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Transcending Ego Boundaries Creating quantum Leaders for the 21 Century

RIIHL-The Netherlands A Residential Retreat Prof. Lakshman Madurasinghe, PhD Prof. Cees Torre, PhD  


THE PROGRAMME A 4 day residential programme of transformation



E- consciousness Day 1 morning Introduction; Objectives of the course Revisiting Einstein ; Mind­ body and the 

Quantum reality; Unified field theory Chemistry and Physiology of thought Attitudes determine altitude Variety of thinking styles­ mental models Basics of Meditation  


E- consciousness Day 1 afternoon Stress and Burnout; Negative traits Grading of thoughts Visualization Building mental screens Brain re­engineering Deep Meditation   


E- consciousness Day 2 morning Review of screens; Setting Colour 

screens;  Principles of  transformational  Leadership Affirmations; Power of words;  EQ­Managing with head and heart Deep Meditation  


E- consciousness Day 2 afternoon EQ continued Visualizations; Dream technology  Erasure technique;Multiple screen and 

swish patterns  Supra Systemica principles  Deep Meditation   


E- consciousness Day 3 morning Review and reinforce screens  Self control; Appreciative inquiry Empathy  Body type index; Principles of body­ 

mind  formation; Removing imbalances  toward dynamic health  Deep Meditation  


E- consciousness Day 3 afternoon  Why we behave the way we do  Principles of SQ­Spiritual Intelligence & E­

con  Introducing creativity and mental dynamics  Mind maps, thinking hats , linear vs sytems  thinking­ new thinking paradigms.   Deep Meditation  


E- consciousness Day 4 morning Deep Meditation  Affirmations;focusing further on 

negative traits  Handling Anxiety & Panic attacks Developing a vision and mission



E- consciousness Day 4 afternoon Finalizing Personal Vision and Mission Burying the past Goals for the future Membership of the Professional Forum  Closure



E- consciousness Instructions for the 30 day process of transformation