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Giving young people an authentic experience of prison life and direction on how to avoid it. Watch your step, and the road will stretch out smooth before you

The Right Path Experience Vision Right Path ants to reduce the number of young people ending up in prison by shocking and educating young people to the reality of prison in a way that causes them to revaluate where their lives are heading, to equip them to make better choices and choose the right path.

The UK prison population has grown to 92,000—May 2018*

Aim Right Path was set up by Michael Ossai who has spent over 20 years of his life behind bars. Through Michael’s faith in Jesus his life has been turned around and he is now helping Greater Manchester’s most at risk young people change the direction their lives are heading in. Right Path gives young people an authentic taste of prison life through sights, sounds, smells, role play and first hand accounts from both those who have served prison sentences and victims of crime. Michael says that if he knew what his first night in Strange Ways Prison was going to be like as a teenager he would have done anything to start again in a different direction. We believe that through taking part in this experience it will cause young people to stop and think where their lives are heading, consider the realty of being imprisoned and will equip them with ways they can choose a different and better path for their future. We are confident that for some young people this experience will be the start of a new direction in their life that steers them away from prison to a more fulfilled life that contributes to society and their community rather than takes from it.

The average prison place costs the government and tax payer £22,933 each year*

How it Works Small groups of pupils will arrive at the Right Path venue, their personal items will be removed from them and they will be issued with a prison uniform. Michael will introduce himself and brief pupils on what they are about to experience. As they are taken to the cell they will hear sounds and be greeted by smells and images of prison life.

Inside the cell a pupil will meet their cell mate who is on the larger side, not in a good mood and wants to laydown a few rules and truths! Michael will interject both to ensure pupils are okay but also to explain what the first night would be like for them, what they are entitled to and what they can and can’t do. Pupils will be given time to take in what they have witnessed and consider what days, weeks, months and potentially years of this would feel like and how it would affect them. Michael will share his story of life in prison, what it felt like for him on his first night. He will describe things he saw over the years and how it affected him, he will also share how he has now managed to turn his life around. Michael will take questions from pupils and advise them on how they can change. He will ask them difficult and challenging questions to help pupils take stock. At the end of the experience young people will be asked to give feedback and summarise what they have learnt, how it has affected them and what they are going to do about it.

68% of Children released from custody reoffend within a year†

We are covered by public liability insurance, all volunteers and staff are DBS checked and trained in safe guarding. We are experienced in hosting and engaging with young people who have challenging behaviour or special emotional and educational needs. We have a café where pupils can eat before or after their session. There is no charge to take part as we want as many pupils to make the most of the experience as possible. We encourage organisations if they want to support the project to make a donation. *House of Commons briefing: CBP-04334 23rd July 2018 †

Booking To book a session or enquire further please contact us by phone or email.

Email: Phone: 07851676961 Website:

Right Path The Den CafĂŠ 40 Merseybank Ave Chorlton Manchester M21 7PY

Right Path Info  

Giving young people an authentic experience of prison life and direction on how to avoid it.

Right Path Info  

Giving young people an authentic experience of prison life and direction on how to avoid it.