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Rikvin Discusses On PEP Singapore Work Visa Personalized Employment Pass is designed so individuals can apply for a Singapore work visa personally. Unlike the Employment pass or EP, the Personalized version or PEP is more flexible in its conditions and terms.

“PEP Singapore can be applied by any foreign nationals who are yet to seek employment in Singapore,” begins Rikvin. “Once applied, its holders can stay in Singapore and work for any company without being tied to it for five years,” Rikvin adds. It continues: “If the holder is offered with better employment opportunities by another company while still being employed, the PEP holder can switch employers without having to revoke the labor pass and apply for a fresh one.” Staying unemployed in Singapore is allowed for as long as 6 months with PEP, otherwise, it is revoked by the Ministry of Manpower. Rikvin says that the approval of PEP is based on individual merits and professional accomplishments. It can be applied by: • • • • •

Anybody earning a minimum salary of S$7,000 monthly A former P1 EP holder residing overseas A current P1 EP holder A current P2 EP holder with 2 years of working experience in a P category of EP, and A foreign graduate from institutions of higher learning in Singapore with 2 years of working experience on a P or Q1 EP

Like in other work visas, PEP also enjoys Dependant privileges like being able to bring spouses and children below 21 years of age through a Dependant pass and parents or parents-in-laws through a Long-Term Visit Pass. Another requirement to maintain in PEP is the salary requirement. “The minimum amount of salary yearly is S$30,000 or S$2,500 monthly,” quips Rikvin. In applying for PEP, Rikvin says that the required documents include curriculum vitae detailing the educational and employment history, copies of Certificate of Employment or Employment Testimonials, Transcript of Records or Certificate of Education, Appointment Letter from current employer if applicable, and copies of the last three month of salary slips. Once the application is approved, PEP holder shall receive a notification from the Ministry of Manpower including the InPrinciple Approval letter, which is printed as it provides single entry visa to Singapore to collect the PEP from the Work Division. The IPA is also required upon collection. Rikvin processes PEP in behalf of foreign nationals. It ensures that all requirements are satisfied and prepared in a way that the chances for approval are great.

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Rikvin Discusses On PEP Singapore Work Visa  

Personalized Employment Pass is designed so individuals can apply for a Singapore work visa personally. Unlike the Employment pass or EP, th...