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Synopsis – The film

The story of the Tender Trio

a car at gunpoint. The car packs

into a playbo

In the City of God, one of the slums

up. The police shoot Shaggy. A man

job at the Su

on the hills above Rio de Janei-

takes photographs of the body.

cides to do s

ro,Buscape (Rocket)wants to be a

Rocket is envious of his camera.

friend Barban

photographer. He runs into Ze Pe-

The story of Little Ze

queno (Little Ze) and his armed gang

board a bus p

fare collecto

of children (the Runts). He tells

The story moves forward to the

(Knockout Ned

the stories of the City in flashback

1970s. Rocket, still a virgin,

violence, adv

beginning in the 1960s when his

takes photographs of his

get out of th

brother Marreco (Goose) together

friends ‘the Groovies’ on the

through with

with Cabeleira (Shaggy) and Alicate

beach. He fancies Angelica but she

Angelica are

(Clipper) are known as The Tender

has a boyfriend Thiago who has

leave the Cit

Trio. They are amateur petty thieves

graduated from smoking dope to

peace in the

who plan to rob a brothel, the Miami

snorting coke. Rocket goes to the

farewell part

Motel. They takeDadinho (Little

apartment where Neguinho (Blacky)

close friend

Dice), the 9-year-old friend of

sells dope. Little Dice swaggers

hood’s life f

Shaggy’s brother Bene, along to act

in. He has changed his name to Lit-

ment breaks o

as lookout. The robbery ends in a

tle Ze. He murdered the customers

amongst the d

massacre. The Trio split up. Shaggy

at the brothel and later killed

to kill Ze, a

hides in Lucia Maracana’s house. He

Goose. At 18 he is in the drugs

Bene. Little

is very attracted to her daughter

business, having killed all of the

Knockout Ned

Berenice. Goose meets and flirts

other dealers in the city ex-

friend. His g

with the wife of Paraiba

cept Sandro Cenoura (Carrot). Bene

whilst Ze rap

(Shorty). Shorty catches them in bed

still attempts to keep Little Ze under control advocating negotia-

The story o

together. Goose runs away and finds Bene and Little Dice hiding out in

tion rather than murder. Bene meets

Ned goes home

an unfinished building. Shorty bur-

the Groovies and admires Thiago’s

to his house

ies his wife alive, the police take

style. He bleaches his hair, gets

kill Ned’s fa

him away. Shaggy and Berenice hijack

new clothes and transforms himself

er. Carrot co 98