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Matthew's 2008 Summer matthew chi coleman

How I Spent My Summer I spent the summer of 2008 learning and doing lots of things. I learned how to play soccer and baseball, and I'm learning how to swim. I went to see my PoPo and GongGong, and we celebrated my Grand Aunty Eileen's 60th birthday in Los Angeles. We went to many places over the summer including the San Francisco Zoo (where I saw some HUGE animals; my favorite was the Tapir), Gilroy Gardens, Children's Discovery Museum, the beach, and the park. We also went camping at Lake Tahoe. When we went hiking there, we ran into a BEAR along the path. We were all very scared. It looked at us, and just kept walking. We slept in a tent, swam in the lake, collected rocks, and made s'mores. Then we stayed at a hotel for a few nights and that made Mommy and Daddy happy. I got to go to Solvang with my Grammy--we go there every summer. I got to play with my cousin Lukas in Solvang and we had fun. I also played a lot in my backyard. I helped Mommy water the plants and I helped Daddy mow the lawn. I also took pictures with my camera--Daddy can't have all the fun. Now it's time for school to start again. Next summer, I'll be getting ready for Kindergarten. What's that going to be like?

Working with GongGong's tools on my bike

I'm taking photos at Grand Aunty Eileen's birthday party Having fun at Manhattan Beach Pier

Santa Monica Pier -- am I having fun yet?

Getting soaked at Gilroy Gardens on a hot day

Cooling o in Los Gatos

Mommy becoming one with the animals at San Francisco Zoo

Me in action

First morning of camping at Sugar Pine Point, Lake Tahoe

Views of Lake Tahoe from the Gondola ride

Playing with my cousin Lukas at Hans Christian Andersen Park in Solvang

Sleeping in my tent at Solvang and visiting my Grandpa's cemetery

Going through soccer drills with Coach Alec

Practice, practice, practice with my teacher Sean at swim school

Outdoor fun at the Children's Discovery Museum

At the County Fair

We had a picnic dinner at the beach. It was soooooo good.

A surfer we saw at Natural Bridges Beach.

These are MY pictures from MY camera. You'll recognize my Mommy, but the other characters are YengMeMe, Puggles, and Cloudy

Matthew's 2008 Summer Book  
Matthew's 2008 Summer Book  

A 4 1/2 year old looks back on his recent summer