traveling and quilt retreats - keeping your sewing space at retreat, organized and your rulers within reach.

STRP-4982 Red Mini Ruler Pal STRP-4976 Red Ruler Pal

STRP-4979 Hot Pink Mini Ruler Pal STRP-4973 Hot Pink Ruler Pal

STRP-4983 Aqua Mini Ruler Pal STRP-4977 Aqua Ruler Pal

STRP-4980 Coral Mini Ruler Pal STRP-4974 Coral Ruler Pal

STRP-4984 Lime Mini Ruler Pal STRP-4978 Lime Ruler Pal

STRP-4981 Pillow Mint Mini Ruler Pal STRP-4975 Pillow Mint Ruler Pal

Magnetic Pin Bowl 4” stainless steel bowl with 2 ½” strong rubber coated magnet on the bottom. Pin Bowls are perfect for storing and accessing small parts, pins, needles, paper clips and even bobby pins! The bowl will ‘stick’ to most ferrous metal surfaces. Even upside down! Just toss your pins into the bowl, saving time from having to push pins into a pincushion. They are also great for holding the parts to your sewing machine, while cleaning it. Pin Bowls make great gifts for quilters, crafters, teachers, dancers and beauticians too! Super cute and functional Pin Bowls come in great colors and coordinate perfectly with Ruler Pals.

Available October 2016

Polka Dot Magnetic Pin Bowl

STMB-4987 Aqua Magnetic Pin Bowl

STMB-4988 Hot Pink Magnetic Pin Bowl

STMB-4986 Mint Magnetic Pin Bowl

STMB-4985 Red Magnetic Pin Bowl

Gingham Magnetic Pin Bowl

STMB-4991 Green Magnetic Pin Bowl 9

STMB-4990 Aqua Magnetic Pin Bowl

STMB-4989 Red Magnetic Pin Bowl

©2016 Riley Blake Designs | | 801.816.0540


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Notions "Sew Together" Flipbook 2016