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January 2011

Power For Today A magazine of understanding for our times January 2011 Vol. 10, No. 1

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Neither shall they say, Lo, here! or Lo, there! For behold, the Kingdom of God is within you! —Luke 17:21

Apostle’s Corner

Times and Seasons

All through the Christmas season, we see pins, T-shirts, cards, and the like with the saying “Jesus is the reason for the season!” on them. I first saw a pin that said this over twentyfive years ago and it continues to amaze me to this day. In an effort to somehow spiritualize the Christmas season away from commercialism, we have assigned the Christmas season to being all about Jesus. One day a few years ago, I stepped back and thought, “Isn’t Jesus the reason for EVERY season?” If it is in Him we live, move, and have our being (Acts 17:28), shouldn’t Jesus be the reason we experience and go through every season of our lives? God’s Word teaches us about times and seasons in a powerful way. As the ancients were intimately involved with nature, they understood the intricacy of times and seasons in a way we don’t always understand today. From God’s terminology and usage, the agricultural world understood spiritual seasons to function much like natural seasons. There would be times where things seemed “dead,” with everything cold and quiet, only to watch new life sprout and spring forth at the appointed time. They knew there would be times of sowing, growing,

and reaping, all culminating in harvest time. The cycle would then start again, going into a period of dormancy and rest, commencing a whole new start to the seasons. In understanding cycles, they recognized the power of change. In the yearly agricultural cycle lied the promise and power of hope. Life, death, rest, activity, growth, harvest, purpose and productivity were all a part of the bigger picture of appointed times and seasons. Everything has its purpose, all in its appointed time. Where are you on the topic of times and seasons? In our drive-through society, it’s tempting to miss God’s timing on matters. The singular time of year “appointed” for Jesus is one of rushing, commercialism, and materialism. In a drive-through society, we don’t understand why God can’t hurry up, do things on a different timetable, or why He can’t give us what we want, when we want it. We don’t understand because we don’t take the time to con-

nect ourselves to God’s creation and learn about times and seasons. What season are you approaching in your life? Are you in a winter, a period of rest? Are you in the newness of spring, or the growing of summer? How about the harvest of autumn? Taking the time to watch God’s natural order will help you to better understand what you are going through and to understand all things are cyclical. As long as we live and remain in God, we shall have seasons of sowing, reaping, growing, harvesting, rest, activity, and yes, even life and death to our old ways of living. As long as we live in God, every step we take is a part of His bigger plan. Many blessings,

Apostle Dr. Lee Ann

a manner that showed the rest of us where the buck saw fit to stop.

Apostle Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino, Ph.D., D.D.

Cover Article

Class Action Church class distinctions As a Roman Catholic for seventeen years, I grew up hearing a lot about poverty. The Catholic Church was quick to expound the blessings of those who lived in the poorest and most dire of conditions. They told us that poverty was the most desirable of all lifestyles as God would bless it with treasures beyond money. The poor were encouraged to remain poor; to have more children than it was possible to afford to receive the great blessing of poverty; and to continue in the church’s teachings so the poor could understand the value in their sufferings this side of eternal life. The one thing they failed to teach us was that even though the church might believe the poor were blessed by God, the poor had absolutely no value to the church. As the poor were not abundant with finances, that meant they couldn’t contribute as much to the church as the rich were able. This equated to a less preferential treatment for the poor than the rich. I always remember being so confused because I would hear so much

about the blessing for the poor, and yet the church treated my own family, who had a less than substantial income, very badly - when we were supposedly the ones who were blessed! I would constantly contrast the way we were treated with the way others in the church were treated. There were some who were pitied for their circumstances, some who were dependent on the church for their needs, and still others who seemed to be in our camp - the one where we weren’t quite the bottom of the barrel, but close enough to the bottom that the church did not hold us in very high regard. All of us, classified as “poor,” had one thing in common: we were treated very badly. Then there was the man who owned the funeral home. He wore white patent leather shoes, expensive gold jewelry, and fancy, expensive suits. When he came in the church, people paid attention to him. Anything that he wanted was his. The priest took special time to talk to him and consider whatever his wants were. Even though he wasn’t very involved with church service in a church that thrived on volunteerism, it didn’t seem to matter. He had a lot of money, and the church saw fit to treat him in

When I became a Christian, I thought I had finally broken free of financial class distinctions. Not only was I wrong, I encountered several other “class” distinctions as well. Whites vs. blacks, men vs. women, poor vs. rich, women vs. women, and a host of other odds have caused me to believe that ministry is just junior high with Bibles. Too many claiming to be in the ministry still center in little cliques, make a habit of catering to the rich and ignoring the poor, and make judgments about people based on what they wear, how expensive their shoes are, and where they come from. Despite what any one of us may like to believe about the church, we still experience the sting of class distinction...and many of us have not resolved our own class distinctions to rise above differences and embrace the heart of the Gospel.

Class distinctions in Scripture Class distinctions are not new in religion. Hinduism, one of the world’s oldest religions if not the oldest surviving today, has a complex system of class distinctions known as the caste system. Due to the caste system, it is very difficult if not impossible for an individual to ever elevate between classes in their lifetime. The poor stay poor, and the rich stay rich, and the poor are considered lowly servants to the rich all throughout their days. Egyptian, Roman, and Greek societies all employed the use of slaves and likewise used social distinctions by which members of society were free to socialize with one another. The early worlds were based on different prohibitions - religious which in turn became secular in nature - that defined how different groups of people interacted, lived, and worked in the same space (but often apart). One of the biggest class distinctions in ancient times was between that of Jew and Gentile. Jews did not associate with Gentiles as they felt Gentiles were an inferior people, in culture, beliefs, and in race. For this reason, hostility emerged between Jews and Gentiles, especially as Gentile nations often controlled Jewish (Continued on page 4)

Class Action (Continued from page 5) states. We can see reflections of these hostilities between groups in the New Testament as Jew and Gentile strove to become one new man in Christ rather than divided in pieces. The arguments about circumcision, dietary guidelines, Sabbath and Jewish holiday observances, treatment of the Greek widows, and the like all reflect the intense friction existing between the two groups. These issues were compounded by a universal contempt for the poor and needy and disagreements about how to handle such in the church. Despite the differences of the early church, we see Jew and Gentile, male and female, young and old, and poor and rich come together in unity for the Lord and to build the Kingdom. They had differences which they knew God called them to put aside and move beyond. What did they know that today’s church seems to have missed?

Class distinctions are against the work of Christ One thing we learn in the New Testament is that Jesus died not just to crush religious law, but the hand of legalism: that which divides and conquers people into classes. Ephesians 2:15 tells us: “By abolishing in His [own crucified] flesh the enmity {caused by} the Law with its decrees and ordinances {which He annulled}; that He from the two might create in Himself one new man {one new quality of humanity out of the two}, so making peace.” (AMP) Out of Jesus’ sacrifice we find a lack of class distinctions; remaining instead is one new body, the Body of Christ. This vital understanding is essential to unity within the church because it is the very understanding of the work of Christ. Christ’s work was one of reconciliation, and we often talk of Christ as our Mediator, Who came and reconciled our relationship with the Father. But Christ’s work of reconciliation was not just our relationship to the Father; He also reconciled us one to

another. We have no right to stand upon the laws of men which divide humanity into classes when faced with the Son of God Who destroyed them on the cross.

The rich are no better than the poor Have you ever attended a church that treated the rich differently than the poor? If you can relate with the story I told in the beginning of this article, would you be surprised to learn that such behavior is strongly denounced in the New Testament? James 2:1-9 gives a stern warning to those who show preferential treatment to people based on financial status: “My brethren, hold not the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, with respect of persons. For if there come into your synagogue a man with a gold ring, in fine clothing, and there come in also a poor man in vile clothing; and ye have regard to him that weareth the fine clothing, and say, Sit thou here in a good place; and ye say to the poor man, Stand thou there, or sit under my footstool; Do ye not make distinctions among yourselves, and become judges with evil thoughts? Hearken, my beloved brethren; did not God choose them that are poor as to the world to be rich in faith, and heirs of the kingdom which He promised to them that love Him? But ye have dishonored the poor man. Do not the rich oppress you, and themselves drag you before the judgment-seats? Do not they blaspheme the honorable Name by which ye are called? Howbeit if ye fulfil the royal law, according to the scripture, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself, ye do well: but if ye have respect of persons, ye commit sin, being convicted by the law as transgressors.” (ASV) This great passage gets to the heart of the issue on preferential treatment. As people called to be free in Christ, we are to uphold the reconciliation He has set forth for us. If we are not going to do that, and instead revert back to the ways of the world with their class systems, we subject ourselves to be

judged according to the law rather than by grace. The Gospel is available to all: rich and poor alike. There is no price of the Gospel; one must simply hear and believe to begin a life with Christ. Whenever we divide the church by income we allow a powerful foothold for the love of money to come in and overwhelm the body of believers. Rich and poor alike need to hear and embrace the message of salvation, and people of every income group need to feel that they can come to church without feeling looked down upon due to their financial status.

The battle of the sexes Men and women have always shared a certain antagonism since sin entered the picture. Nowhere has this antagonism played out like in organized religion. For years, religion has treated women as if they were second-class citizens, rejecting them the right to serve in a ministerial capacity, subjecting them to church silence or a certain dress code, and denying them access to rites and ceremonies. Even though there are those who insist on continuing this battle today with all sorts of Scriptural misrepresentations and defenses, no one can debate or argue the meaning of Galatians 3:28-29: “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.” (KJV) If we are all one in Christ Jesus and all heirs to the promise, that means male and female alike are invited to be participants in that promise. The Word does not segregate men and women to separate but equal roles or into master and servant. Those classes between men and women are the creation of men and have been rightly destroyed by Christ. Church, let’s move past this pettiness and on to the glory in Christ!

“Christian racism”

Anyone who has studied the Scriptures thoroughly knows this statement is an oxymoron. There are many, however, Despite the differences of the early who have made it a life’s work to distort church, we see Jew and Gentile, male the precious Word of God and turn and female, young and old, and poor and it into a code for racist propaganda. rich come together in unity for the Through means such as television and

Lord and to build the Kingdom.

(Continued on page 16)

Why was Martha’s service placed in less esteem than Mary’s lack of service? I thought Christians are supposed to be of service.

Ask The Apostle Questions And Answers

The story of Martha and Mary is an interesting look at God’s word to women in every age. Found in Luke 10:38-42, we see Martha, excessively preoccupied with serving and making preparations as Jesus was their guest. On the other hand, we see Mary, Martha’s sister, seated at the feet of Jesus as He spoke and taught. Martha grew annoyed that Mary just sat there while she did all the work, and she complained to Jesus. Jesus’ response to Martha was: “Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” We need to understand a few things about the situation which existed here in order to understand it properly. First, Martha was doing what was expected of her by the world. Martha wasn’t being of service because it was what she genuinely wanted to do or felt called to do, but was acting out of custom. She was meeting the expectations of the world, not the expectations of God. And, as people often do when in these situations, she resented the fact that Mary was not attempting to meet up to the same expectations. Second, Mary chose not to meet worldly expectations but instead followed the Lord’s leading. Had Jesus asked Mary for a drink, I have no doubt she would have arose and provided it for Him. She was not unwilling to be of service to the Lord, nor was she shirking duty. Mary was attentive with the Lord; she did not let worldly cares interfere or distract her time with Him. All of us who live in Christ know the importance of spending undistracted time with Him. He is the One thing that is needed, and it is better to choose Him over all the other cares of this world. Even though the many cares of this world may seem overwhelming, they cannot be more important to us that the Lord. Third, Christians are called to be in the service of the Lord - not the service of the world. Martha’s service was a worldly one; she was not trying to please the Lord in ways that would truly bless, but was working to meet a societal or worldly custom. The

story of Martha and Mary addresses the issue that it is not just being of service, but why and to Whom we are of service, that matters. Fourth, choosing to turn aside from worldly expectations and follow the Lord is a choice we don’t fall into it, but rather, we choose it. I believe the story of Martha and Mary holds within it a special message for women. So often, we spend our lives feeling like we just don’t measure up to the world’s standards, and we spend our lives running around trying to meet worldly expectations. More of us spend our lives trying to be Marthas than Marys - and we need to back up, examine this, and promptly change it as women who come to know and love our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It also calls us to examine our service. I grew up in a church where the women were very service-minded; in fact, you were judged by the amount of service you performed for the church. The sad truth about the service many of them did however was that it was Martha work - they were doing their tasks out of a deep sense of worldly obligation rather than rendering unto the Lord. No matter what they might have said, the services they performed were not for Jesus; and the proof of that is that Jesus never told them to do it! They would not sit still long enough to learn of the Lord and find direction in their lives. We will never discover our personal call to the Lord’s service if we do not take the time to sit with Him and learn of Him. All of us can use a reminder from time to

time that we are called to be Marys - not Marthas. The world is constantly putting pressure on women to live up to certain expectations that, as we can see in the story of Martha and Mary, can actually take us away from God rather than toward Him. The housework can wait. The children can wait. Our husbands can wait. Work can wait. Take time to sit at the Lord’s feet, and learn from Him. Everything this side of heaven will one day change; but Jesus will never change. We need to make that choice to choose Christ over the distractions of this world. We must also recognize that, as women called by Christ who choose what is better, that our choice will not be respected by those who take the worldly route of life. We are making a choice that is counter-culture and against every message society feeds us from the time we are very young. It is a choice to follow the Lord, especially to follow the Lord in the way Mary responded. As Mary sat at Jesus’ feet, she did not have a care in the world about worldly desires, thoughts, or what Martha might have been doing. That kind of focus, dedication, and attentiveness can place any one of us in the very center of God’s will for our lives because we are not distracted by everything else in life. It can also be difficult to attain; however, that does not mean it is impossible. Those who are in our lives must learn to respect that God is first in our lives and that He comes first. We don’t attend to the things of God after we are done attending to everything else. Herein was precisely Martha’s problem: she did not make the things of God her first priority. Her concerns were of what people might say or think if they discovered she was a “questionable” hostess. She attended to everything but the things of God, and was angry when Mary did not leave spiritual things and attend to worldly ones with her. Being of service to others is a great thing; but if service takes the place of God in our lives, it is time to realize we aren’t in service to God. Marthas, take some time and spend it with the Lord to gain direction and guidance in your life. Marys, never regret or feel guilty for your choice, no matter what others may tell you. A Martha heart chooses the world; a Mary heart chooses what’s better. (Do you have a question you want to ask Apostle Dr. Lee Ann? Send it to us at

The Bible Says...Game ink

Has anyone ever started a statement with,“Well, you know what the Bible says about...” this or that? When someone starts with this statement...are they correct? What does the Bible say about current issues? The answers may surprise you more than you think! 1. TRUE OR FALSE: The Bible says...”A woman’s place is in the home.” 2. In which of the following books does the Bible say... “WOE IS ME?” a. Matthew b. Malachi c. Daniel d. Isaiah 3. The Bible says...the “sin of Sodom” was what sin? a. homosexuality

b. bestiality

c. It doesn’t specify

d. rape

4. TRUE OR FALSE: The Bible says...”You cannot know the day nor the hour when I return, but you can know the month and the year.” 5. The Bible says...” The Kingdom of God is not a matter of _____, but of ____? a. hate, love b. talk, power c. envy, compassion d. bitterness, money 6. The Bible says...what is the root of all evil? a. money

b. single life

c. the love of money

d. dating

7. TRUE OR FALSE: The Bible says... “Eat, drink, and be merry.” 8. The Bible says...we are saved by what? a. grace

b. faith

c. works

d. sin

9. The Bible says...there were how many wise men? a. four

b. three

c. one

d. It doesn’t specify

Thy Word Is A Lamp Studies in the book of Psalms Psalm 19: The Beauty of God’s Law, Part 3 (Verses 10-14)

and gall than enter God’s place of true freedom. (verse 10)

Why are the precepts of God to be desired more than gold? Most of the people in this world would consider nothing more precious than gold. Gold is the most precious metal, highly sought, and sold for a high price. It represents worldly assessments of high values and high purpose in trading. It is a sign of power. Just as with all things temporal, the value of gold rises and falls. It changes with times and eras of fads and financial stabilities. It also has the potential to be bought and sold, meaning an individual has the potential to eventually wind up without gold or finances as its security backing. Using gold is a sign of security in this world’s system. While everyone needs money to survive, it should never be where our security lies.

God’s Word is not haphazard. It serves to us as a warning. We learn what happens when we keep God’s precepts, and what happens when we do not. In God’s love and mercy He has given us the ability to learn right from wrong and laid everything out for us, crystal clear. The Psalmist reminds us there is great reward in heeding God’s warnings, and obeying His precepts.

The precepts of God are more desirable than gold because through those precepts come wisdom. God’s precepts are eternal. We can never use them up or find them inapplicable to a certain situation. We can never run out of His wisdom applied to a situation. God’s precepts do not rely on economic circumstances and are useful despite economic downfalls. Through God’s Word applied, we can find ourselves prepared for everything that will come along, both the good and the bad, in the entire stretch of our lives. The Word is also spoken of as being sweeter than the honey and the honeycomb. In Biblical times, honey was used as a primary sweetener. To compare God’s Word to honey was to say it brought a sweetness, a blessing, something that was pleasant, to one’s life. It was not bitter, indicating repulsion and gall, but true sweetness. This revelation makes me wonder about so many who totally and completely distort God’s Word to make it sound totally unappealing. They truly fear the sweetness, pleasantness, and blessing of obedience to God out of fear of being controlled. They would rather live controlled by greed, gold,

We also see the humility of the Psalmist, which every one of us should seek to aspire to. We need to ask God for revelation of our own sins. We need to never presume we are more than we are, because it is God through Christ that makes us who we are. Through God’s transformation in our lives, we have the ability to be upright. Let us keep a watch, that we may keep ourselves from error! (verses 11-13) It is no accident Psalm 19 ends with a passage seeking God’s acceptance. We have seen and examined God’s natural law, and God’s written law. Both are seen to be perfect, beneficial, and a reflection of God’s very nature. They sing His praise and herald His glory and grace. It should be the desire of every believer, every sincere individual who adheres to God’s precepts, to align their words and thoughts unto God. We should all seek and hope what we say, think, and do is acceptable to God. That is so key to obedience. As we see God, our Creator, Redeemer, Strength, and yes, even our Father, we will desire to be conformed into the image of His likeness and will. (verse 14)

Scripture Trivia

DID YOU KNOW... • The contentions of a wife are compared to a “continuous dripping” • When asked for anything he wanted, Solomon asked for wisdom • Elisha instructed King Jehoash to strike the ground with arrows • The Babylonian captivity lasted seventy years • Absalom, David’s son, was known for being handsome

• Job figuratively said to corruption, “Thou art my father” • Timothy was a pastor in Ephesus • After living in Nazareth, Jesus lived in Capernaum • Joseph was taken to Egypt as a slave • After His triumphant entry, Jesus and His disciples went to Bethany • Babylon is described as a “destroying mountain” • Both Elisha and Joash said: “My father, my father...the chariot of Israel...the horsemen thereof ” • After feeding the crowd of 4,000 men, Jesus and the disciples went to Dalmanutha • When the Lord reigns in Zion, the moon shall be confounded, and the sun ashamed

Wellness And The Word Contributed this month by Nina B. Marino, RN, LNC and Apostle Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino, Ph.D., D.D.

bowl, combine cumin, salt, and pepper. Set aside. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Peel potatoes, cut each in half lengthwise, and cut each half into 6 wedges. In a large bowl, combine the cut potatoes, oil, and spice mixture. Toss until potatoes are evenly coated. 2. Bake the fries: On a baking sheet, arrange potatoes in a single layer and place on the middle shelf of the oven. Bake until edges are crisp and potatoes are cooked through -about 30 minutes. Serve immediately.

Sweet potatoes with pecans and sausage (Recipe courtesy Ingredients

The Powerful Sweet Potato The sweet potato is a powerhouse of nutrition. It is the perfect example of a good food that is good for you. This powerhouse has more fiber than a bowl of oatmeal, more Vitamin A than a cup of carrots, and more potassium than a banana. It is literally bursting with beta carotene, Vitamin A. It is fat free, cholesterol free, a good source of fiber, and Vitamin C. The sweet potato is only distantly related to a regular potato. The soft, orange variety is called a yam in parts of North America. It is very different from the yam, which is native to Africa and Asia. In the United States, the terms yam and sweet potato are used interchangeably. The State of North Carolina is the leading state in sweet potato distribution. It is also grown in China, Japan, and the Philippines. Sweet potato varieties with dark orange flesh have more beta carotene than those with light colored flesh. Despite the name “sweet,” it may be a beneficial food for diabetics as studies show it helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and stabilize insulin resistance. Sweet potatoes also contain powerful antioxidants that prevent

cancer and boost immune function. Its high potassium content helps control blood pressure. This powerhouse tends to be drowned in butter, sugar, and marshmallows. Free this powerful vegetable - roast it, bake it, use it for french fries baked in the oven! Give it a break! It is such a healthy alternative to candied yams. This vegetable takes top honors in 2 surveys of the nutritional benefits of vegetables. It is perfect for the health-conscious consumer. Blend it with herbs, spices, and flavoring. Use it in breads, appetizers, main dishes, casseroles, and deserts. Its rich flavors and content make the sweet potato a perfect choice for any meal at any time of year.

Sweet Potato Recipes Oven-baked sweet potato fries (Recipe courtesy Ingredients •

1/2 teaspoon) ground cumin

1/2 teaspoon) salt

1/4 teaspoon) ground red pepper

1 tablespoon) vegetable oil

2 large (about 1 1/2 pounds) sweet potatoes 1. Prepare the sweet potatoes: In a small

3 pounds sweet potatoes

1 pound pork sausage

2 tablespoons butter

1/3 cup packed brown sugar

3/4 cup chopped pecans

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). 2. Form sausage into round patties. Place patties in a large, deep skillet. Cook over medium high heat until brown. Drain and set aside. 3. Wash yams, prick with fork and place on baking sheet. Bake for 1 hour or until yams are soft. Set aside to cool. 4. Cut cooled yams into 1 to 2 inch cubes and place in 2 1/2 quart casserole dish. Add sausage, butter, brown sugar, pecans and cinnamon. Mix thoroughly, cover and bake for 30 to 40 minutes or until hot and bubbly.

Baked sweet potatoes with ginger and honey (Recipe courtesy Ingredients •

3 pounds sweet potatoes, peeled and cubed

1/2 cup honey

3 tablespoons grated fresh ginger

2 tablespoons walnut oil

1 teaspoon ground cardamom

1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C). In a large bowl, toss together the sweet potatoes, honey, ginger, walnut oil, cardamom, and pepper. Transfer to a large cast iron frying pan. Bake for 20 minutes in the preheated oven. Stir the potatoes to expose the pieces from the bottom of the pan. Bake for another 20 minutes, or until the sweet potatoes are tender and caramelized.

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Debt-hit Irish publish harshest budget in history Ireland must endure the toughest cuts and tax hikes in its history as an unavoidable price for saving the debt-burdened nation from bankruptcy, Finance Minister Brian Lenihan told lawmakers as they prepared to vote on a brutal 2011 budget. Lenihan’s plan — the harshest yet of four emergency budgets unveiled since 2008 to combat a runaway deficit — contains 4.5 billion ($6 billion) in spending cuts and 1.5 billion ($2 billion) in tax rises. Lenihan told lawmakers he believes Ireland’s economy can grow despite the fact that almost all 4.5 million residents face “a traumatic and worrying time.” He said the depth of the cuts represents the minimum required to counter “the worst crisis in our history and one with few international parallels.” As he spoke, outside the wrought-iron parliament gates, hundreds of left-wing protesters gathered in icy weather to denounce the cuts as likely to hit the poorest citizens the hardest. Some banged drums, blew whistles and tooted horns. Many more waved placards demanding that Ireland’s state-aided banks default on their hundreds of billions in debts to foreign banks — a notion that Lenihan dismissed as economically suicidal. The finance chief stressed that Ireland faced no easy choices as it deepens its austerity measures while simultaneously seeking to grow its economy. He called the 80 billion ($105 billion) that Ireland’s banks are estimated to have lost on dud property loans “unforgivable” — yet defended the need for Ireland’s taxpayers to foot the bailout bill rather than the foreign banks that loaned Dublin institutions the money. “There’s simply no way this country, whose banks are so dependent on international

investors, can unilaterally reneg on senior bondholders against the wishes of our European partners and the European institutions,” Lenihan said. “This course of action has never been an option during the course of this crisis.” Instead, Lenihan said income taxes would be broadened to bring tens of thousands of low-salaried workers into the tax net for the first time, while welfare payments would be cut across the board. Spending on capital projects — chiefly jobs-intensive building of roads and public transportation networks — would be cut by 1.8 billion ($2.4 billion). Lenihan said Ireland had no choice but to slash spending and raise taxes immediately because the country this year is spending more than 50 billion on regular government and at least ?45 billion to bail out its banks — yet collecting just 19 billion this year in taxes. The staggering imbalance means an underlying deficit this year of 11.6 percent that, when bankbailout costs are included, balloons to a modern European record of 32 percent of GDP. He defended the government’s reluctant decision last week to negotiate a 67.5 billion loan fund from the European Union and International Monetary Fund, a Greek-style bailout that Ireland long had dismissed as unnecessary. The first 10 billion in foreign loans is earmarked to bolster the cash reserves of five Dublin

banks that the government has nationalized or is propping up. Political analysts expect the budget to pass its initial vote Tuesday night, but its measures face several more votes through next month. Prime Minister Brian Cowen has pledged to resign and call an early national election once the budget is fully enacted in the spring. Lenihan said pensions for retired state employees will fall 4 percent, while Ireland’s civil service will be cut back to 2002 levels. Taxes on vehicle fuel and cash deposits would rise 2 percent to 4 percent. The minimum wage would be reduced 1 to 7.65 ($10.25) an hour. Fees for university students will rise 25 percent to around ?2,000 ($2,650) annually. In hopes of stimulating Ireland’s collapsed property market, Lenihan unveiled major cuts to the taxes on house sales valued less than 1 million to just 1 percent, a fraction of the previous cost. A 10 tax on air passengers will be cut in March to ?3 in hopes of boosting tourism. And Lenihan said the government would spend 200 million to put 15,000 of Ireland’s 450,000 unemployed into training and internship positions. - ap_on_re_us/eu_ireland_financial_crisis

Cultivation And Transformation: Preparation For Our New Season In God By Julie Harvey NEW SEASON REQUIREMENTS PART I As we move into our new seasons in God, there are ways in which the Lord will prepare us for them, and ways in which we must co-operate with Him. Then as we follow His lead day by day and persevere as we are chastised and do what needs to be done in seeking and obeying Him, we will reap the blessings of obedience and be ready to move from our old season into the new!

lives in order to gain true life. We need to believe that God is speaking to us. that He has given us a clean and a new heart, and that we can receive from Him through it. We need to clear the way, so to speak, casting out unbelief and BELIEVE. Jesus said in John 11, Did I not say that if you believe, you would see the glory of God? Clear the way – allow God to discipline you if you need it, die to self when you need to, believe that you CAN hear

I hope this 3-part study will bring blessing and revelation into your lives! THE LIGHT OF INSTRUCTION Whether we think so or not, instruction from God is light. Instruction’s dictionary meaning is: “Chastisement.” The reasons for God’s chastisement is for the “cultivation of the soul”. It is training the mind and the morals. “Whatever also cultivates the soul, especially by correcting mistakes and curbing passions” (ESL). “Instruction which aims at increasing virtue [power, excellence of soul] by God for a man’s amendment. “[To bring] correction;” “To cause anyone to learn; chasten by affliction;” (Strong’s #3811) “Cleansing by reproof.” CAPACITY FOR REVELATION To be able to take in God’s revelation, He disciplines us. To have an ability and this capacity to take in (receive) revelation, we need to enlarge our hearts….we need to open our hearts to God. We must lose our

from God, believe that YOU DO have a new heart (He has given it to you), You DO have a heart that is capable of receiving from Him – and He DOES want to communicate with you through it! You DO have the power of hearing…. You can obey Him…You can know ahead of time what the new seasons are – the wonderful plans and purposes that God has for you! In fact, in the Scripture that I am getting this from, it is speaking about the fact that the Lord has already given you these things…and He will make it clear that it HAS come from Him, so that you cannot say that you got it any other way…He will not share His glory with another! So, it is clear from this scripture that

God wants to do things, these things that you find so unbelievable! They are this way because God wants to make a point of something. He wants to do things – “outrageous things” things that seem impossible, things that are indeed impossible in the natural, so no one can say that anyone else did them. In fact, this is why He gave those things to Israel (Isaiah 43:6-11), so she wouldn’t say that her idols told her this and that, or so and so already told me. So perhaps God wants you to know things about our future that we wouldn’t be able to find out in any other way. He wants us to allow Him to cultivate our souls…He wants us to receive the revelation of Him and His ways and purposes and plans that He wants to impart to us, as.they will bring light, joy, life, and satisfaction into our lives. When God brings new seasons to light, making them evident to us….when our visions and plans become clear we will not cast off restraint or perish…HOWEVER in order to see them clearly, we need to co-operate with God and get ourselves into the right position to receive these things from God, e.g. believe to receive an enlarged and open heart, remove the debris (co-operate with God in doing so), die to self, etc. You must lose your life in order to save it…that is, lose your natural life in order to find your true life – the abundant life that Jesus died for you to have (John 10:10; Matthew 16:25), I particularly like the Amplified Bible, verse 24: Then Jesus said to His disciples, If anyone desires to be My disciple, let him deny himself [disregard, lose sight of, and forget himself and his own interests] and take up his cross and follow Me [cleave steadfastly to Me, conform wholly to My example in living and, if need be, in dying, also]. REPAIRING THE BREACHES The Lord always

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Apostle Dr. Lee Ann’s Schedule January 2011 2nd and 4th Sundays, 10 AM - Apostolic Fellowship Service @ our North Carolina headquarters Mandatory study for all available spiritual sons and daughters via tele conference, optional lecture credit for Apostolic University students: 1 (218) 548-0975, passcode: 955321# Wednesdays, 11:00 AM EST - Power For Today on The Winds of Change Radio, (30 minutes) Fridays, 11:00 AM EST - Power For Today on Apostolic University Radio, www. (30 minutes) Last Sunday of the Month, 9 PM EST - The Winds of Change Live program on The Winds of Change Radio, (60 minutes) January 11- Power For Today Magazine available online (www.powerforto,, and by email distribution. January 6, 7, and 8 - There is Healing In Worship Conference (sponsored by Healing Centers) Held at: Spiritual Life Empowerment Worship Center 1500 East Palmetto Street, Florence, South Carolina For more information, see our ad on page 4 of this edition

Ezekiel Edumoh saysI am send as attachment some documents to answer these questions. (We will include this at the conclusion of the interview series) Rebecca Michael saysAs a very seasoned and international Minister- what are some of your own thoughts from the Lord on the Apostolic-Prophetic global movement that He is aligning and positioning worldwide? Ezekiel Edumoh saysBecky, to be very frank, it is awesome the things we are experiencing in ministry in this generation. As a person, I have very deep conviction of the imminent return of our savior due to the awesome presence of Christ in the church as it has never been before. The church is blessed again as the Lord releases Apostles and Prophets to again By Apostle Dr. Rebecca Michael take the center stage. Our ministry is Rebecca Michael saysfor recruitment and training. In Cala- in the center of these. You worked as a Police man in Nigeria bar, CRS and in Uyo, Akwa Ibom Rebecca Michael saysfor many years. Can you tell me about State. We have centers also in Kenya, I know well as one of my most importhis and how these connections are Ghana and in Canada. I will give di- tant mentors in Ministry that you are now working for you with ICCC and rection to anybody who contacts me a rare man of vision and truly pioneeryour other Ministerial projects? Where on phone. (+2348033416792). We ing leadership. What values and charwould prospective trainees and Chap- offer soft military training at different acter traits do you think are most imlains contact you to join or train with locations. We also get free online emer- portant in development of true leaders your organization? Do you offer train- gency training from the NATIONAL and world changers? Do you incorpoEMERGENCY AGENCY (NEMA) ing programs and if so what are they? for our members. They also get certi- rate practical policies and curriculum Ezekiel Edumoh saysin to your programs to help instill fied by this body. these characteristics and values- and if Yes, the Lord led me into the Nigerian Rebecca Michael saysso, how? ( I guess what I am getting Police Force for the purpose of giving into my hands ICCC. We give soft You have educated and graduated over at is that this does not come easily or military training to our members, just 2000 Ministry and Seminary degree by default- leadership- but rather with to enable them be smart and take com- students from your GBIS Seminary- vision, focus, dedication and hope and mands at the times of emergency, We (which I also graduated as alumni from this is partly what I took away from have a style of uniform and ranks for all the graduate studies program you of- my experience with you all at GBIS as our members. The uniform and rank do fered and also worked along with you a graduate student when I was there in not take to any police or military in any as an online instructor- which was an 2007.) country. It is meant for identification awesome experience). Can you tell us Ezekiel Edumoh saysand orderly implementation of emer- something about GBIS and its pro- Definitely, for true leadership to make gency commands and orders. We have grams offered and where you can be contacted for prospective students? (Continued on Page 17) in Nigeria as at now two centers

Interview With Dr. Ezekiel Edumoh, Part 3

The Still, Small Voice

By Nina B. Marino, RN, LNC

While at work one day, I noted the behavior of a co-worker had radically changed. There was depressive silence, deep sighing, and otherwise verbal silence. The silence suddenly broke when she suddenly stated, “Oh Nina, I just don’t know.” I politely responded, asking if she was OK. She said, “You know, I’m so tired of the struggle.” I did not respond. Then she stated, “Well, I guess this is what God wants me to do....suffer.” Then I responded, “I really don’t think God wants you to suffer.” She replied, “Well, we all have our ups and downs. I guess this is just a downtime for me.” I started to think how everyone always blames everything on God. One of her biggest issues was financial. God never said, “Go out and literally blow an entire paycheck on an electronic game for a ten-year old when you are in jeopardy of having your electricity turned off.” God never said, “I know you have debt - but you go ahead and do whatever you want. It’ll be OK.”

God never said, “Hey! Buy that car, that house, or whatever you want to. Go into debt; it’ll be OK.” No, He never even said anything even similar to that. Many, many years ago, I heard that still, small voice. I would love to say I didn’t hear it. I would love to say I didn’t know what it was. I can’t. I would love to blame it on my youth, but I can’t. I heard the warning...I felt the warning. I felt it in my spirit. But, I set it aside and I did what I wanted. It was a decision that dramatically altered the course on my life. It was clearly not what God wanted for me. I can in no way say or blame God for my decision. He sent the still, small voice but I didn’t pay attention to it. Did I suffer? Boy, did I suffer. Was He there? You bet He was. It certainly was not in His plan for me to suffer. It was all my own doing. That still, small voice can come to us in many ways. It can come through another person, through a song, an idea, or an incident.

That’s why it’s so important for us to stay in and with the Spirit. We must hone our discernment skills. We must push ourselves out of the way so we can hear and feel the Spirit. We must realize that if we undertake a project, a move, or a light decision and it becomes an incredible struggle where things just aren’t in alignment, it’s time to stand still and listen for that still, small voice. If we wait for Him to shape and guide things, it will go smoothly and incredibly easy. Think about the times in your life when you have plunged ahead and not waited for Him. Now, think about the times you remained faithful and waited for Him. Is it easy to wait? Is it easy to stand still? Is it easy to wait for the small, still voice? No, it is not easy, but it certainly isn’t any easier to plunge ahead without God in your corner. Please stop blaming Him for your problems. I hear it every day and it literally drives me bonkers. “It’s God’s fault. Whatever God wants for me. God did this. This is where God wants me to be.” PLEASE! This is where you have chosen to be: one foot in the world and one foot barely in the Kingdom. Stop! Stand back! Be still! Be aware and listen. Pay attention to the rumblings in your stomach...the goosebumps... the hair on the back of your neck.... the soft words and sounds of your surroundings....the sounds of that still, small voice. Nina B. Marino, RN, LNC is the overseer of the Apostolic Fellowship International Ministries branch office in Oneonta, New York. She is also Director of the Attachment Disorder Help & Resource Network, a Registered Nurse, and Legal Nurse Consultant. To contact Nina, send an email to

The Story Of Hannah A Message For Women With A Vision

We all know Hannah was Samuel’s mother, but do we know about her own legacy as a woman of God? Hannah, a prophetess in her own right, reveals much to the women of God about living with a vision that has not yet come to pass. In this three-part series, Apostle Dr. Lee Ann Marino explores the Biblical account of Hannah’s life and what we can all learn from her as God’s daughters entrusted with a powerful and precious vision.

The Story of Hannah: A Message For Women With A Vision 3-Part CD Series $20.00 (When ordering, ask for Order Order#AW/022) #AW/022) UPC: 845350027914

Orders can now be placed on the web at! We also accept traditional payments by check, cash, or money order via mail. NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON, ITUNES, RHAPSODY, ZUNE, FYE AND MORE!

Cultivation And Transformation: Preparation For Our New Season In God (Continued from page 10) wants to show us new things that He is going to do in our relationship with Him. He also wants to show us the things that He has repaired and is going to repair. In Isaiah’s prophecy, it talks about His prophetic word to Israel: repairer of the breach. When God repairs YOUR breaches, you then in turn will be able to help God repair the breaches in other people’s lives. To mend a breach is a new thing… remember this word is synonymous with new in this instance “to repair.” So what is God saying?

History Makers Celebrating great women in history Rosalyn Sussman Yalow (1921- ) Rosalyn Sussman Yalow is a prominent American medical physicist and co-winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (1977). She received a typing job out of high school for Dr. Rudolf Schoenheimer, a leading biochemist at Columbia University in New York City. She did not believe a medical school would accept a woman, and continued to work for another secretary. She was hired on the condition that she learn stenography. She graduated in 1941 from Hunter College. Rosalyn went on to take physics at New York University and work at the University of Illinois. She was the first woman to serve at that hospital as a resident since 1917. She received her Ph.D. in 1945. Rosalyn was a collaborator in creation of RIA, a screening method used to screen insulin levels in diabetes, and now used to test blood for

Hepatitis and HIV. This incredible breakthrough was both vital and essential, as this gave them the power to see things within the blood and body systems formerly too small to see. This woman’s accomplishments won her numerous awards. Though grieved by the death of her co-worker and then later the death of her husband, her accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. To this day, she lives humbly, in the same apartment where she started her residency, and upholds her own life and dignity. In her, we see all we can be, if we will not look to the world to define our limits for us. Quotable quote: “I was excited about achieving a career in physics. My family, being more practical, thought the most desirable position for me would be as an elementary school teacher.” - Rosalyn Sussman Yalow

He will give you prevailing power to mend your life, and the lives of others. He will show himself strong in your behalf… to those who have a good heart that wants to serve Him; His eyes roam to and fro the earth, seeking someone whom He can show Himself strong on their behalf!!! 2 Chronicles 16:9a: “For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew Himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward Him.” Amen! So, we need to be ready and prepared for all that He has for us, Amen!! TRANSFORMATIONS: Anointing, New conditions and circumstances, Of miracles, To sharpen for battle, Wells of prosperity, Maturity (all of these things flow from our maturity in our relationship with God), Peace, Fruitfulness, Qualified to teach others (repairing the breach etc), Fulfilment of the prophetic word(s) over your life, THE HARVEST!! The power of fulfilment Julie Harvey is an author and teacher from Adelaide, South Australia. She ministers through her writing, especially her blogs, Purpose “Full” Journey at http:// and Called According to His Purpose at :http:// julieharveypurposebuilder.blogspot. com/. To Contact Julie, feel free to visit her blogs, on Twitter at rhttp://twitter. com/#!/InHighPlaces, or at

Class Action (Continued from page 6) the internet, white supremacists who claim to come in the Name of Christ spread their message of segregation and hatred to millions worldwide. Even though many brand their rhetoric as total nonsense, the natural assumption that everyone feels this way breeds a dangerous silence. In ancient times, there was great competition between nations - not so much in a racial sense - but in the sense of which nation was more powerful. A nation able to conquer and overtake another nation was deemed more powerful, and those who lost the battle were enslaved. This ancient game of power and control caused ethnic groups to rival against one another which eventually, over time, became racial stereotypes. We are called to a far higher standard than meager power trips to assess and characterize people. In Matthew 12:4850, Jesus breaks down a powerful racial barrier with His words: “He replied to him, ‘Who is My mother, and who are My brothers?’ Pointing to His disciples, He said, ‘Here are My mother and My brothers. For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is My brother and sister and mother.’” (NIV) Those who are Christians (doing the will of the Father) are brothers and sisters in Christ, despite their ethnic origins. Once we are called into the one new man, we are never the same. While we may still look different on the outside, God has performed the same sanctifying work within us that has given us life and love in Him. We need to recognize this fact as an essential part of the Gospel because Jesus did not command us to just go out and preach the Gospel to our own race, but to the entire world. In and of itself, the Gospel could rightly be considered the first integration action! The modern thing to do in church is divide into smaller classes and be known by ethnicity. Sometimes we need a reminder that we are not called to have a partitioned church: there is no white church, black church, Hispanic church, Chinese church, or other ethnic grouping of churches. Everyone who is a part of the Body of Christ is commanded to be welcoming to all who come through their doors and to work with all who set

forth to live for the Kingdom and walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. When faced with the work of Christ, ethnicity and race do not matter to God, so they should not matter to us.

answer to deterring debt or crime; we need to work to promote change in the hearts of men and women that will solve these problems rather than try to deter people away from them.

Does the Bible support slavery?

A classless Kingdom

There is a growing group of men who, claiming to be Christian, believe we need to reinstitute slavery as a necessary class in society. To such men, they feel the answer of debt and repayment is solved if we will only go back to a system that endorses slavery. Their argument? The Bible not only advocates slavery, it is a part of the Christian way! Slavery is an intricate and dark aspect of human history. Slaves became slaves by a number of different methods: through criminal behavior, becoming prisoners of war, losing a battle, incurring debt, or being born into a family that was enslaved. Slaves also had a number of ways which they could leave a life of slavery: by working long enough to pay off their debt, by having a relative financially cover their release, or by the kindness of their masters. More modern concepts of slavery are not quite as cut and dry. Many instances of modern slavery include kidnapping, bribery, people turning on their own, greed, and forced servanthood that was impossible to get out of. While slavery is mentioned in the Bible (as it was a part of ancient system), there is nothing in the Scriptures which condones slavery or suggests it is the most viable answer to problems of debt or financial ruin. Even though the story of Onesimus, the runaway slave who the Apostle Paul instructs to return to his master, is long cited as a justification for slavery, the book of Philemon is not an accross-the-board philosophical tome on enslavement. We do not know the situation which existed between Onesimus and his master; but we can assume from the letter and other injunctions for believers to pay their debts that Onesimus owed Philemon a debt and that had to be paid. As slavery was the method of payment, that is how Onesimus had to cover his debt. If Paul were writing to people today, the injunction would be not to run from debt, but to pay what is owed. Re-instituting slavery is not the

The purpose of class distinctions is to make it easier to distinguish who is more desirable for socialization, social advancement, and social prestige based on criteria of financial wealth, family name, social associations, sex, and race. The Kingdom of God represents the sole society that has ever stood without class distinctions. In a world where we are told that dividing into class is not only inevitable but necessary, Christianity has the unique job of proving the world wrong. We can live without judging people by their income, race, sex, or mistakes. We need to remember that when Jesus died, He died for the sins of the whole world. He did not look upon the social classes of humanity and decide to only die for some. We, in turn, must live in a similar way. While ministry and church life may feel a lot like junior high at times, with its cliques, groups, and expectations, we aren’t called to live in such immaturity as we bear the Name of Christ. And sometimes we need a bold reminder to bring us back to reality: church and ministry are not about our shoes, where we are from, how much money we have, our sex, our race, our family name, or our social connections; being a Christian is about Who we know - God the Father through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Apostle Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino, Ph.D., D.D. is Apostle in Office for Apostolic Fellowship International Ministries. To contact Lee Ann regarding speaking engagements or conference hosting, please contact us at 1 (919) 397-9122 weekdays 9 AM-5 PM (EST) or anytime via

Interview With Dr. Ezekiel Edumoh, Part 1 (Continued from Page 12)

Encouragement For The Journey

Thoughts to help you through!

• Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. - Hans Christian Andersen • Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once. Lilian Dickson • When one door of happiness closes, another opens; But often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us. - Helen Keller • Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. - Albert Einstein

• Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit. - Kahlil Gibran • Never take life too seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway - Unknown • Where there is love there is life. - Indra Ghandi • The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth. - Chinese Proverb • What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. These are but trifles, to be sure; but, scattered along life’s pathway, the good they do is inconceivable. - Joseph Addison

the necessary impact on this society (the world), there must be a high class of discipline for the leaders. Positive attitudes, Holiness, Faith, Perseverance, and Prayer are components that will build a strong leader. Stephen Coveys 8th Habit is very strong on these. In GBIS in recent years I have taught courses directly from John Max-well‘s Leadership concepts. Last year, I taught Developing the Leader within You and Developing the Leaders around You Currently I am teaching a course titled, Greatness in Leader-ship from Stephen Coveys 8th Habit. I am so bold to say that the result on the life of my students is awesome and delightful. Real practical leadership can be imparted. Yes, there may be some born with leadership talents, but development and capacity building brings the gem out of the person. Such is what we are experiencing daily in GBIS.

Stay tuned for Part 4 of this interview in next month’s edition of Power For Today Magazine!

Apostle Dr. Rebecca Michael is Apostle for Phoenix Alive Christian Ministries, Inc. in Maple Ridge, BC. She has over two decades in education, mental health, and many years experience in ministry. She is also an independent songwriter/ producer, publishing blues, rock, and Gospel. To contact Apostle Dr. Rebecca, visit her website at

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