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The Spirit of God is always typified as rivers or springs in the bible and rain is typified as the word from God’s mouth (see teaching on the next page).

some of the problems his nation was facing. We promised to commit ourselves to prayer for his nation.

At the moment, I am teaching a series on Living Waters and cleansing from defilement. Our battle is on three fronts: the world, the flesh, and the devil/Satan.  The living waters cleanse us from defilement from the world.This cleansing is touched on when Yeshua washes His disciples’ feet, which exemplifies defilement from the world.

Aaron guided Israeli Army Generals along with American generals in the old city. What are American Generals doing here? I think we all know.

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The Prison Ministry is coming on, we are visiting, sending books, broadcasting our meetings live to the prison...(more to come soon)

But before we jump into the teaching, let me share with you what’s happening in Israel.

All Israeli children serve in the army. (Army is compulsory in Israel but they go with a willing heart). Our daugther Naomi is joining an elite unite in the Army. Naomi will be sworn in the Western Wall in a few weeks. 120 are chosen every year for the job in the missile unit. She will eventually operate the arrow missiles, which is the only missile in the world that can intercept and destroy a nuclear war head before it reaches Israelis borders. Please, visit her webpage

The Heritage Ministry team continues to work hard. An English speaking group entered the compound with an Israeli guide. I shared prophecies with the group and the Israeli guide was touched and came to faith. We are now working on his wife and children. We all guide many groups and we constantly have a huge impact on the Israeli society. Just this morning, I guided 54 students and they left taking all our stock of New Testaments in Hebrew. Remember, there were no Messianic churches in Jerusalem in the 70’s, but only a handful of believers.   A guide friend of mine phoned me from Benjamin Netanyahu’s office and said he had a person of power from the African country with him, whom he wanted me to meet.  When he arrived, I found out, to my surprise, that he believed in Jesus. We had communion together. He and his wife shared

We are getting ready for a huge outreach on Christmas Eve where we give the gospel every year. We have an amazing team ready for the job.

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That’s all the updates from Israel this month!!! I invite you to go to the next page of the newsletter to read about my teaching on “The Connection between Rain and Rivers”

In the natural world, without snow and rain in high places, there are no rivers. In the spiritual, drinking the word of God (rain) precedes the rivers of living waters (Holy Spirit), which will then flow out from our inner most being. Examples Jesus said to the Samaritan woman, “ask to drink from the Living water, and the living water you drink will become a spring of living water within you.” John 4:14 You see “drinking the word” comes first and then the “spring within us”. “If any thirst let him come unto me and drink……… then as the scriptures hath said, rivers of living water will flow from his belly”. John 7:38 As the Scriptures have said! Most of you might not know how to find this in the Old testament. We have a lot to teach on the subject of Living waters and the cleansing. See the pattern? Drink first and then springs or rivers. It is important that we keep our eyes on Jesus and focused on how to drink. We need to enjoy the river and even get washed away in the river (Spirit) but must not lose our focus on drinking. Because of the excitement of the river (moving of the Spirit), the danger has been to focus and wait on the river. The result can be that the river flowing from within us (Spirit) dries out when we stop drinking (from the Word), just as when there is no rain, then there is no rivers or springs. This could cause people in desperation to fall into the counterfeit. As much as we enjoy the moving of

the river amongst us, we need to remain focused on Yeshua, drinking from Him and standing solid on the word of God. In order for the church to have the capacity for a more powerful moving of the Holy Spirit, there needs to be a more solid foundation of the Word of God. A quick way to deception is wrong terminology and wrong understanding. It’s like praying for God to pour out His Spirit, or pray for rain without knowing what you are really praying for. The New Testament doesn’t mention rain or asks us to pray for rain nor asks us to pray for the pouring out of the Holy Spirit. The New Testament show us the Holy Spirit as River. In Revelations 22, we have a river of living water proceeding from the throne of YHWH and of the Lamb. In John 7:38, “he that believes in me out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water” Let’s learn how to drink the water so the rivers of the Holy Spirit can flow. Sometimes a word from heaven spoken by the preacher can release the river of the Holy Spirit in our midst. One thing we must remember: the emphasis and focus is always on the Word (Jesus and drinking or receiving and not the Holy Spirit. We need to be aware and understand the Holy Spirit but not focus on it). In Revelations 22, the focus is on the Lamb and the throne. We have a river of living water proceeding from the throne of YHWH and of the Lamb. In Ephesians 5:26, the church is made Holy, sanctified by the washing of water through the word. Here

again, the washing comes from the word. We are being born of water and of the Spirit. Notice the water comes first. I am not suggesting that we all get MP3’s and listen to the spoken word 24 hours a day. (We will do a series of teachings on how to receive the word later on). The parable of the sower teaches us how to receive the word. In Mark, Yeshua said this is the foundation for all other parables. The seed is the word of God. Fruitfulness is dependent on how you receive this word. Bearing fruit in your life isn’t dependent on whether God feels good or on a pouring out of the spirit tomorrow, but on how we receive the word daily in our lives. The Word and the Spirit are intermingled (we will cover this in a later lesson) but for now we will separate. It is important we focus on Jesus. The bride of Christ is cleansed by the washing through the water of the word (Eph 5:26). We are being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God. What stops us from being fruitful? The cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things choke the word. The key for fruitfulness is the soil of your mind and renewing your mind daily (we will give insights in future lessons), not a future outpouring of the Holy Spirit or anything future.

Rain & Rivers  

The Spirit of God is always typified as rivers or springs in the bible and rain is typified as the word from God’s mouth