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katherine rieger 2013 design portfolio

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miami university and fallingwater design-build studio slant walk temporary shelter deeds peace park and pavilion beyond the box cardboard installation sketches graphic design | selected works

miami university and fallingwater design-build studio frank lloyd wright’s fallingwater | bear run, pennsylvania | summer 2012

Phase 1: Screen Installation

Phase 2: Kirkpatrick House Addition

Objective: Design and construct on-site architectural screens to conceal employee parking. Focus on craft, sustainability, and the vernacular style.

Objective: In teams, develop initial designs for an addition to the Kirkpatrick House. Focus on spatial flow, craft, sustainability, and the relationship between the lanscape and built form.

Phase 1: Screen Installation

Phase 2: Kirkpatrick House Addition Process: After living in the Kirkpatrick House for a week, teams of three were created to design an expansion to the existing structure. Focus on circulation between the new and existing structures. A three-season space opens entirely to the site, and an outdoor firepit flows outward with the landscape.

Process: Initial designs were reviewed by the director of Fallingwater. The final design was developed as a team, with a focus on composition, structure, joinery, and craft. A connection to the site and the local vernacular were integral to the development of the screen.

Result: Fallingwater has asked for additional screens to be installed in the future.

Result: After presenting to the director of Fallingwater, the designs will be further developed by teams during upcoming summer trips.

slant walk temporary shelter miami university | oxford, ohio | fall 2012 Shelter Design Objective: Design a semipermanent shelter that protects from rain and other elements, and responds to the site.

Phase 1: Site Analysis

Phase 2: Emotive Study

Phase 3: Design Development

Objective: Design a temporary shelter in the Slant Walk quad that can be assembled and dismountable by a two-person team in twenty-four hours.

The Site: Slant Walk: a major pedestrian thoroughfare that connects Miami University’s campus to Oxford, Ohio’s “Uptown” district.

Directing Views: The overhead tree canopy, coupled with the sloping landscape, creates a forced perspective through the quad.

Solution: A structure that marks the transition between off-campus areas and the center of the quad. The hollow glass frame overhead blocks precipitation, and the percussion of rain softens as pedestrians move from the shelter to the quad beyond. Structure precedent: The Kakum Canopy Walk in Ghana uses a wedge system against the tree for support. The partial detail of the steel frame wraps tree trunks and is supported by a wedge piece.

deeds peace park and pavilion deeds park | dayton, ohio | fall 2012 Pavilion Design Objective: Design a public park for peace with a dual function: a place for international peace negotiations, and a place for public performances.

Phase 1: Site Analysis

Phase 2: Design Development

Phase 3: Final Design Concrete piers organize the exterior structure and interior spaces. Clerestory windows are oriented north for passive solar control. The same windows light the interior stage, the negotiation spaces, and individual chambers. The negotiation hall creates a forced perspective towards the reflecting pool, and cantilevered roofs provide additional solar control.

Location, Topography, and Context Design of the entire site, as well as a relationship between site and structure. The Site: Located where the Mad River and the Great Miami River converge. The boundaries are defined by the two rivers, as well as the highway to the north. Goal: Utilize spatial flow and adjacencies to articulate transitions. The Armistice Hall serves as the anchor for radiating spaces.

beyond the box cardboard installation alumni hall, miami university | oxford, ohio | spring 2013 Semi-Permanent Installation Objective: In a thirty-two person team, utilize eco-friendly design with single-ply corrugated cardboard to control acoustics in the atrium of Miami University’s Alumni Hall.

Phase 1: Initial Investigation

Phase 3: Connections

Alumni Hall’s Atrium: Acoustic control is necessary in this space with steel, glass, and painted brick as primary materials. Corrugated Cardboard: Corrugation absorbs sound and is strong vertically in compression.

Exploration: Investigating multiple approaches to structure and anchoring the form for stability. Friction joints, rail connections, and other joinery studies were integral parts of the design process. Connections were informed by the structural abilities of the cardboard.

Phase 2: Form Goal: Control sound around the staircases in the atrium. Block noise from the basement stairs, as well as the sound of footsteps, without blocking views into the space. The form is a sweeping motion with two parts: one from the ground upwards, and one from the concrete block upwards.

Phase 4: Layout

Parameters: The atrium is used as a space for critiques and other presentations. The form protects views to presentation boards, as well as the entire atrium. The organization of the form was discovered through twodimensional and threedimensional studies.

Phase 5: Result The modularity of the design supported collaborative teamwork, and spurred a strong sense of organization and efficinecy. Additional seating was added with laminated cardboard, giving the installation an interactive quality. Noise in the atrium has been greatly reduced, enhancing presentation spaces.

sketches selected freehand drawings

graphic design selected works Pictograms | Classic Literature Interpretations from left to right: Of Mice and Men A Tale of Two Cities The Old Man and the Sea The Catcher in the Rye Animal Farm To Kill a Mockingbird Moby Dick

Typograhpy | Opposites Adobe Illustrator

think there’s no hope for those shorts?

why run like this...

think those tights are a lost cause?

think again

get a grip on your training with the grab-n-go

why shove your keys into your shorts? why pull up your pants with every pace? why mess with drawstrings that will never be even? why deal with drawstrings that slide out of shorts?

Infographics | Creativity and Entrepreneurship | The Farmer School of Business Assignment for an entrepreneurship course about innovation and creative thinking. Objective: Generate a list of problems, select three, and develop solutions. Intention: Divergent thinking and searching for the second right answer as a creative process.

think your keys have no place to go?

based on the anatomy of the human hand, this new technology senses when drawstrings are within reach, clenches them, and holds on tight.

...when you could run like this what if everything you need was at your fingertip?

this computer chip is your new best friend.

it is a replacement for your old identification. it puts a stop to drunk drivers before they start. it ensures that you, and only you, have access to your credit card.

pockets are a thing of the past. detailed with a hole to thread shoelaces through, this “handy� device will hold onto your keys with a largerthan-life grip.

our latest running shorts are equipped with the grab-n-go to keep your drawstrings where they belong.

thread the grab-n-go through the drawstrings of running tights, and grip it to your top for instant suspenders. you will never pull your pants up on a run again.

not your average mug nobody likes starting the day witha burnt tongue. wave goodbye to those mornings, and say hello to indicators that tell you when your coffee is too hot, too cold, or just right.

demonstrational section cut

it would be a sin to sacrifice aesthetics, sohidden corrugated cardboard inside a ceramic mug offers thicker insulation to keep your coffee hot, hot, hot!

welcome to the future of smartphones.

say goodbye to your wallet, your phone is all you need these days. if you lose it, your personal chip in your finger will track it.

make your friends at the office jealous when you show up with coffee that is still hot after the morning commute! chemically modified beans stay hot with a higher specific heat.

* warning: Goldilocks Coffee not USDA approved.

Holi Flyer | Indian Student Association Selected by Miami University’s Indian Student Association to design a flyer advertising their spring event, Holi. Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator

Arcade Fire | Graphic Poster black & white plaka colored guache 20” x 26”


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