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Create ePub books from PDF, Word, TXT, HTML, etc


MePub builder is a simple EPUB eBook creator that is an easiest solution for building your own E-Pub ebooks. It is popular known as PDF to EPub converting software that is especially designed foe e-book reader and publisher. This software helps you to convert the PDF file to EPub. This software is even capable of converting Microsoft Word .doc, txt, .chm, even html to epub. This conversion of ePub allows the users to customize the eBook layout, cover, info, tables of contents to build their own ebooks.

MePub is an authoring tool that helps to reduce the time and effort that are needed to produce ePub files. It provides with many necessary features for writing and publishing eBooks in a single self contained application. This format gives all the advantages of PDF or any other file format. The main concern of converting the documents into ePub is its reflowability (contents of the document can adapt the specific electronic device or set the settings). This MePub Builder supports all types of input format such as DOC, DOCX, PDF, HTML, JPG, JPEG etc. To convert your PDF, DOC, DOCX, HTML, JPG, JPEG etc. files to ePub you just need to drag and drop and the files to the main interface window of the software followed by a couple of clicks and you are done. With the help of this ePub eBook Builder you can edit the layout (spacing, margins, etc), the info of the book (title, date, subject, publisher, author, language, and description), and the style (background color, text color, hyperlinks and images). After creating the ebooks you can publish them on different websites for sharing and transferring them on iPad, iPhone (iPhone 5 including), iPod touch, for reading on at one go. Features of MePub Builder

With Popular Documents Creates EPUB eBooks The MePub Builder software is capable in building EPub eBooks from images (.jpg/.bmp/.png/.tiff/.gif), PDF (.pdf), MS MS Word (.doc/.docx), Text (.txt), HTML (.html/.htm), CHM (.chm). It even helps you to preserve the table, texts, columns, hyperlinks, images, graphics and layouts of the original document on the output EPub eBooks.

You can personalize the output eBook •

You can select the pictures from the computer as the book cover.

You can even customize your books information, tables and layouts of the contents of the book.

It Efficiently Creates EPUB eBook •

This ePub builder easily converts up to 50 pages of document to EPub eBook in less than 1 minute. It can even merge up to 100 files into ePub eBook at a go.

It supports Encrypted PDF Files •

It even support conversion of PDF files which are protected (restricted from being copied, printing functionality) to eBook. It even supports saving of Open Password protected PDF files to ePub eBook that have authorized password.

Simple and Easy to Use This ePub Builder helps you to build eBooks from any file formats such as PDF, DOC, DOCX, HTML, JPG, JPEG etc in few clicks.

Supports Multi-language Support It supports saving up of files in English, Italian, Japanese, German, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Chinese in form of EPUB eBooks.

How to build EPUB eBooks

Step 1: Firstly launch the MePub Builder software and fill all the information of the Book For this you need to double click on the quick start icon that is present on the desktop and then launch the MePub Creator. After this you need to fill all the information such as title, author, publisher, date, identifier, language, subject, and description.

Step 2: Then add the book’s cover Double click on the left cover area for uploading the images from the local disk which you can add to your new books cover.

Step 3: Then add the contents of the book After doing the entire above click on the add contents button for adding the files on the main interface window. This software supports more than 10 kinds of documents such as PDF (.pdf), MS Word (.doc/.docx), Html (.html/.htm/.xhtml), Txt (.txt), Chm (.chm) and Images (.jpg/.png/.bmp/.gif/.tiff)).

Step 4: Then customize the contents of the tables To customize the contents the table you need to Right click and then import files, you can remove it or move it up and down.

You can even rename the contents and import by clicking the file name shown on the list.

Step 5: Builds up eBook Then you need to click on the Build button for creating your own EPUB eBooks. It takes few seconds in creating the EPUB eBook from your documents.

For Free MePub Builder Download:

Create ePub books from PDF, Word, TXT, HTML, etc  

MePub builder is a simple EPUB eBook creator that is an easiest solution for building your own E-Pub ebooks. It is popular known as PDF to E...

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