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Jaap ArriĂŤns photographer

Jaap ArriĂŤns (1975) received his degree from Leiden University in Cognitive Psychology. His research concentrated on “human errorâ€? and was completed with the help of the Royal Dutch Air Force (KLu) where he investigated the leading causes of aircraft incidents in recent conflicts. Having once heard the story of a friend whose father discovered old photographs from his university days Jaap grew fascinated with the medium realising the documentary potential it has. Wanting to pursue the tradition of photography as a tool for documenting history he started cooperating with he WFA photo agency in 2003. Having moved to Poland permanently in 2011 Jaap has decided to follow stories in Eastern Europe where many people still struggle to gain control over their daily lives and the condition that determine their context. Contact: +48 532 405 216

Portfolio News Jaap Arriens 2016  

Jaap Arriens: Photoreporter, images made and published from 2016.

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