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Teen succeed BY RILEY HOLM

Intro ď ľ

I did my project on my friend Jake. He is a firefighter in Holden. He helps his town to be safe. I first thought of him because he does more then what an average teenagers does. He has a lot of responsibly for a 18 year old teen.

Work ď ľ

Here you can see Jake grabbing a tool to do his job.

going on a run ď ľ

In this photo he is getting in engine 3 to go on a call.

Safety ď ľ

In this photo Jake is dressed as sparky the dog at a public safety day.

work ď ľ

He is putting valves on the hydrant.

Cleaning ď ľ

In this one he is sweeping the floor so the station can be clean.

Getting ready ď ľ

Here he is putting his gear on to go out on a call.

Training ď ľ

This day we where doing an ice rescue training and you can see him in the yellow sliding across the ice.

Training ď ľ

This is him at another training pulling a safety line.

Paper work ď ľ

Jake is filling out a run sheet. The run sheet is for payroll.

Working on the truck ď ľ

This photo Jake is using the pump on the truck.

Summary ď ľ

I choses Jake for teen succeed because he is one of my good friends and he is the same age as me and he goes above and beyond to help out his community and the people in it. There is not to Meany teens out there that are willing to do what he does that's why I think this was a good chose. These photos really show how he goes above and beyond. It may not look like he is doing a lot in the photos but he is he has a lot of responsibility for an 18 year old.

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