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Intro; Riemkje is a Dutch fashion & lifestyle photographer. She’s a natural with location shoots. Her ability to see opportunities and improvise in a creative way, ensures the final results always fit the concept and exceed expectations. While working in the studio she strives to create the same natural look and feel. For Riemkje visualising a brand is more than taking a photo. Making careful considerations for the project, preparing in detail, organisation, schedules and the finishing touches are all part of the package. When not shooting, she’s likely to be busy with project production or working on set as an art director. She is trained as a commercial photographer, therefore she will merge the brand identity with fashion trends and photography for a fitting unique and creative result. The best way to get to know her work is to take a look. Here is a small selection. Enjoy!


NEXT; Lets capture your story, with the latest trend, style or fashion. Bring your brand identity to life with creative, market relevant, professional photography. Together with Riemkje’s carefully selected team, the R-TIME Collective, she can provide everything you need, from concept to a printable or web-ready campaign, look-book or web-shop photos. More of Riemkjes & the R-TIME Collectives work can be seen online at: For inquiries mailto: or call +31 (0) 615860120

Riemkje Poortinga Photography Portfolio  
Riemkje Poortinga Photography Portfolio