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gangster’s life leads to his

attempt to hold up a car, and


coming across a kindly driver who befriends them, leads to the

scene where the police find a

Ned’s decision to seek revenge

body by the roadside, and we as-

on his brother’s death leads to

sume that Rocket and Stringy

him joining Carrot’s gang and

have succumbed to violence and

his eventual death.

killed the driver, but then the car drives past with Rocket and

The killing of the security

Stringy still inside.

guard, who turns out to be Otto’s father, also leads to Ned’s death.

The desire for Lil Ze to have his picture taken leads to them fetching Rocket, whose photos are published and he not only gets a jobs as a photographer but loses his virginity (at last) to Marina

The are also numerous narrative enigma – unanswered questions – that mislead the audience. 

The opening sequence is that of a relaxed street party which leads to a confrontation, and when re-played at the end of the film turns into a massacre.

We can also apply Claude Levi-

Strauss’ theory of binary oppo

The Miami Hotel raid massacre eventually turns out to be Lil Ze’s first act of mass violence.

sites – the idea that the constant creation of conflict/opposition propels narrative – to the film. Remember that these opposites can be anything, some examples in City of God

Bene’s meeting with Thiago leads


to the bike race, which we assume will end in violence, but

The contrast between the city as

actually ends in Bene buying

a glamorous tourist destination

trainers and clothes and getting

and the poverty and deprivation

a more modern image.

in the slums that surround it.

Rocket and Stringy’s abortive

The portrayal of the City of God in the 60s, the bright lighting 103