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upermarket Rocket de-

some hold ups with his

ntinho (Stringy). They

planning to rob the

or Mane Galinha

d). Ned, who is against

vises them to study and

he City. They don’t go the robbery. Bene and in love. They plan to

ty and live a life of country. At Bene’s

ty Ze is angry that his is giving up the

for a woman. An argu-

out and they struggle

dancers. Blacky, aiming

accidentally shoots Ze is jealous of and wants Ned’s girl-

gang hold Ned down

pes her.

of Knockout Ned

e in anguish. Ze goes to kill him. His gang

ather, uncle and broth-

omes by and offers Ned

a gun and Ned takes it. Although at first Ned does not want violence he and Carrot become involved in all out gang war with Ze, robbing banks and killing in order to buy bigger and better weapons. Rocket gets a job delivering newspapers, going to the newspaper offices at night where he has a friend in the photo lab. The war continues with children fighting on both sides. A boy Otto joins Carrots gang. Ned is wounded and arrested. Ze sees the TV news where Ned is being interviewed as a celebrity. He is furious that he is not seen as the boss of the city. Thiago fetches Rocket who takes pictures of Ze posing with his gang. Marina, who

sleep. Marina takes him back to her apartment where he takes his first hot shower and has his first sexual experience. Carrot and his gang spring Ned from the hospital. There is a pitched battle between the gangs and Rocket takes pictures for the newspaper. Ned is killed. Ze tries to round up the Runts to restart his business. They shoot him, the business is theirs! Rocket takes pictures of the body. The photograph makes the front page. He is now Wilson Rodrigues, photographer.

works for the newspaper, finds the photos. Rocket sees his photographs on the front page of the newspaper. He thinks Ze will kill him. The journalists want Rocket to take more pictures. Rocket can’t go back to the City, it’s too risky. He has nowhere to