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LIVINGS.W.A.T.A. Spiritual Women Awakening To Authority


Hello, my sisters! We are on the brink of one of the most powerful strategic times on earth? the outpouring of God?s glorious power and greatest revivals of all times. Why now? What is the purpose? What should I do? Well, let?s unpack it. About 100 years ago, there was a revival that was so powerfully full of God's presence and glory. Believers would gather and experience His power. There were many recorded healings that took place in those meetings. One meeting was called the Azusa Street Revival Meeting of 1906-1915. Within that meeting, there was a prophecy of an outpouring of God?s glorious power invading the earth 100 years from that time. That prophecy would far surpass what they were experiencing in those meetings. This prophecy came from a woman by the name of Maria Woodworth-Etter. Ladies, we are now in that season. God?s glory (His manifested presence) is increasing, and He wants to use US to demonstrate His power and love to a lost and hurting world. So, how do we position ourselves to be used in one of the most important and powerful outpourings of our generation? I want to share a few key things. In order to position ourselves, we must: -

have a genuine desire to experience His glory and have a hunger for His presence and His power. have a desire to please Him and a willingness to do His will here on earth. spend time daily in His presence by praying, reading the Word, and worshiping Him. endeavor to align our lives with God?s Word. This means that we are authentic worshipers and believers. Simply put, we are not hypocritical in our walk.

Ladies, I don?t want to miss this moment and my opportunity to experience God in all of His glory. I have made the decision to pursue, to give it my all, and to do my best! I?m so hungry for Him! I believe I am not alone in this desire! So, who is with me? Let?s go deeper, and let?s position ourselves for this powerful moment in our lifetime! Love you, ladies and yes? S.W.A.T.A.!!!

Dr. M arcia Bailey

S.W.A.T.A. SPOTLIGHT: ELDERPEGGYPERRY ?Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.? Prov. 31:10 While she walks with joy and a quiet strength, Elder Peggy Perry is well known and has touched many lives with her kindness, gentleness, and love during her 22+ years at RDCI. She has been married to Elder Donald Perry for years. Both Elder Peggy and Elder Donald are twins. She retired in 2017 after a 43-year career in banking and accounting. With a successful marriage and career, she is living her blessed S.W.A.T.A. life. Elder Peggy has endured many challenges but emerged victoriously out of them all. She shares ?because of the Word taught by Pastors, I have grown spiritually. I know how to truly fight the good fight of faith. I learned to pack the Word in during the good times that so I am prepared for whatever life throws at me.? Prior to a breast cancer diagnosis in July 2015, Elder Peggy consistently confessed health and healing scriptures. Therefore, when diagnosed, she shared, ?I was already armed with the Word. I wasn?t in fear and I trusted God for my healing while going through sixteen rounds of radiation.? She never stopped confessing God?s Word and she is now a cancer survivor. Dealing with rejection from her childhood and the inability to bear children were two of the most challenging areas in her life. However, Elder Peggy states, ?I choose to be better instead of bitter. The words and impartation from Dr. Marcia helped me experience healing and victory.? Through it all, God has blessed her to help raise six children who are not blood-related, 25 nieces and nephews, and mentor and encourage countless others. Elder Peggy?s wisdom to women, is ?to know that God loves you. Be sure to take time to know Him in prayer and His word so you can love yourself, respect yourself, and be comfortable with who you are.?

DIDYOUKNOW? International Women?s Day is annually held on March 8 to celebrate women?s achievements throughout history and across nations. It is also known as the United Nations (UN) Day for Women?s Rights and International Peace. Much progress has been made to protect and promote women?s rights in recent times. However, nowhere in the world can women claim to have all the same rights and opportunities as men, according to the UN. The first International Women?s Day occurred on March 19 in 1911. The March 19 date was chosen because it commemorated the day that the Prussian king promised to introduce votes for women in 1848. The promise gave hope for equality and was later moved to March 8 in 1913. The International Women?s Day logo is in purple and white and features the symbol of Venus, which is also the symbol of being female. The faces of women of all backgrounds, ages, and nations are also seen in various promotions, such as posters, postcards and information booklets on this special day.

NAOMINUGGETS Dr. Marcia Bailey

Won der Wor k in g God January 28, 2020 "You think you have nothing good going for yourself, but on the inside of you is the hope of glory. And God said this season, I'm gonna crack open that box of the glory, and the power of God's gonna flow from your midst. Satan wants to take you out before you tap into the glory and before you walk into glory, but I want to let you know he's too late. God has showed up on your behalf."

UPCOMINGEVENTS S.W .A .T .A . I m p ar t at i o n Ser v i ce M arch 7th I n t er n at i o n al W o m en 's D ay M arch 8th SW AT A Po p U p Ev en t April 4th

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