Riggwelter #26

Page 27


cold bed warm remedy let him come kindly hunt tender breathe deep-mouthed breathe breathe O monstrous beast wrapped in sweet fingers a delicious banquet take him carry him gently to my chamber my balm sweet sweet music a dulcet and heavenly sound with a low, submissive reverence please stay with me tonight please accept my heart natural cunning odd fear do obeisance win my love with soft low tongue make love tempting kisses I'll give instructions, Servingman please please taste, Servingman, O might man of such descent make me mad O come music music twenty caged nightingales sing soft sweet lustful bed love echoes from the hollow earth breath breath beguiled bleed weep blood and tears drawn sweet savors soft things O joy O dream lay here in this chamber say you were beaten and cheer in all obedience come to bed flesh and blood your blood the frenzy V.C. McCabe