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Looking back at your preliminary task (the college magazine task), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product? Looking back at my College magazine front cover, it is obvious that my abilities on Photoshop have improved drastically. The fonts, the cover lines and photo quality are three of the things that are most improved. My music magazine has a more professional look to it and is more appealing to the target audience. I used outer glows and drop shadows more successfully in my music magazine by making the intensity not as high; this creates a softer, lighter, more feminine effect which is due to my target audience. The shoot itself is massively improved, the college magazine shoot included no effort or knowledge on angles, background, shot type or editing. I knew what my USP was for my music magazine which made me think deeper about the type of shot I wanted; the colours are more thought about as well as the background, the same model is used but visually she looks more like a magazine model on the music magazine. These magazine covers show the improvement of my use of Photoshop over time and my understanding of what makes a good front cover. Analysis of music magazines was definitely a factor which helped me understand what made a front cover appealing.

In my contents pages, I had the opportunity to play about more with colour, graphics and colour schemes on my music magazine. Something which I did that widened my knowledge of Photoshop was put a drop shadow on the image bottom left of the page. I then moved the shadow right, which gave the effect of mirroring. I also learnt to use the magic wand tool on Photoshop which helped me cut around the background of photos leaving just the model; you can see an example of me doing this on the top left corner of my page. It looks neater and more professional. I used the colour scheme to fit my target audience’s needs,

whereas on my college magazine I had to find a reason, which was Halloween, to even select a colour scheme. This shows that I have thought about the reasons for creating a magazine and fitting things like fonts, colour schemes to target audiences. In conclusion, since the preliminary task, my knowledge and skill ability on Photoshop has improved massively and my thought capacity has increased. I now think about each thing I do and why I’m doing it, usually it refers to fulfilling my target audience’s needs. I have also got better at putting my knowledge from analysis into the work I produce, rather than ignoring it.

Evaluation Q7  

Looking back at your preliminary task (the college magazine task), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full produ...

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