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My World Welcome to my world and those everyday ‘go-to’ items, as well as my season favourites. My Yoyo desk

My office dog

It is exactly as described my up and down desk which makes sure I don’t sit on my backside all day – although I do feel like I’m at a mixing desk when standing!

We have three dogs in the family. All Springer Spaniels, all related and all named after chocolate. Twix and Decker (after Double Decker) go to work with my hubby and Wispa has become the office/shop dog. She can’t wait to get to work!

My kind of chocolate

My Champagne

I love a little square of dark chocolate in an evening. The darker the better 85% cocoa and Green & Blacks is pure luxury for me.

I have been lucky enough to taste all the Grande Marque Champagnes but having visited Taittinger in Reims I have a soft spot for their champagne. In every sip I can taste the family’s devotion in making it.

My Cross Pen Years ago my Dad bought me a Cross fountain pen. I love to write with it, the balance when you hold it is perfect and my handwriting is so much better.

My book I always have a book on the go as I read every evening. This one has stayed with me, This is where I am by Karen Campbell. It is about a Somali refugee and his Scottish mentor who helps him find his feet in a new country. 8

My shoe for the season I have a weakness for shoes and boots and this season I couldn’t resist the new sock boot from Kennel and Schmenger. Comfy glam!

My bag for life Abro bags are for life. They are beautifully made and this suede one is me all over. It will fit everything from my Filofax, purse, phone, keys and doggy do bags!

Becky Furbank.

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Anne Furbank Winter News 2018  

Anne Furbank Winter News 2018