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Issue 4 | Volume 1 | October | 2017

Living S.W.A.T.A. Spiritual Women Awakening to Authority

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! THE ENCOUNTER: A LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCE Pastor M ary Seawright, of N ew Brunswick, N J, kicked off Thursday night encouraging ladies to use their spiritual weapons: the Word of God, the name and blood of Jesus, prayer, and praise to overcome the devil. Friday at noon, Dr. H erbert Bailey?s message, ?A Life- Changing Encounter,? exposed prejudice and ignorance to spiritual things and forced one to see the need for a savior. Afterwards, everyone laid back with knee- slapping Christian comedy during the "Lunch and Laugh" session. That evening, Dr. M arcia Bailey delivered a powerful word declaring freedom from shame and condemnation. Gleaning from her own life experience, Dr. M arcia challenged all to embrace God in their brokenness and dark seasons. In Saturday?s, ?Let?s Talk? session, facilitator Kindra Bailey candidly shared and answered questions about her life growing up as a ?PK? (preacher?s kid). She shared how God?s wisdom now steers her as a young adult. As a result of these sessions, we eagerly await personal encounters with H im and continue to love and serve God on a higher level.

2017 SWATA SERVANTHOOD AWARD RECIPIENTS The servanthood award is presented to outstanding M en of Direction who are volunteers and go above and beyond in consistently assisting SWATA. The nominees are submitted by the sisterhood. This year?s recipients are: Robert Cummings and Keith Scott from our Columbia campus; Lionnell Smith from our Orangeburg campus; and Bayrone Billups from our Florence Campus. Thank you for your commitment, humility and dedication to Right Direction Church International and SWATA.

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Issue 4 | Volume 1 | October | 2017

COMMEMORATING A MATRIARCH: DELORES ANTOINE RDCI commemorated the life and legacy of Delores Antoine, the mother of our CoPastor, Dr. M arcia Bailey on September 10, 2017. The EPIC Student M inistries presented a painting by D?Jae Streeter in memory of M s. Antoine, who is described as fighter, resilient, advocate, pioneer and historian. She is also the inspiration for Dee?s H aven, our local transition home for women and children. We praise God for M s. Antoine?s selfless dedication to friends and family and her passion for education.

BREAST CANCER AWARENESS: EARLY DETECTION IS KEY October is N ational Breast Cancer Awareness M onth. As of M arch 31, 2017, there were more than 3.1 million women with a history of breast cancer in the U.S. This includes women currently being treated and women who have finished treatment. Breast Cancer, however, not only affects women, but it also affects men. SWATA proudly salutes all Breast Cancer Survivors, and we encourage all women to participate in monthly self breast exams and follow recommended guidelines for mammograms. To learn more about breast cancer and factors that put a person at risk, please go to www.breastcancer.org, www.cancercenter.com, or ww5.komen.org.


You can now order SWATA products online at www.rightdirection.info.


SWATA?s Worship with us in Pink Day & Food Drive takes place on Sunday, October 22, 2017 at all Right Direction Church International Campuses. Please wear any shade of pink and bring nonperishable items to support the Compass CDC?s Food Pantry.


Escape with SWATA October 18- 20, 2018! Secure your spot now! A limited number of spots are available. We will accept non- refundable deposits through Sunday, October 29, 2017. See a representative at the SWATA table! We will accept non- refundable deposits through Sunday, October 29, 2017. See a representative at the SWATA table or go to www.rightdirection.info.

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Living SWATA Newsletter October 21