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Rikvin Explains Singapore Offshore Company Incorporation Requirements Rikvin, a leading Singapore based business registration firm explained the basics and requirements of Singapore Offshore Company Incorporation. Rikvin discussed in particular their offshore incorporation services including Marshall Islands Offshore, Seychelles Offshore Incorporation, British Virgin Islands Offshore, Mauritius Offshore Incorporation (GBC1) and Mauritius Offshore Incorporation (GBC2). Common company setup requirements for these offshore companies would include a minimum of 1 shareholder, 1 director and 1 company secretary. “Marshall Islands Offshore Companies requires no minimum capital, income is tax exempted, there is no capital gains or withholding tax and no annual reporting and auditing from IBC,” emphasized by Rikvin. Seychelles difference from Marshall companies is that it must maintain a registered office in Seychelles. Seychelles situated in the Indian Ocean Seychelles with a population of 80,000. It is one of the fastest IBC registrar in the world with the most comprehensive, modern and attractive approach to the establishment and operation of offshore companies, banking, and insurance. For BVI Offshore Companies, still the same features with the first two offshore companies but there is no facility for registered office or agent on the British Virgin Islands and offshore companies cannot engagein businessin BVI. Lastly, GBC1and GBC2requires a minimum of 1 Shareholder, 1 Resident Director, 1 Company Secretary, a minimum paid-up capital of US$1and a local registered office address “If you are looking for an affordable and a reliable agency to help you with Singapore offshore company incorporation, look no further. Rikvin provides a comprehensive service on offshore company setup to Singaporeans and international clients,” Rikvin said in conclusion. About the Publisher:

Rikvin is a Singapore-based consultancy that offers businesssolutions for both local and foreign professionals, investors and entrepreneurs. Rikvin’s areasof expertise include assistance to form a Singapore company, offshore company setup, Marshall island incorporation, Singapore work visa, and other related corporate services. Rikvin also provides immigration services for foreign professionals wishing to relocate to Singapore. Rikvin PTELTD 20 Cecil Street, #14-01, Equity Plaza, Singapore 049705 Main Lines: (65) 6438 8887

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Rikvin Explains Singapore Offshore Company Incorporation Requirements  
Rikvin Explains Singapore Offshore Company Incorporation Requirements  

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