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Rikvin Presents a Quick Overview of a Singapore Employment Pass With Singapore’s developing economy and ideal location, foreign firms have always  regarded   this   country  among   the   most   ideal   business   centers   in   the  Asia   Pacific  region, according to a professional business registration firm, Rikvin. For foreign entrepreneurs who would like to setup a Singapore company and transfer  in the country, the most essential thing they should do is to submit an application for  Employment   Pass,   which   is   a   visa   released   to   those   people   with   entrepreneurial  skills.   Meanwhile,   this   pass   is   also   given   to   investors,   managing   directors,  professionals, and high­ranking personnel. According   to   Rikvin,   a   top   business   registration   company   in   Singapore,   standard  requirements should be complied in order to be approved for an Employment Pass,  among   which   are   having   a   minimum   monthly   salary   rate   of   S$2500,   a   good  educational   background,   a   preferable   work   related   experience   or   entrepreneurial  background and potentials, and entrepreneurial skills for businessmen.  Rikvin also emphasized that the four basic requirements are the basis of assessment  of Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Other factors that are being considered  are  status  of   a  company,   its  paid   up  capital  and  the  applicant’s   age  and   current  citizenship. For first time people, the  Singapore Employment Pass  is valid for two years while  foreigners who have stayed longer in the country are needed to renew this visa every  three years. At the same time, this pass can be renewed as long as the holders will   continue on their business operation or employment in Singapore. In most cases,  Employment Pass holders are eligible for permanent resident status just six months  after   staying   in   the   city­state.   But   still,   Rikvin   recommends   people   from   other  countries to hold out at least two years in order to have a higher chance of being  permitted.  “For foreigners who would prefer to have their family with them as they relocate, we   recommend that you secure an Employment Pass. An employment pass allows a   foreigner to bring his spouse and unmarried children under 21 years old who are   usually given permission to study, work and love freely in Singapore.” Rikvin added. Just like almost any other licenses or permits, an employment pass should also be  renewed in order to enjoy its benefits and continue business operation in the country.  Rikvin concluded with some useful tips on how to have a smooth process in securing  an employment pass and how to handle cases when application is rejected. 

About the Publisher: Rikvin is a Singapore-based consultancy that offers businesssolutions for both local and foreign professionals, investors and entrepreneurs. Rikvin’s areasof expertise include assistance to incorporate a Singapore company, offshore company setup, Singapore work visa, and other related corporate services. Rikvin also provides immigration services for foreign professionals wishing to relocate to Singapore.

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Rikvin Presents a Quick Overview of a Singapore Employment Pass  

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