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Rikvin Unravels Basic Concerns on Singapore Subsidiary Registration The Republic of Singapore is considered as one of the world’s most leading financial centre  and regarded as the most business­friendly zone. This impression has caused 18% increase  in visitor’s arrival leading to a number of 996,000 for August 2010. It also persuaded a large  amount of businessmen to start and establish a business in Singapore.  “Singapore’s business­friendly environment attracted a lot of businessmen and investors to  proceed with any business ventures in Singapore” Rikvin said. One of the most feasible business formats available in Singapore is a subsidiary company.  Other business formats include a representative office and a branch office. For this reason  Rikvin  has prepared  a  trouble­free  assistance  for  Singapore  Subsidiary  Registration  to  let  businessmen begin appreciating a business­friendly Singapore.  “Because of  the  number of  benefits  made  available  for a  Singapore  Subsidiary  company,  most   foreign   entrepreneurs,   investors,   and   business   organizations   prefer   this   model   over  other business structures or formats,” Rikvin added. According to Rikvin, a subsidiary company is an incorporated private limited company, which  the majority of shares are held by a corporation, foreign or local. A Subsidiary Company in  Singapore is considered a resident company. A newly incorporated Subsidiary Company, with  at least one individual shareholder that has a minimum of 10% shareholding, is entitled to the  local tax exemption of zero tax for the first S$100,000 of its chargeable income. Two   basic  concerns  to   manage   for   a  Singapore   Subsidiary  Registration  are   setting   up   a  subsidiary  company  with   relocation   to   Singapore   and   setting   up  of   a   subsidiary  company  without relocation to Singapore. “If you choose to incorporate a subsidiary company and relocate foreign staff to Singapore,  two tasks should be accomplished. These are Singapore subsidiary registration and secure  an Employment Pass. However, if you wish to setup a company without having to relocate, a  Singapore resident director should be immediately appointed when incorporating a company”,  Rikvin emphasized.   Rikvin   finished   the   presentation   by   putting   emphasis   on   the   necessity   of   seeking   the  assistance   of   a   professional   business   registration   firm   in   Singapore   that   will   conduct   and   process all the concerns on the business registration.  Rikvin   is   an   ACRA   registered   service   bureau.   We   provide   a   complete   corporate   solution  under one roof for Singapore company registration of private limited companies, formation of  offshore   companies   with   opening   of   corporate   accounts,   business   registration   including  accounting,   tax,   immigration   related   to   work   passes   visa   and   compliance   services   in  Singapore.

About the Publisher: Rikvin is a Singapore-based consultancy that offers businesssolutions for both local and foreign professionals, investors and entrepreneurs. Rikvin’s areasof expertise include assistance to form a Singapore company, Singapore company registration, offshore company setup, Singapore work visa, and other related corporate services. Rikvin also provides immigration services for foreign professionals wishing to relocate to Singapore.

Rikvin PTELTD 20 Cecil Street, #14-01, Equity Plaza, Singapore 049705 Main Lines: (65) 6438 8887 Fax (65) 6438 2436

Rikvin Unravels Basic Concerns on Singapore Subsidiary Registration  

Guide to Singapore Subsidiary Registration

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