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Document manager for Mac

IDocument is the newest created marvelous Mac document management software. This is designed to help you to manage documents in Mac with both simplicity and efficiency. It also organizes documents on iCloud, Google driver, drop box etc. it is mainly for Mac users such as students, merchants, office workers. This management application was made by IcyBlaze for the Mac operating system. It is the first application which was released by IcyBlaze. It got the capability to import, organize, tag, search, upload and share digital documents. A compliment iOS version of iDocument also exists for iPad and iPhone devices.  IDocument helps us to auto import and manage and keeps your documents in orders

without disturbing.  You can organize manage on your Mac using collections, smart folders and folders.  You can search your documents with the help of single clue like, title, keyword,

author’s name etc.  Click and share your documents with others Mac, portable devices and local networks.  Open metadata and quick supported.  Easy scanning for managing hard papers in green.

Features of Document manager:

Auto import & manage IDocument keeps your documents well organized by importing them into iDocument’s library automatically which can even monitors and modifies all changes in the monitored incoming folders. Organize Mac Documents in folders or Collections By using collections, folders and smart folders, iDocument organizes your Mac documents well in its library, and offers different sort modes to arrange them. IDocument lets you rename files and change basic properties like color, tags, description etc. Quick tags, Open Metadata IDocument’s tag system lets you easily tag your documents in its library to your favor, it is smart and easy to handle. All the tags are in open metadata format to ensure that you could import all your previous tagged documents into iDocument’s library. Accurate and Quick Document Search IDocument helps you quickly and accurately locate documents you want just by keywords, title and content, author’s name and such type of small clues. IDocument is absolutely a perfect helper to manage your documents on Mac.

Auto batch document processing You may have series of document with similar properties and want to tag them as the same word, then iDocument would be the perfect tool as its smart rules function allows you to set a macro commend in the program to order iDocument to automatically batch process the orders you set. Sharing Document between Mac, Local Networks, iPhone or iPod touch or others It has never been easier to share your eBooks, articles and documents using iDocument:  Allow any iDocument users on your network to download or edit your documents easily

from the share folder.  Use “Slide share” button to share your documents on the cloud service.  Sync your documents to your iPhone or iPod touch wirelessly.

Safe Guard your Mac Documents IDocument’s unique security system protects your virtual document for Mac from illegal theft or fraud or unauthorized copy. You can lock your private documents in a locked folder which can only be opened by your personal password.

Easy Scanning for Managing hard Papers in Green IDocument not only manage documents on your Mac, but also your hard paper documents by importing documents directly from almost all popular scanners.

User Guide Incoming folder Introduce the latest feature incoming folder to ensure the automated management which can watch the modification and changes in the folder. It helps to import any document into the library if any new document created in watch folder like download folder.

Smart Rules One more significant feature to ensure the automated management, you can set easy macro command in iDocument. With the help of this feature to batch progress huge quantity of documents at once and these rules can be applied automatically if any similar documents are imported into iDocument.

Easy Scanning To make less paper and help customers to manage hard papers like notes, invoices, receipt etc. document now support import scanned documents directly from scanners. Even the most popular scanners in the market are supported by iDocument.

Improved Interface In the latest version on the base of original UI, it got redesigned and optimized the iDocument user interface to bring even better experience for customers like animations, exquisite designed documents etc. Document Manager empowers your team to store and share documents. Document manager Mac Customize your Mac Dock and icons, and much more programs.

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Document manager for mac  

IDocument is the newest created marvelous Mac document management software. This is designed to help you to manage documents in Mac with bot...