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Corner Stone Lofts Company Presentation

We offer appealing and designer loft conversions for various areas of home. Our design expertise will maximize the available space and convert it from a dingy attic into your dream, while also ensuring that all the safety issues and building regulations are taken into account during attic conversions.

We provide attic conversions Perth for bedroom, office room, kid’s room and entertainment room.

Building Loft We build loft by using high-end material. We install everything including fully insulated floors and ceilings, plasterboards, skirting, architraves, doors, lighting, power points, switches, windows, stairs and other areas.

Advantage of working directly with our skilled professionals is that you can discuss ways to overcome potential problems and get exactly what you want from your conversion.

Apart from regular loft conversion service, we also offer additional service. You can also rest assured that we won't move onto the next job until you are completely satisfied with the completed project.

With all of our loft conversions we build an elevated floor above your ceiling which adds strength and reduces sound.

Phone:0419-910-416 Fax:08-9402-5788 Postal:3 Barone Road Craigie WA 6025

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Transform Your Wasted Area into Useable One with Roof Conversions  

There are multiple roof conversions options available such as transform your loft into office area, study area, kid’s room, bedroom and ente...

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